Day By Day


  • Chris Muir

    Sorry ’bout that, got messed up, so I’ll just combine ’em.

    • JTC

      And just so heartlessly and cavalierly toss my time warp joke in the process. 😉

      Of course the car vintage critique stands…

      • John+M.

        …and my blue governor remark as well…

  • Too+Tall

    So, Mari, Kiko, and Jo walk into an ice cream parlor…and all the ice cream melts.

    • Pamela

      That reminds me of those late night Saturday TV on HBO jello, ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream boxing ring fights with the boob job girls in almost no bikinis.

  • Mass formation psychosis. Seems like Progressive-Democrats are looking in their mirrors, again.
    Eric Hines

    • NotYetInACamp

      And what the Progressive-Democrats see in their mirrors is what they will accuse others of doing or being.
      By the way, millions of enemy aliens have been imported. Those they see as an addition to their armies to fight for the cause.

      • Pamela

        Wonder what their psychosis will be when the imports throw them over.

    • cb

      Chris, considering there ain’t enough eye bleach in the world, delete before viewing. Sorta like a certain security classification long ago ‘burn before reading’.

      What mass formation psychosis leads to:

      • Kafiroon

        No wonder this world is so screwed up weird and insane. That is a world leader? Burn it at 4000 degrees at least or have Space X send it into the sun. Please God it is time to end this.

      • Pamela

        Oh Dayum! He went out in public dressed like that!
        Next thing you know it will be on a runway at a fashion show. *barf*
        Or the cell block date in a SuperMax

  • Dread

    A couple of mass formations alright.


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