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    When is someone going to be held accountable for the Treason?

    • Punta Gorda


      Karma is gonna have to do it. And from the looks of it…. it will be EPIC.

  • John M.

    Chris has been doing an excellent job “fig-leafing” our underage swimmers, but at the same time, that can be as titillating as their fully exposed mother and aunts

    • Brent Dotson

      I think that Chris has said a few times that in Comics Time they are 18. Last time I checked that was not underage. That said the drawings are very well done. In my humble and no artistic ability opinion.

  • Mike-SMO

    Accountable? The Corruptocrats were just doing what they always did. I was a bit surprised by the extent of the “buy-in” by the neat and clean folks from the Chamber (Pot) of Commerce. But, then again, everyone has their price, but I did expect an inkling before the curtain went up. There really should not have been a surprise, since the financiers and the “Worthies” also made their deals with El Duce, Hitler and Lenin. I bet the cutlery at the meeting between the Corruptocrats, Leftists, and the “Worthies” of the Chamber are very interesting. Like double edged “butter” knives. Better to cut up the remains. Everyone is a winner until they are not.

    I parked my wood chipper around here someplace……

  • steveb919

    Democrat = cheat, steal and try to win at any cost to the American public.

  • Halley

    Maricopa x 50 gazillion, and now Lindell is saying his stats suggest that without the fraud Trump most likely even won CA (Sydney Powell claimed this too), so there’s no doubt this was the most treacherous crime in American history, not to mention the uber-evil media coverup and threats to silence truth-tellers. +80,000,000 of us battered souls deserve a dip in the pond right about now…

    • Looks like we need another 25% or so.

  • Too Tall

    Regarding End Days, need to get the red bar to the far right….

  • The young lady strikes a pose that is as old as Eve. Nice job!

  • DogByte6RER

    That pond the ladies are relaxing in should be like the River Styx.

    A major battle is coming … don’t forget to thoroughly bathe your feet too ladies.

  • Pamela

    We the People need to deal with the crap since we can’t turn back time.
    What Ifs, Should Have, Could Have, Would Have is not going to Fix Anything.
    We the People need to make Their Lives more Miserable than they make Ours.

    • John

      My favorite clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, said he had faith in the Americans.
      And it looks like he’s right.
      We’re not even through six months of the Biden Nightmare and there are signs everywhere of a groundswell rebellion against the Left.
      Considering that we _started_ with an electorate that almost overcame the Grand Cheat by its shear weight, I think it is no longer laughable that the House of Representatives will elect Donald John Trump to be Speaker of the House.
      Considering how psychotic the Left is now, I can only wonder what such a move will do to them.

      • Halley

        MAGA Nation
        The MAGA Army
        The supermajority who see through the 2020 Covid/BLM/Nov.3 scam

        whatever you call them, have been uncharacteristically passive since Jan.6 – almost as if…. no, let’s not speculate.

  • Oldarmourer

    As long as they aren’t depicted in a graphic manner, there is no ‘age of consent’ for works of art. The age of consent, which doesn’t really apply since they aren’t doing anything, varies from State to State, being as low as 13 in some but curiously, a lot of the ‘bluer’ States have the 18 limit.

    • Steve

      Not really so curious. It lets their “elites” have the additional thrill of flaunting the law.

  • RapidRobert

    Remember that everything the third reich did was legal. The German people followed because that’s how they were brought up, to obey authority. The NAZI party was in the minority, and it didn’t matter because no one pushed back… not even Chamberlain. Not FDR. Not the French, who God knows would rather kill their own people than start a war with a madman.
    Maybe being an American still means something. We shall see.

  • Mike-SMO

    Numbers mean nothing and can be (were) generated on the fly. Remember that “Bolshevik” means “Big One”, i.e. “Majority” although they weren’t. They were just the most aggressive and ruthless. They ended up with Joe Stalin.

    The current corrupt/Left/Progressive alliance is going through a similar process. They can just manufacture any voting result that they need, so the victor will be the “smartest” and most “ruthless”. It is the old script. There were not very many “old Bolsheviks” left standing.

    Better be smarter so the “Good Guys” will be closing the mass graves. The alternative career, “Pushing Up Daiseys”, doesn’t have much of a future.

    Just sayin’.

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