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  • Henry

    I knew he liked to skinny-dip in front of the entire Secret Service, but “defecates in public” is a new one on me.

    • pyrodice


      • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


  • Kafiroon

    I don’t think he is more full of himself than Obummer.
    At least he isn’t giving “the Finger” as Hussein O. did in so many photos.

  • Too Tall

    Fascinating side bets.

    Does Biden show up for the debate on Sept. 29th?

    What is the over/under (in minutes into the 90 minute debate) on Biden’s first incoherent/nonsensical response?

    What is the over/under (in minutes into the 90 minute debate) on Biden’s medications wearing off?

    What is the over/under (in minutes into the 90 minute debate) on Biden needing a bathroom break or filling his Depends?

    How many different systems does Biden use to cheat during the debate?

    How many of those systems does the Trump campaign compromise/exploit/deny?

    This may be the first Presidential debate in history that is both an Electronic Warfare and a Chem/Bio battlefield.

    It is certainly the first Presidential campaign that is an Information Operations battlefield.

    • Ah'm Jus' Sayin'

      Sagely COMMENTS. I salute you Sir! (I’ll take 6 minutes on “Biden’s medications wearing off’ please.)

    • Bill G

      Drunkwatching this, if Joe shows, would result in rapid loss of consciousness just using his incoherent/nonsense/blank responses as the reason to take a shot.

      • MAJ Arkay

        Then don’t take a shot each time, just a sip. I wager you’ll still be tanked by the end of the 90 minutes…

    • gafling

      It would seem prudent that in the states where post election day vote harvesting is still legal that the Rs include this activity in their ground game. It is silly to act all high and mighty about doing the right thing and then lose the election. After all, second place is still second place. We need to reclaim the House and expand the Senate majority. It is going to take a major effort and use of any and all tools in the belt to do just that.

  • Pamela

    Be interesting if some person were to use some equipment on squelch to see if there were ear buds talking in Joey’s ears.

    • Badger

      Bingo! I just knew there was another commo or ELINT type in here somewhere. The Anderson Cooper “interview” (campaign ad) clearly had him getting scripted responses from somewhere else.

      OT: Chris, nice interview and looking forward to

      • GWB

        looking forward to
        Me too!

  • Trump team should run jammers, for sure….

    • Paul

      Or better yet some good ole 60s rock music !!

    • Punta Gorda

      A wide band spectrum analyzer accomplished by a signal generator of the same spectrum capability would be nice. Lay in a set of square wave modulation on whatever signals you find…

      • Punta Gorda

        Systron Donner make a good variety of products…

    • Bohica50

      I used to use a sweep generator at H/P to drown out one of my fellow employees listening to what could only be described as cats being strangled. Made the antenna from a piece of stripped back coax cable. Most effective at short ranges.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Two tone warble

  • KathyP

    What’s the over/under on Biden losing his temper and angrily storming off stage when Trump brings up Hunter’s graft and corruption with Russian billionaire(s), Moscow mayor’s wife, and of course Ukraine.

    • gafling

      I would casually say something like this: “… so Joe, tell us about Hoover … I mean Hunter and Burisma”

  • My Way Or --->

    In a debate, if it’s done correctly, each side states its position on a subject, and expands on that. Find the Nixon-Kennedy debates (B&W video, no color TV broadcast back then), and you’ll see how it’s done properly. It was done between Clinton and Trump in the prior episode She followed the rules, mostly -except for cheating with her backstage prompter.

    If Mope the Dope turns it into slamming Trump, then it isn’t a debate. It is a Monty Python fish-slapping episode.

    This, of course, depends on whether or not there IS a debate, live and in person.
    If it is canceled, there is no debate, due to the Whatever Bug going around. No, I do not mean CV-19. I mean the distractions of riots, arson and looting all over again.

  • Pamela

    There need to be Medics on hand in case Joe goes over the edge of trying to think rational thoughts.

    • My Way Or --->

      Edit that down to “if Joe seems to think thoughts.” 🙂

      There is something very strange going on in the world… like birthing pains, only more intense. Rebellion in Hong Kong. Norx kill a South Korean official because “reasons”. CA governor declares all petrol -powered vehicles be GONE by 2035. Zuckerberg’s kingdom FB deletes Greenpeace because algorithms. Many other things….

      It was the 2nd Witch who said “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes….”

      It’s like an overfilled gas balloon waiting for the pin to pop it – something like that.

  • JTC

    It’s on the organizers to check and scan for little birds in ears or implanted (could be, who knows what the try with their pods at the Hillary Hospital and Studio of Animatronics?).

    But the killer for Joe is what DJT has insisted since he watched Biden on back to back interviews juiced and I juiced; comprehensive and independently administered drug tests.

    The resulting hour will be a combination tragedy and comedy…heavy on the comedy, and you know DT will go in for the kill.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Yes. Found and bookmarked the interview.

  • epador

    Any similarity between Max Headroom aged 35 years and Uncle Joe are purely Hillary-ous.

  • Punta Gorda

    Oh yeah… that’s mission critical..

    USAF to open first on base tattoo parlor at Nellis.

    • Mikey6972

      Hey, we’re just playing catch-up with the Marines and the Spec Ops guys.

  • ExNuke

    I want to know why the DNC and the rabid left are so desperate to have Horizontal Harris for President? She wasn’t having a brain fart when she referred to the “Harris, Biden Administration”.


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