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  • The newspapers and other Democrat propaganda media already look like cartoons and caricatures of the news. I’ve lost track of how often they’ve reported on something that sounded bad, or sometimes too good, and I’ve gone online to get the real story. It really saves time to assume the opposite of what they report is likely the truth.

      • John D. Egbert

        Ramirez always cuts right to the bone and is deadly accurate . . .

    • Roland Deschain

      Or, just stop listening to them in the first place!

      • The local station has to include the usually-biased network pieces in the news and they’re too good to switch.

        Newsflash! Bloomberg News “journalists” are joining Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign. They’re used to writing copy per Bloomberg’s wishes. Editorial board suspended.

        And as Bloomberg News would not be investigating Mike Bloomberg, they will not be investigating any other Democrat presidential candidate. To be fair. Republican candidates, as in Trump, are still fair game for dirt digging and mud scooping.

  • JTC

    Blacks sold themselves into slavery all three times, off the boat by their own, then by the first RINO under false pretense, then by themselves for free shit, always as chattel for the same currency…money/power. Always follow the money/power.

    The globalist effort will fail because the intended slaves are (mostly) not willing to sell themselves; they already have the money/power and they will fight to keep it.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    “With their foreign paid coup, DildoCrats can finally enslave every American, once and for all, under a feudalist globalist elite.”

    Fixed one little detail for ya. Yer welcome.I

    And Sam is leaving out one not-so-little detail, that many of those Americans are armed, and have the will and the means to fight back. 4GW (4th Generation Warfare) takes on a whole new meaning when the bullets are whizzing by Der Furher’s head.

  • WayneM

    As a Canadian, I don’t entirely “get” the American obsession with slavery and race. Maybe I’m missing something? If you delve into the past of every speck of land inhabited by peoplekind (gawd, Little Potato annoys me), there was slavery… until the United Kingdom dispensed with the practice and began imposing that throughout everywhere they had influence. Americans literally fought a war over the matter.

    I have a theory and I hope y’all will give me your thoughts…

    A quote often mistakenly attributed to Sir Winston Churchill (his opinions in this area were on a similar vein) asserts that when the Muslims are in the minority of the population, they are very much concerned about minority rights. However when Muslims are the majority, there are no minority rights.

    I wonder if the reason for the ongoing obsession about race and slavery is rooted in the same kind of ideology… if those who chide and agitate constantly do so for tactical reasons with an unspoken end goal?

    • Bill G

      A very sad part of our obsession is due to our Department of Indoctrination, er, Education telling students that slavery was a purely U.S. institution; an evil inflicted by us on the rest of the world. I finished high school in 1970, and know that the international slave trade existed. And was stopped by the English navy, with our commitment to end it following not long after. I’m guessing that teaching that Islamic slave traders were the middle-men for it is just not acceptable now.

    • OldGoat36

      I think there are roots within our society as one of the first truly free people, yet allowing the institution to take root even though many of our founders were against it.
      It wasn’t just blacks who were enslaved either, but it took an extremely costly war which propelled our Federal Government into a far more prominent position to end slavery in general, but still allowed people to be enslaved through laws.
      Every culture has had slavery. It still exists today in different forms, including sex slaves and those under regimes which allow no freedom to exist.
      It goes against our principles, yet was allowed to grow through greed and the lust for power.
      Slavery is not wiped out. We just swapped the means for political expediency.
      It is also something pushed by many black leaders as a means of enriching themselves with no intent on changing anything but their own balance sheets.
      It is used effectively to a point where it put into office a corrupt and inept man for fear of the slavery of labels which the left so eagerly tag people with for their own power gains.

    • The current “obsession” is reparations and the accompanying victim mindset. Rather common thought among Progressives and full-fledged Commies, those that have must have somehow taken from those who don’t have. A century and a half later, blacks are led along to believe reparations for slavery are needed as whites are still systemically stealing from blacks. Nevermind that the greatest disparities are in Democrat strongholds as angry victims must be continually reminded they are still victims.

      Just now I searched for “civil war” to check the end year and found, freshly published at Salon:
      Will America’s billionaires start a second Civil War to protect their wealth and power?
      The stakes couldn’t be higher.

      • Kafiroon

        “Democrat strongholds as angry victims must be continually reminded they are still victims.”
        Imperative to keep them voting for their Democrat Masters.
        Until the planned takeover results in total control so no more elections are needed.

    • JTC


      “…the United Kingdom dispensed with the practice and began imposing that throughout everywhere they had influence. Americans literally fought a war over the matter.”

      We did, but not the one you mean. The one in the 1700’s in which their asses were handed to them for attempting the same brand of slavery here (conquest and enslavement of indigenous and semi-indigenous populations to avoid the expense and hard work of buying and shipping them in) was the beginning of the end of their far-flung slave empire (including but far from limited to the West Indies, Caribbean, and South America) where the slavery they themselves introduced served as the model of early large scale agribusiness that was later adopted by US plantations, but was already in the process of being rejected and replaced both by the forces of morality and ingenuity (mechanization) before the Brits false outrage borne of defeat and Lincoln’s appropriation of it as his purported cause to justify the theft and destruction of the economic engine that threatened his patrons and their rule.

      Ironically, the BBC has as good a synopsis as I’ve seen in its “Bitesize Guides” history series of the rise and fall of the British Empire of slave nations in its piece The British Empire Through Time.

  • Steve Peterson

    Re : slaveryParticularly for the fact that Muslims of Northern Africa packing of the slave ships with non Muslims.

    • eon

      Said non-Muslims being mostly black Africans, who were sold to the Muslims by other black Africans.

      The custom in tribal warfare in Africa was (and basically still is) that the winners get to enslave the losers and sell any they don’t actually want to keep.

      If African-Americans demand to know which “race” was at fault for their ancestors being slaves, they might start by looking in a mirror.

      clear ether


      • MasterDiver

        In his book “The Triton Brig”, Dudley Pope, through the character of an 1790s French slaver captain, explains the process and sources of the Black slaves being transported to America. The European ships’ crews learned early on not to venture into the interior, but let the Arab middle-men handle the purchase. (Take care and Beware of the Bight of Benin, where five comes out where fourty goes in!)

        Zar Belk!

  • Bill G

    The democrat party gleefully denounces any conservative speaking rudely, calling for a return to civility in our politics. While refusing to acknowledge the street violence from their New Klux Klan.

  • Willik


    LBJ’s quote was “…..200 years…” not the 100 stated. Unstated was the statement’s like effect on the Latino communities.

    LBJ’s proved prescient for the past 50+ years but I think, other than rabble rousers like Jackson, Sharpton and Castro, et. al., the Black and Latino heritage “Americans” are starting to wake up from those LBJ doldrums and realize what a dead end road they’ve been led down.

    • Dread

      Visit any inner city. It aint happening.

      • John

        And the cancer of being bribed into slavery by the Democrats shows no sign of slowing down. The People’s Democratic Republic of California is a foretaste of our future and it looks like Texas is next.
        The practice of the Democratic Globalist Elites using borrowed money (and thus selling our children into tax slavery), information control (via Silicon Valley), and Communist Chinese slave labor (depriving our own workers of a living wage) to leverage this takeover is horrifyingly effective.

    • Chris Muir


    • interventor

      There are Hispanics. Then, there are Hispanics. Those native to the US and those who came legally are quite different. Trump got 33 percent of the Hispanic vote. His present approval rating among Hispanics is about 50 percent. Trump got 20 percent of the black vote. His approval rating is about 25 percent with a couple of polls at 33 percent. “What have you got to lose?”

  • Cliff

    Well and plainly said. But its poorly appreciated throughout our society.

  • shooter 2.5

    I was a Civil War Re-enacter for ten years and we were expected to know every aspect of the war. I started my little campaign against the democrat party linking them to the Civil War but didn’t get anywhere. It wasn’t until I researched the post war efforts of the dem party to keep in power. So we know about the post war years, Jim Crow laws, LBJ and the inner cities. The dems and the CIA dumping cocaine into the inner cities. Yet it’s worse if you notice the pattern. Tulsi Gabbard was saying we have to get out of these wars while blaming the democrat party and Kamala Harris right there on stage said their efforts are to win. Right there, Harris admitted she didn’t care about our military or our losses. She told the audience their objective isn’t to stop the carnage. Her sole objective is to defeat the Republicans by continuing the status quo. It’s not soy boy liberals being killed overseas. It’s conservative Trump voters being sent to die.


    And hand in hand with all of this is the push to re-write history, make history as boring as possible in the schools (sorry, I mean indoctrination facilities) and tear down the monuments.

  • Old Codger

    One correction if I may, Mr Muir. Johnson is reputed to have said that he’d “have those n****rs voting Democratic” for TWO HUNDRED (200) years not a mere one hundred (100) years. At present he is 25% of the way towards being prophetic.

    • Chris Muir


  • Kafiroon

    That is no cartoon that Chris presented folks.
    That is flat out reality.
    I would say like it or lump it, but I do not think those ‘educated’ in our indoctrination centers follow this strip. The education would be too upsetting for them.

  • JimK

    You misspelled “Democrap”

  • The problem is, if the Republicans truly wanted to stop the authoritarian Democrats once and for all, they’d have done it long ago. Instead, the Civil War never ended. It was never finished. It just went into a different mode of operation.

    The serious observer must then ask, were the Republicans ever serious, or do they consist of a generations-long succession of fraudsters held together by some secret pact, or have they been controlled opposition all along?

    • Chris Muir


    • Before Reagan there was a symbiotic relationship between parties, “vote for us to not vote for them”. Reagan the Populist almost upset the relationship but it stabilized leading to Clinton. Who lead to the Not-Clinton. But then the Populist Not-Bush Obama broke the unwritten rules, strangled bipartisanship until it stopped moving, and showed how easy it was to get away with even blatant illegality with a compliant media.

      Now with the Populist Not-Obama Not-Hillary Trump, Republicans are split. There’s the remaining Never-Trumper old style Republicans wanting the old status quo and “a return to civility”. And realists who see Democrats like a benign tumor that’s gone malignant, their power under Barry O and subsequent crushing defeat has driven them insane, full Socialist, and the sole way to save this Republic is to expunge that sickness from the body politic.

      This Is War. The question is how hot it’ll get.

  • It’s inescapable, the intellectual inbreeding incurred the inevitable, irrevocable insanity.

    WaPo tweet, click for story link:
    Perspective: Democratic presidential candidates still can’t figure out how to talk about the most popular figure in their party, @Swerdlick
    writes, and there’s a simple reason.

    Barack Obama is a conservative.

  • Pamela

    The reality is every person on this planet is descended from an ancestor that was a slave, either made or born. One of my great-grandfathers was taken out of Ireland, tossed on a boat for over a decade. It wasn’t until the ship was anchored off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico that he jumped ship and made his way West. My Dad said even at the age of 100 the whip scars were still visible.


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