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  • Spin Drift

    Zeiss Binos from a safe distance.

    Rusty Bush Saloon

    • I doubt if there is a safe distance from why to spy on these women!

  • formwiz

    We will be given a look at those dirty grrls, right?

  • JTC

    “Every dog has his day.”

    I’m thinking us dawgs out here are about to have ours… 🙂

  • Big Jim

    Well’ this certainly guarantees a boost in readership soon….

  • Grunt GI


    Thanks Mr. Muir. Looking forward to some good clean fun.
    In related news, once again, the left is BREATHLESSLY pushing another non-scandal–Trump’s tax returns.

    So, let’s review.

    * Trump is a multi-millionaire/billionaire (does it really matter whether you’re worth $900 M or $1B other than bragging rights?).

    * He has an ARMY of accountants and lawyers to minimize his tax bill.

    * He pays no more taxes than he is legally required to. (DUH, like the rest of us)—NEWS FLASH Liberal morons…you know why Trump got to be filthy rich and have two ex-wives and a smokin’ hot third wife…CUZ he tries to keep his money in his own pocket…and that means minimizing his tax bill.

    BUT, of course the narrative tomorrow is that Trump is a cheap mean bastard that starves children and puppies because he doesn’t volunteer to give more of his money to the government to pay for welfare, abortions, and studies of the effects of honeybees on lesbian sex or whatever the hell it is we spend our tax dollars on.

    Damn, I could write this shit. I mean seriously, what do they think they’re gonna find? I saw some footage from the election time period when the moonbats were pushing this and Trump’s personal tax returns were a stack of paper like a foot high…he just signs where his lawyers tell him to sign…

    It will be fun to watch Rachel Madcow proclaim another hang em high scandal though.

    NO, it won’t be fun…

    But it will pass the time until tomorrow’s strip…dang I love the phrase…tomorrow’s strip.

    • EagleRising

      It would appear that Ms Madcow’s best attempt to shit on the President resulted in her? pissing on her? own shoes. How appropriate. How Geraldoesque.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Let’s see if I can remember the numbers I heard tonight on the way home from class (amateur radio)…for the year 2005, Trump earned 150 million, of which he paid 38 million in taxes (the broadcast didn’t specify fed, state, local, etc).

      If all the whiny Libtard DildoCrats, combined, gave 100% of their incomes, for a year, would they be able to match what Trump paid for that one year? Why don’t we force them to pay THEIR FAIR SHARE of taxes, and find out, uummm?

      • John

        Their Fair Share would be the actual cost of their projects, which would empty their entire family’s net worth and put them in perpetual involuntary servitude.
        And still come up short.

    • WayneM

      On the upside, the alternative media and even a few of the lamestream media asked a few hard yet appropriate questions like… isn’t it a felony to leak someone else’s tax documents?

    • doc

      I’ve never failed to shut down that line of beef from a liberal, by simply asking him/her how much extra money he/she pays to the government every year by not taking his/her own legitimate tax deductions and credits. The number is always $0

      • John

        And I’ve never had an answer to the rhetorical question: “You do realize you can _give_ money to the Government voluntarily don’t you?”

        • John

          That’s usually what I say when some idiot spouts nonsense about “We need higher taxation.”

  • Kafiroon

    pANT – aRF – wOOF!
    Tonight? It will be: “Who let the Dogs Out”

    I officially condemn myself as Deplorable.

    • John

      Welcome to Fly Over country!

  • Swansonic

    My mood just got quite buoyant.

    I’m sure a number of other things will be as well soon….

  • Morris

    Chris, you certainly know how to build the anticipation…

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    The girls are going to have the robots standing guard? Silly girls. Have the men stand guard. Guar-an-damn-tee SOMETHING will be standing stiff at attention.

  • Pamela

    I think this is more of the case of “Who’ll let the Drones Fly”

  • I do so enjoy the lake strips. Oh yes.

  • Polly Cy

    Ooh, a double play on words. Just what I needed to cheer me up.

  • Pete231

    Another epic trip to the lake ? Best go shower up and change the sheets in the bunk….

  • Bill G

    Why is it called ‘Good clean fun’ when it’s most fun if it’s dirty?

  • Spin Drift

    Ah, a trip to the lake by the ladies, now that’s a dip I can get behind. Please do not be fooled by the Tax Return Non-Story. Keep the eyes on the ball, the repeal of Zerocare.

    Pester your congress critter to do what we elected them to do. Remind them that the Anftifa clowns are amateurs compared to the shit storm conservatives will bring.

    Rope, tree, tire, ladies swinging over the lake, let the girls be free.

  • doc

    Watching that skinny dip party would be worth a few nights in the dog house, no question (it is Texas, after all – not North Dakota in the winter)

  • Pamela

    *looks at Chris over glasses*
    Eh-hem. Mr. Muir. Good Sir. A Point of order.

    Though the Ladies that visit DBD are fewer in numbers than the Gentlemen, will there be some visual delights for us in the coming days?

    I promise I will keep my hands to myself and follow the Red Head Code.
    I will not drool, leer, ogle, whistle or swear. Or doing anything that any branch of the clandestine services would put on a loop to watch or comment “I’ll be in my bunk. See you in 30.”

  • Halley

    The Red Head Code? Sounds thought provoking.

    I may be behind the times here, but no further clues about June 1?

    • Pamela

      The Red Head code simply states that real Red Heads will not poach or encroach on another Red Head’s Man.

      • JTC

        Open season on Damon then? You know what they say…

        • Pamela

          I don’t know, what do they say… 🙂

  • NotYetInACamp

    The IDES are today. We have more to anticipate than Julius turned out to have at the end of his rule.
    Anticipation. Draw inspired.

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