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  • formwiz

    It will look like Uranus.

    Lots of moons.

    • James/G

      That’s Jupiter, maybe Saturn…

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Ummmmm, Chris, not to be a prude, but please keep the twins “off camera” for the swimming hole strip & dip. Thx.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      PS, will be sending donation (hopefully) this weekend, as well as pics that I would want painted up. Again, thx for all you do.

    • Too Tall


    • JTC

      I’m sure we’re included with the dicks and dogs who are “not allowed”, as it should be.

      Family nudity is for family. That should mean related dudes too, but in this place and time it would just be too “hard” to repress the prurience, so sorry guys, maybe next year.

      • formwiz

        We’re not all like you, Jeffery.

    • James/G

      Yeah, since they are under eigteen. Even if fictional, it could cause ypu problems.

    • JTPatriot

      Agreed. Chris, if you start showing naked teenagers, this viewer is GONE and will not be back. I was hoping you were not going to go down this path, but it appears you may have slipped the bonds of decency.

      • Chris Muir

        Never heard of you, JTPatriot. I will leave your note up, as an example of how NOT to sway my opinion of what I decide to do.How are you any different from the growing censor nazis accumulating daily? F/off.

        • Brent Dotson

          And this should be the universal response to cancel culture. Purely refreshing, thanks very much.

        • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

          If I’m reading CM right, how can JTP be GONE, if (s)he was never HERE to begin with.
          Bait & hook with a side of cancel culture in a Petri dish.

        • Robert McCloskey

          Well put sir

        • JTPatriot


          I got a new computer and, as I am getting a bit old, I have forgotten my Name here, so I used what I thought maybe it was. I’ve been reading and recommending your site for about 15 years.

          I have never once complained, in 15 years, your use of adult nudity.

          I will never condone the exploitation of children for sexual purposes. If we don’t speak up, the Jeffery Epsteins win.

      • Patriots 'R' Us

        Buy Bye Karen/Kevin, don’t let the screem blind you on the way out.

    • Shooter 2.5

      I was hoping someone would mention it. It’s not being a prude. It’s having a sense of dignity. Let the girls grow up and enjoy their childhood and innocence.

  • Too Tall

    If the legal concept of “Attractive Nuisance” has any validity at all, the result will be a combination of riot and stampede.

    On the other hand, as a campaign event for Sam running for the Gunpowder City Council, it could be EPIC!

    I’m pretty sure that even Karen’s son would be indefatigable as a campaign volunteer for Sam. Record setting Turnout from the Triple R Ranch and every cemetery as well. Jes’ Saying….

  • Too Tall

    Don’t ask me how I know, but right now Zed is trying to figure out if Amazon can deliver the heavy-duty forklift with four-wheel drive, and all-terrain tires he going to need to move all the pallets of ammo required for this event. (Ring mount for the Ma Deuce, optional).

    P.S. Sam, if you tell Kiko and Mari, you will soon find out then when teenage girls are involved, the speed of sound is ALWAYS faster than the speed of light.

  • John M.

    I agree with Mr. Woodman. For their first time out, don’t let the girls go “all-out.” Maybe let Kiko wear Sam’s campaign suit, and Mari can model something suitably skimpy. Save those prizes for NEXT year’s campaign…

    So who’s in the lineup for this year – Skye is in Portland reporting on the peaceful demonstrations, Jan and Damon are at News Central (wherever that is) and Kimiko is with “the Don” in Argentina. That leaves Sam, Suzy Q., Naomi, Jo, and the girls. That works!

    • James/G

      Longer than that. Not sure how old they are for sure, except it’s around 15…

    • Henry

      Or, do like Galactica did, and suddenly jump years ahead! 😉

  • Punta Gorda

    I thought Skye was spread eagle in Portland gathering evidence…

  • My Way Or -->

    They aren’t going to bring out the robo-dogs to scan the area for intruders?

    • John M.

      Several of the new R-100’s, facing out… haven’t you been keeping up?

  • AngryWhiteMaleChauvanistNeanderthalRightwingExtremist PaulS

    I’m onboard with keeping the girls development in the mysterious zone, perhaps Sam could be ping pong paddled (lovingly) for considering the idea. Now that could cause a dust up among the audience. 😉

    • formwiz

      You don’t hit your wife, especially if she’s trying to include the girls in a family (ie, woemn relatives). thing.

      • AngryWhiteMaleChauvanistNeanderthalRightwingExtremist PaulS

        Si 😉


    • John

      When the Democrats lose power (inevitably) the first item on the to-do list is to screen all government employees for psychopaths and institutionalize the screening.
      It won’t be a panacea, but government at all levels amplifies the destruction these parasites cause. That’s simply a consequence of the nature of government and the single biggest argument to keeping government to an absolute minimum.

    • Henry

      Finding psychopaths isn’t at all hard. if you want to find money, look for a bank. if you want to find psychopaths, look at high government offices.

  • WayneM

    I’m surprised how many folks are freaking out about this. As Darth Vader famously said, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

    Chris has been publishing Day By Day for close to twenty years. In a world where only a few artists are able to sustain themselves producing non-controversial material… and next to nil manage to sustain themselves producing controversial material… Chris manages to generate & publish interesting provocative comics of subject matter well outside of the leftist “mainstream” and how…

    Doing so requires an ample supply of intelligence & discretion which is why most of us follow daily. Simply put, I trust Chris knows what he’s doing, knows where the “lines” are, knows what he can safely publish and finally knows what he cannot safely publish.

    ‘Nough said… Oh and I’m glad Susie Q showed up in time for the annual skinny dip…

  • Dwaine Nolte

    We don’t know how old the twins are, since they will age faster in a cartoon, I think you can put prudish ideas aside and let Chris decide how old they are. I like the idea of a family skinny dip, but I would hate to see my sisters naked. … or brothers. … or anyone else in my family naked. Except the dog.

    • formwiz

      IIRC it’s all female, not an orgy.

  • John D. Egbert

    Just dropped another 1.5 Benji into the pot. Every little bit helps – and well worth it.

  • JTC

    Chris recently pegged the girls’ cartoon age at 17, age of majority in some places, and way past marrying ’ time in some others like my Tennessee hills, and for good reason.

    So they’ll be adults next year and can join the coed party uninhibited if they choose. But while they are strategically turned or submerged this time those other sweetnesses will enjoy the sunshine and we will enjoy them enjoying the sunshine.

    And I’ll reiterate what I’ve said before; not a damn thing wrong with family nudism as decided by said family and in this case by the artist. That damn snake sure screwed things up, and his host the devil resides smugly in the head of many who have been taught and now (judging from the doofus CM smacked down above) somehow believe nudity is evil when the evil resides only, but vehemently, in their heads.

    • Eh, Wot?

      V. well said, Sir!

  • Kafiroon

    No comment on the twins, as it is the authors prerogative.
    Besides, I’ve been in India and Africa long enough to see their cultures up close. Little girls carry babies until they are old enough to have their own.

  • PaulS

    This is all rather, yeah I gotta say it, COMICAL! 😉

    One of the best things about DBD is that there are a lot of independent views, no need to really change any minds, but to not speak your mind would be a pity.

    Respect all, fear none.

  • Pamela

    Forget skinny dipping. Get them down to the firing range with their Dad and learn the fine art of spacing shots. There be bad peoples at the border that would sell the girls to the highest bidder in a heart beat.

    • cb

      Was just thinking…. there seems to be a growing number of ‘amber alerts’ recently : (

    • Eh, Wot?

      U be a right thinkin’ woman, you is!

    • Tom Stockton

      Hear! Hear!

  • TheRenegade

    C’mon guys, seriously with the uproar about Kiko amd Mari being part of the July 4th skinny dip???
    Do y’all HONESTLY think that Chris can’t do an appropriate toon even including the girls?? I can think of multiple ways to include them WITHOUT it being inappropriate/illegal/whatever… and I’m not an artist like Chris is.
    Get a damn life.

  • JTC

    “Forget skinny dipping.”

    Hell no.

    A rite of passage as critical as all the rest.

    • Pamela

      I was over 18 the first and only time I did. Actually got caught by an Off Duty Cop. Hot August Nights at the Beach. Neil, wherever you are…

      • Too Tall

        Live at the Greek?

      • Henry

        It’s great to own a pool.

  • Gundo

    I thought they were 13, because they very recently ‘bloomed’ and they were babies in 2008, but Chris says they’re almost 18 due to cartoonland time-flow. They still seem to mostly act like younger teens, to me, but that’s nothing unusual.

    No legal/moral obstacle I can see to them participating in the ladies’ annual dip, but I’m still not really seeing them as adults, myself.

  • ottersmith

    They do seem to have aged since the election. That’s not quite the correct phrasing. Breaking into full bloom? I am sure my imagination will get a workout … and the scolds will reveal, through their complaints, exactly what they wanted to see, and it won’t be there. PMO in the mail Monday.

  • JT in Wyoming

    Back when I was young and beautiful I spent 14 years as a model for art classes at university and town rec department class level. There are statues and paintings and drawings of me scattered around museums and private collections. There is a HUGE difference between nude and lewd. I actually got paid more to model in costume than nude. I’ll never forget the time a woman looked up from setting up her easel and exclaimed “Oh my god, finally a male mode. I am so tired of nubile 19 year olds!” Not to mention the handful of times a student turned heads by exclaiming in the grocery store “I did not recognize you with your clothes on!”
    Not to mention the things we did to each other in Nursing school back in the day.
    Y’all need to lighten up a bit, IMHO.

  • Blasternaz

    Old Japanese saying, ” Nudity is often seen but seldom noticed.” Cultural carryover you think? Nice work Chris, keep it up.


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