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    • Chris Muir

      Excellent, I’m leaving the toon as is, and all should follow the link formwiz provides here to see the toon a different way-I sure missed that one! Thanks, F!

    • Punta Gorda


      • Henry

        Actually, the last paragraph is “multiple authorities,” not the shooter’s lawyer. The shooter’s lawyer freely admits the shooter shot Babbitt, but it was justified becuse training. He just doesn’t say who his client is. And my money is on Bailey.

    • Roland Deshain

      Absolutely correct! He is a member of BLM and had consistently posted on Facebook stating that Trump supporters should be shot and Trump should be removed from office. This “man” was awarded a medal for bravery yet he was afraid of Ashli’s backpack? I thought I heard that he shot her through a door, but that might be incorrect. Real “brave”.

  • ExNuke

    if she had been Black he would be charged with Murder in the First Degree.

    • James/G

      You know, I made a similar race-related statement in the Politics part of Barn’s Bar, saying how if the shoter had been black, the entire incident would be swept under the rug.

      It should be noted that for most people, prior heroic acts do not excuse deyestable acts later…

  • Man that is one drop-dead sexy sabra cowgirl…

    Knows her shit too, and it is unlikely that she needs Z to provide her a sidearm; it would be interesting to see what else she carries, and I highly doubt it’s a Glock.

    • Or a Walther, which from the grip config that might be.

    • John M.

      Didn’t she have a rifle slung over her shoulder a couple of days ago? Where’d that go?

      • John M.

        Yesterday’s and Friday’s strips…

  • NotYetInACamp

    Our nation elected Donald Trump to a second term.
    This man contributed his part to the Democrat coup.
    Living among evil is where we are now.
    We are the majority.
    Continue as we were, actively disagreeing with their narrative, speaking the truth as you see it.
    The coup stopped deliberate consideration of the constitutional issues and of the election fraud and of the voter fraud. The coup provided the cover for all of the bought, blackmailed, or complicit Senators to duck and cover and point to that as the reason they were “obviously” “right” in supporting the coup and voting against the truth.

    As Hillary said: “Resist.”

    • Punta Gorda

      They need a quick drag across dry non-skid.

  • Wulfenite

    Looks like she holding a Walter PPQ?

    • Browncoat57

      It’s a P99 which is what replaced the old PPK. The addition, of which, just adds to the 007 references.

      • Browncoat57

        “Replaced” in the films. I know it’s still available.

    • JTC

      Walther PPQ M2 I think, which was the basis of my quip upthread referencing the irony of a militant Jew being “protected” by a German brand of great WWII fame.

      • JTC

        Note the under-muzzle rail. While the P99 is actually the new version of the similar P88 it also replaced the P5 which has much closer specs and profile to the sweet and slim little PPK which the Bonds should have stuck with IMO…then again I’m not an world-renowned immortal spy.

        • JTC

          Funny old story for later about the PPK from my 1970’s FFL days; we may think gun-grabbing is more recent, but not.

  • Halley

    Sailing beyond the sunset:

    CCP-controlled Uniparty rigs election, retains control
    of House, Senate. Presidency. Dissidents arrested.

    CCP-controlled Uniparty rigs election, retains control
    of House, Senate, Presidency. Dissidents re-educated.

    CCP-controlled Uniparty rigs election, retains control
    of House, Senate. Presidency. Dissidents shot.

    CCP-controlled Uniparty declares Unity attained, outlaws
    Constitution and all further elections.
    Dissidents love the Uniparty.

    Melania would have been the perfect Bond girl. Too bad…..

    • JTC

      Dead (heh) accurate timeline, unless…well you know what comes next from my keyboard fingers.

      Is there any alternative to taking it to trigger fingers? Just not seeing it.

  • Henry

    The last line is sailing clear over my head. Does it refer to poker chips? Certainly it can’t refer to Bond girls.

    • JTC

      Funny malaprop there…

      I think it means tens as in greenbacks (less attention-getting according to historical bagmen). But considering the source, is there any doubt that many payoffs (and subsequent weaponized control/coercion) have been made via teens or pre’s?

      • Sam

        I think it is a backhanded reference to who is pictured on the $10. Alexander Hamilton, but beyond that, I’m not sure of the “why”.

  • Mike-SMO

    I always have trouble with the London accent. Was that “ten” or “teen”?

    With the fence and the pack of assasin “Nancy-Boys”, “they” will never come out until the “Depolorables” are in a box or cage and their fangs are pulled. And, I think the term is “selection”, not, “election”. Even with organized fraud by the entire “Uniparty” (Corruptocrats, Ghettokin, and Chamberites) there is way too much opportunity for a fumble if the “election theater” route is used. The Democratic Media is all they need for the farce. Pretty graphics, short skirts, and a few “players” in expensive suits. All scripted with prepared lines for those “on stage”. Disney-CCP is probably already working on the animatronics for the “acceptance speech”.

    • Too Tall

      I think 10 quid was the standard bet between James Bond and Q when Bond was demonstrating or practicing his skills in Q’s presence prior to a mission. Then there would be an extra 5 quid for nicking the passport as well as the wallet, or getting the city or profession correct as well as the nationality.

  • Eh, Wot?

    The ‘Toonist” is a man of his word! Say Her Name – Ashli Babbitt!

    • JTC

      Make it a flat-out statement of fact, but keep it simple for easy repetition…say her name and what happened;

      Ashli Babbitt Was Murdered!

      One of the Korean comfort girls families has received TWO MILLION $ donations.

      Wonder how much for Ashli’s?

  • James/G

    Yep, and the term ‘executed’ is not hyperbole IMO. Bailey made a conscious decision to shoot when he could have simply shoved back out the window. Thankfully, the officers behind Ashli Babbit were disciplined enough to not start shooting indiscriminately.

  • DogByte6RER

    Since it’s now awards season, I recommend nominating Capitol Agent Bailey the Lon Horiuchi Marksmanship Award for his performance on January 6, 2021.

    R.I.P. Vicki Weaver.

    R.I.P. Ashli Babbitt.

    Also … R.I.P. Sammy Weaver and R.I.P. Striker.

  • Ol' county boy

    I’m going to make a comment. that under todays language interpretation can be called racist, but it is not intended to be so. Compare Ashley’s death to Floyds. You see the difference? Ashley is white. If she ha not been white, we would have dhimocrapt/communists rioting on every street corner. Double standard??? There shouldn’t rioting under either circumstance. That is what our so-called judicial system is supposed to prevent.

  • Halley

    Compare the George Floyd summer of riots, murder and destruction to this year’s total outrage (uh..) from the Left over the unjust police shooting of unarmed woman Ashli Babbitt.

    What else does one need to know about who the Democrats really are?

  • My Way Or -->

    There’s a line of dormant volcanoes in west Texas. Haven’t been active in a LONG while, but there are hot springs connected to them. That could make a truly interesting spot to meet some Feebie who is over-compensating for his/its lack of hormonal sufficiency….. just to pow-wow, palaver, parlez, whatever….

  • Punta Gorda

    FYI, Ruby Ridge and Waco are what caused the Oklahoma City bombing.

    • Punta Gorda

      Oklahoma City and other events are what the Federal Beureau of Intimidation uses to justify it’s existence.

  • Ol' county boy

    I was going to try to redeem myself for a unknown “slur.”
    It was a firsthand report of the OKC Bombing. I However, it is only 24 hours after my Covid Booster and my hands are not connected to my brain. Just as I hit the “post” key, I made a mistake and lost everything. There appears tp be no way I can recover these experiences. Unless Chris can find them and thinks they are interesting.

    The only thing I would really like to add is that the female announcer insulted everyone in OKC. I think she was fired (not sure), because she could not understand how a bunch of ignorant neanderthals in Oklahoma could be smart enough to treat the fires, etc. She didn’t know that Tinker AFB had Airforce fire dister training going on at the time, so the disaster was just up I40 from the AFB. For your and her edification for different reasons, we had (Nationally) the best first responders in town at the time of the disaster.

    Mr. Muir, if you can find the other posts and desire to add them in, please feel free.

  • Ol' county boy

    Well, I guess it is lost. I had my son-in-law carrying to woman (televised) down the stairs of the Journal Record building, covered with blood, etc.

  • Pete231

    All this 9mm blather is such BS. Any guy worth his salt knows the 1911 .45ACP is the go-to hardware when the time comes. Col. Ollie North once said that “If I get shot by a 9mm and I find out about it, I’m going to be pissed.” ‘Nuff said…….

  • Eh, Wot?

    *Posted Monday – 3/22/2021* From the intensity and breadth of COMMENTS posted on this panel …. I heartily congratulate C.M. !! Ashli Babbitt WAS murdered, but is not forgotten!

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have been attacked and held my fire miraculously when only one of the assailants completed the assault. My revolver was in his gut, and I took the risk and the hit being pushed against my car outside my home during early morning. The other one had stood down when he saw that I had produced the gun I had promised I would use.
    No risk to Officer Courageous that I could see. Officer Courageous did score one of the white kills he discussed on his facebook page. That page was shown on several sites before it was taken down and later often censored.
    Officer Courageous was a definite help in the democrat coup against our Republic.

    This was not a London Down situation except by the Democrats.


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