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  • Too Tall

    If a Bald Eagle, or any other raptor, could be trained to attack drones, the drones would never stand a chance.

    Might become a new event in Falconry.

    • Henry

      I used to be a serious model aircrafter. Over the years, I witnessed several incidents in which hawks showed up unbidden and took out free-flight gliders. This is doable.

    • warhorse

      I know some people who do falconry. I doubt they’d go for it. those spinning props can sever toes, and raptors are not too keen on having things on their feet for protection.

  • JTC

    Cool, I didn’t know I had a sponsored ‘toon coming up!

    Love the point, it ain’t just Alexa spying on us. I am very wary of “banning” anything, especially since that entails gov which is one of the primary spies. But unless we can find and train a bunch of badass eagles which would be awesome, or no-fly zones can be set up on any perimeter to function like a dog shock collar (helluva business opportunity there), the invasion of personal space with high res video from above might have to be outlawed.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Maybe not “ban”. It’s difficult to ban anything, and make it stick (example, Prohibition and War on Drugs).
      How about instead, put all drone operators on notice, that if someone doesn’t like where you’re flying your drone, and they shoot it down, the drone operator/owner has no recourse against the shooter.
      Like the Castle and Stand Your Ground laws.
      More details needed to be filled in, but you get the idea.

      • Henry

        Unless you live in a rural, unincorporated area, this is no protection for you. Towns generally have laws making discharging a firearm illegal.

        • John M.

          But a “Stand your ground” law supersedes “no discharge” laws in the case of self-defense.

        • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

          Doesn’t need to be “shoot” as in, a boolit or shotgun load.
          Could be a net or EMP. Compressed air?

          Something I learned many years ago, there’s always a way around everything.

          • pyrodice

            right, is there a “no potato guns” law?

  • WayneM

    Go get’em, Eddie the Eagle…

    Like JTC, I’m not a fan of banning anything, whether it’s drones, Alexa or any form of surreptitious invasion of privacy… but the trick is the consumer have the appropriate knowledge to consent… and the option to dissent… And it can’t be buried in pages upon pages of bafflegab with an “I’ve read” button… and the ability to opt out must be as simple as the opt in.

    If you think you’re a consumer of any product or service which you’re using for free through the internet, you’re not actually… you’re a product… whether it’s your private information, your movements, your consumption patterns, you name it… While they might not be watching you specifically, they are gathering big data in order to learn how best to control you.

    • steveb919

      That is one beautiful bird there Wayne. Wish the Canadians success.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Ummmmmm, hate to pop the bubble……..
      If you read down the comments, and then look back up at the top at the date………it’s an April Fool’s joke (2017).

      • JTC

        So that is a joke, and this is a ‘toon…

        But humor has always been a fount of imagination and ideas. The question is, did Chris know about the Eddie the Mountie Attack Eagle spoof when he conjured this episode, or just another case of his sometimes eerie prescience and presentment of current events?

        • Capn Jack

          The biggest joke in this whole thing is this quote.

          “This year Canada is marking the 75th anniversary
          of the Liberation”……

          HaHaHaHa Not until el Truduche is hanging upside
          down from a lamp post.

          • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

            I’d take a drink and do a happy dance in the middle of the street when that happens.

        • Also features the soon-to-be tool of drone on drone piracy. Yarr!

  • Pamela

    Catch the Drones and give them to Bears or Pumas to play with.
    Or drop them into a trash shredder

    • Vince

      Could also turn them on the offenders.

  • epador

    You would think lasers. On their heads.

    Well, maybe on their talons…

  • Chinese drones? Skeet? Yeah.

  • Or, we could use attack drones. Mini attack drones.
    Ever heard of Battlebots?
    We all have LOL.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    “Too close for Missiles; going to Guns..”

  • steveb919

    Training Raptors to kick ass would be great. Maybe they could shit on Nancy Peeloser every day till she gets the idea that even wildlife hates her guts. After all the Bald Eagle stands for freedom which the communist bitch want to remove from America. Go Baldy.

    • interventor

      Used to warn visitors to Rock Island Arsenal — never park under an eagle’s nest.

  • GWB

    They use hawks and falcons around airports all the time to keep down bird populations that otherwise might overwhelm aircraft engines at critical moments (like takeoff).

    The real problem? Laws in many states do not now allow you to practice falconry because they prevent you from having any animal that is normally considered “wild” in your care – unless, of course, specially licensed by said state, or an agent of same. (Some places it’s that you simply can’t take them out of the wild, others add in that you can’t breed them, and some just that you can’t have one in your possession at all. ‘Cause you’re not allowed to do fun/good/free things.)

  • interventor

    Time to start making EMP rifles. Fine for taking out drones with no concern about stray rounds.

    • Precision270

      shotguns do that too. #4 buck, for those up high, use the delayed opening shot cups. some hold the spread to under 4″ out to 40 yards then begin to disperse.

      • John

        Is using a suppressor on a shotgun practical?
        That could cut down on the noise complaints in some areas.

      • Merle

        yeah, but where the projectiles land when they fall back is an ongoing problem for those on the ground…..

    • Saaruuk

      I’ve had one on the drawing board for a bit over a year. The only major hurdle is collateral damage from back/side scatter of the pulse frying surrounding electronics in pretty much anything not ‘hardened’ against it.

      I can’t get the pulse dispersion pattern down tight enough to only effect the intended target.

      R & D continues.

      • John

        Is it possible to use a MASER for the same effect?
        That would solve your scatter problem.

        • TBeholder

          Possible, but pointless. Good old vacuum tubes are more practical.
          Either way, generation is not the greatest problem. The tricky part is making an antenna (and a line to it) that won’t be prohibitively complex or large, and will remain sharply directional and won’t “leak” even after being shaken a bit.

          • Punta Gorda

            Try a polyrod.

    • WayneM

      My understanding is there’s a number of different interventions being tried to deal with drones including using a focused “jammer” to knock off guidance. Since drones use GPS, it’s not that hard to overcome the relatively weak signal from the GPS satellite constellation.

      There’s also “hunter” drones with kevlar strands dangling below them to tangle the props of other drones and then carry them off for disposal.

      • Go for the classics. Web of balloons with dangling cables.

  • Pamela

    OH! OH! Catch the drones. Put them in a room tied down and loop really bad Porn over and over again for whomever on the other end to watch

    • JTC

      Make it snuff porn; they can watch their copter being slowly and meticulously dissected.

  • TBeholder

    Grabbing it in a wrong way may harm the birds.
    Then again, if so, it would be mostly drone vendor’s problem — unless they can prove the protected species didn’t sometimes try to hunt these things on their own, the problem is on their end.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    How about a LASER? High power, 2W (2000 mW). Narrow beam, variety of colors to choose from. Not cheap, but not expensive either. Definitely blind the camera. Maybe overheat the battery & electronics?

  • Don D.

    Actually, a targeted EMP isn’t that hard to create using microwave oven parts. The trick is the Faraday cage to contain backsplatter so you don’t fry yourself or unintended targets. IR Laser is always good for blinding the camera. Killed a nosy neighbor’s camera that way and they couldnt do a thing about it!

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    The “Metro” barrel extension quiets a shotgun down to a barely audible “pop”. With “low noise- – -low recoil” ammo, urban shooters have been using them to cull pigeons and other nuisance birds for years. The gun looks a little funny with a 4 foot long “choke tube” installed, however!


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