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  • formwiz

    Chris, nice to see you stick to your guns.

    • JTC

      formwiz, can I ask you again the basis for your comment naming me yesterday? I want to dispel any wrong notions you or anyone else has about my opinion of the subject content.

      • JTC

        Alternatively, can you please refrain from mentioning my name or comments that you do not grok? Thank you.

  • cb

    IMO, President Trump destroyed CRT with: No matter the color of our skin “we all bleed the same red blood.”

    • H nielsen

      when was this said?

      • Silver Kangaroo

        Inauguration Day 2017.

    • H nielsen

      My comments get moderated out. WTF?

  • Henry

    “Have you not seen my Kiko’s hooters?”
    Hey, no trick questions!

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Frankly, I would like to see Sam, Jan, and maybe Naomi become a little more “matronly”. We have seen Zed age, why not the ladies?

    More butt and and more gravity
    but still nice to look at! ;))

    • formwiz

      No, wider hips, bit of a tummy, more of that luscious behind maybe, but they’re all good, strong girls.

      Gravity can wait.

    • Arkay

      As long as Zed still retains that hot bod, I do not care in the slightest that his hair or face have aged.

      As for “matronly,” I’m one of those fat old ladies, whose enormous hooters still haven’t pointed toward the floor (really good genes), so Sam and company look perfectly fine to me.

      Stop trying to insert more reality into this lovely fantasy. Chris is doing an outstanding job.

      • MartynW

        Yeah, what has reality done for YOU lately? In the world of this comic, there are anti-gravity drives, morphing robots, advanced tech, and acres of beautiful people.

        It’s Heinlein World, and I’m cool with it.

  • Eh, Wot?

    I rate the July 11, 2021 DBD toon panel …. the “Mona Lisa” of Political Cartooning!

  • Halley

    So, I see Kiko and Kinkos are both hot topics today. Coincidence?

  • interventor

    So much nicer than that AntiFa/Black Bloc 300lb, pasty white, land whale I saw in Sioux City last month.

    • Pamela

      Bet it was wearing stretched out yoga pants.

      • interventor

        A black smock. Doubt they make yoga pants in that size.

        • Gundo

          unfortunately, they do

  • Shared to Facebook. We’ll see if I wind up in the FB Juzgado!

    Zar Belk!

  • GruntGI

    Well done…and so true…don’t forget how the left has been poisoning minds with Howard Zinn’s commie polemic for years too!

    Keep up the marvelous commentary….and swimming hole art!

  • Jim Smith

    Excellent, Chris. Very insightful. And exactly SPOT. ON.

  • Thor

    No more “matronly” weight needed. First off, there are way too many matrons in this country carrying way too much weight. Second, if this starts to look like a copy of a sixties National Geographic I wouldn’t be able to stomach reading the commentary. Thirdly this is a comic (with point on political commentary)…it’s supposed to be a fantasy and I certainly don’t fantasize about fat old ladies naked with their nips pointing at their toes.

    • Pamela

      Mine don’t point to my toes and my BC scars are pretty nice also.

  • DogByte6RER

    If the Left continues their pursuit of CRT and “reparations” for the sins of slavery instituted and promulgated by the Democrat Party, as a Sabra Naomi ought to start a class action lawsuit for reparations as Israel was held in bondage by the African Pharaoh some 3000 years ago …

    Dig deep into those pockets Africans.

  • Halley

    Except for the girls reaching 18, I for one see no need for the characters to age any more than they have, and if the women choose to get a little younger that’s fine, too. After all, we’re all still stuck in Makes No Sense Twilight Zone World and that includes the DBD gang, so nullifying nature’s entropy laws shouldn’t be a problem. If a dementia patient can rig an election and get everyone to pretend he’s president, then surely Sam (et al) can maintain the body of a 25-year old forever ; )

    • Kafiroon

      Absolutely! We have “reality” screaming at us constantly in all our senses all the time.
      Nice to have a few things of mental escape.

    • JTC

      @Halley. that was excellent, even without the twins proviso, that is being handled masterfully as it is.

    • “…then surely Sam (et al) can maintain the body of a 25-year old forever ; )”…
      Joan Collins and Nancy Sinatra certainly seemed to manage, among others!

      Zar Belk!

    • Doggo

      Are you sure he knows it was rigged? Is he even capable of realizing that? I don’t think the puppet has discovered its strings.

  • Jim Smith

    “The criminals taught me that human nature is driven by avarice, lust, envy, revenge, the relentless pursuit of power. I think that’s a very useful lens with which to look at modern Progressivism. It tends to remove the wool from your eyes. – Yeah, avarice, lust, envy, revenge, will to power. It sounds like the last Democratic debate.”

    —Dinesh D’Souza, from an article about the time he spent in jail for trumped up election law violations in 2015.

  • Chris, you are sticking to your guns! Remember everyone that is is about when the red meets the green that we get the full Monty(s).

    On a side note, All of the BS is side fluff. It is what our corrupt government uses to distract and enrage us, while they repair the holes that DJT exposed during his term. I am tired of getting race, sexual preference, anti-cop, critical race theory pushed in front of my face. By continuously placing it in front of our faces they are attempting to who you are and beat what they want you to believe by hammering your vision/perspective until you believe it.

    We need to get back to the real problem our corrupt Federal government and its 3 branches. How do we survive Xiden? The politicians just did to the Afghanistan people, what they did to the South Vietnamese people in 1975.

    If you forget the past you are doomed to repeat it. It happened again…

  • MadCat

    Chris — A heads-up, if needed. My bank mails out checks First Class in a plain white envelope. It’s not spam. You should get it on 16 jul. Not a whole lot but fixed income doesn’t allow a whole lot. Keep on keeping on, Sir.

  • Too Tall

    We need to get the Red Bar to the Finish Line or else Karen and XIR are going to come down and jump in the swimmin’ hole and nobody wants to see that.

    • Chris Muir

      Hah! I cracked up at that one. Still, perhaps…

    • Pamela

      ACK! Mind and Eye bleach. I’d rather deal with Demon Spawn drunk than see that. It would take more than three fingers of Tequila to cleanse that vision from memory. The pond and ranch would require an Exorcism. So does the Nation. Hmm

    • chicken of depression

      We’re gonna need a lot bigger swimmin’ hole if Xir shows up.

    • John M.

      No pigs in the sWIMMIN hole! It would muddy the water for decades! …and I, for one, love those tantalizing silhouettes…

  • Doc Savage

    “Have you not seen my Kiko’s hooters?”

    No intelligent and survival minded man would ever answer that question…..

    • Too Tall

      Non-fatal responses would be limited to:

      1. Who is Kiko?

      2. What is a hooter?

      3. What hooters?

      None of which are convincing….

      • John M.

        Taking the Fifth would not CYA on that question… either with Sam OR with your own sweetie!

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