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  • Too Tall

    Deep State transformed to Deep Shit.

    In a pile that massive, there’s got to be a pony somewhere.

    • WayneM

      There might not be a pony but there’s several horse’s asses…

    • In the book of Revelations, the dead bodies of all of the servants of evil end up littering the surface of a destroyed world, “like dung”.

      • JTC

        Which begs question…how can the turds escape the shit?

  • kadaka

    Only the first? Dammit, I think even the French are beating us. We can do better!

    • eon

      It could be argued that every Democratic administration after LBJ was a coup attempt. Mainly due to their making no secret of their hatred for America, their contempt for the Constitution, their loathing of Americans generally, and their determination to “fundamentally change” the United States into something more like…Venezuela.

      clear ether


      • David

        I think that’s a bit unfair to Jimmeh… He might not have been the best or most competent Prez ever, but I seriously beg leave to doubt he HATED America or for that matter wanted to “fundamentally change” it.

        “Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.” Thus spake Napoleon. Verb. Sap.! ūüôā

        • JTC

          But as eon says above and I say down below, a coup is a systemic plan for overthrow of not just an individual but an entire system and philosophy. Agreed Jimmah had -and has- good intentions, but you know what they say about those. But his incompetence and ignorance of the evil in the hearts of men definitely helped pave the way to hell, and he has not learned that lesson still.

          • John

            As The Founders recognized, and so many deny (especially Socialists), Government is _fundamentally_ incompetent and must be restricted to its core functions as well as be made to function with the greatest possible deliberation.
            It is our failure as a species to overcome the wishful thinking that has led to the slaughter of the innocent at the hands of those who fervently believe they need to help us (and their soulless minions).
            Like morality in general, this perverse yearning to do good at gunpoint has to be addressed at the earliest possible moment in the education of our young.

  • Kafiroon

    I think they are Not in pony shit,

  • NotYetInACamp

    i suppose that Prescott asking Smedley to do one never reached the point that it was an actual attempt. That one was nipped in the bush.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    CM, I see what you did there in the third panel, the logo of “Chateau Heartiste” on Sam’s t-shirt. Well played. And may wordpress “get woke, go broke”.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    BTW, for Sam wanting to be up to her pits in grease, she is entirely too, too clean.

    • GWB

      She’s been plenty dirty before.

      And I’ve SO wanted to clean her up………………….

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    I would like to get more involved in amateur radio. Pull up a couple of antennas, power up the HF radio, make a digital mode system. Ya know, the little things like that.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    As for the characters in the entire last panel, I volunteer to be in their firing squad, guilty verdict or not.
    They want to complain about “due process” and rule of law, after all the crap they’ve pulled in the last 3 + years?
    Puh-leese! Give me a fuckin’ break!

    • eon

      In Shrillary’s case, the “+” is fairly huge. About sixty-two years, altogether.

      You have to go back to kindergarten with her to find a point at which she was not trying to overthrow the government and declare herself Queen. And even then she was fantasizing about it.

      clear ether


  • Greg B

    Burn it all down.
    Better yet, nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
    I hate to say it, but the odds of us ending up in a body bag, or more likely, in an unmarked mass grave are tilting decidedly NOT, in our favor.

    • I’m still pretty damn good at what I used to do in the military. I will not go alone.

  • Punta Gorda

    Same shit, different day. No accountability.

  • Punta Gorda

    And I am growing tired of people “thanking” me for my service, especially on memorial day.

    Look. I didn’t buy the farm. They did.

    • Christopher Cole

      Punta Gorda; I also. I often say that since the “good people” who abused me on my return will never apologize, I accept their thanks for what they are worth. I never finish the statement be describing what those thanks are worth, nothing. I would rather they actually do something for us vets rather than just mluth words.

    • Nancy

      My dad did, just not during the war.

      He was a young doctor in WW2 who was sent into Nagasaki after the dropping of the bomb. At the age of 68, he developed a cancer of the cartilage, which was apparently common among the GIs who had been exposed the the fallout of the A bombs. He died before his 69th birthday.

      I’m 71 now, and I miss him to this day.

  • Gary D

    I don’t see the major monster in the last panel – is it my eyeglass prescription or is Soros hiding behind someone else?
    The guys my age that say “Thank you for your service.” are the ones that James Earl pardoned so they could come back from north of the border; they coulda/shoulda stayed.


    • Steven Speairs

      Also among the missing from this rogue’s gallery; AG Loretta Lynch & Valarie Jarrett. Probably because our author ran out of space!

  • CaptDMO

    Punta Gorda
    Punta Gorda
    May 26 2019 at 1:47 am
    And I am growing tired of people ‚Äúthanking‚ÄĚ me for my service, especially on memorial day.
    I don’t do that, I leave that to idiot talking heads.
    But be warned, there ARE annoying folks (like me) that will say “Never forget”.
    No “hat”, no T shirt, no MIA “bracelet”.
    The only warning you might have that I’m nearby is the “buddy poppy” on my rear view mirror, year round.

  • GWB

    Funny thing is, Comey HAD his pony donkey. But he came out with that weird explanation for why there was a mound of sh*t in the room……..

  • Delilah T.

    First coup attempt? Nah, that would be Booth shooting Pres. Lincoln at the Ford Theater. Technically, the first attempt was on Andrew Jackson, but after Lincoln, it was James Abram Garfield (1881), William McKinley (1897-1901), and John F. Kennedy (1961-63).

    Six other Presidents were luckier and survived their assassination attempts: Andrew Jackson (1829-37), Theodore Roosevelt (1901-09), Franklin Roosevelt (1933-45), Harry Truman (1945-53), Gerald Ford (1974-77), and Ronald Reagan (1981-89).

    Re: that “thank you for your service” is the Politically Correct population’s way of blowing off any responsibility for bad behavior during the 1960s and 1970s, and it does not work. Veterans of all time periods have a cohesive thing going for them, a common chord that is something those others know they do not have.

    • David

      “Technically, the first attempt was on Andrew Jackson…”

      You forgot the Aaron Burr Conspiracy (1805-1806) and the Newburgh Conspiracy (1783).

      • Delilah T.

        Yes, but that and Hamilton’s death ended Burr’s career. And it was more of a personal vendetta thing than a political thing, because Hamilton made disparaging remarks about Burr at a dinner party.

        I’m not even sure that the attempt on Reagan should count because it was motivated by Hinckley’s crush on Jodie Foster and his attempt to impress her, whereas she had no idea who the hell he was. Reagan’s VP was George H. Bush, who followed Reagan’s 2nd term in office with his own.

    • Too Tall

      Superb lesson on history and ethics in three short paragraphs.

      Well done, Delilah.

      • Delilah T.

        I aim to please!

    • JTC

      Have to disagree with D’s “history lesson”.

      A coup or coup attempt involves an individual or force that seeks to supplant an existing gov, not just take out the head of it which in some of the listed examples was just a matter of personal animus and/or insanity. Which if any sought power for themselves or represented an organized force and plan for that?

      Now ask that question in the contemporary case referenced here and represented by an incomplete but absolutely culpable group who have exactly that organized force and plan in mind.

      This is a coup in progress, and it is being implemented openly but also incrementally every day…and it is not just the head of the Gadsden flag rattler they seek to kill but all of us in the coils who stand in the way of replacing our Republic with they think will be their elite Utopia.

      On the thanking vets for their service, I know the words must ring hollow to veterans (and are misplaced too on Memorial Day), but knowing of the many honorable veterans represented in this gallery I would very much like them to voice their suggestions on how we who unintentionally escaped joining their ranks but benefit from their contributions every day, might individually express our gratitude, not just through general and financial support, but face to face?

      • JSStryker

        Would LBJ having JFK killed so he could seize the reins of power be a coup?

        • eon

          Technically, yes, if it had happened that way, but it didn’t.

          The various JFK conspiracy theories have been created by the American left for decades to avoid admitting the brutal truth. Namely, that Oswald was a failed Communist revolutionary wannabee who was so weird that the Soviets let him leave Mother Russia with his new Russian wife just to get rid of him.

          And that he killed JFK because JFK had, a year before, humiliated Oswald’s two “heroes”, Khrushchev and Castro.

          Oswald wanted to show everybody that he was The Greatest Communist Revolutionary In History.

          And how better to do it than to kill the American President who “won” the Cuban missile crisis?

          Learning that JFK was (1) coming to Dallas, where he lived and (2) would be driving in an open car right past his workplace must have seemed like a sign from Lenin and Marx both to the twisted little bastard. All he had to do was bring his cheap-ass war-surplus Italian rifle from home and take a shot or two. Never mind his Marine training, he’d been hunting jackrabbits with a .22 since he was a kid.

          The Russians ‘threw him back” when he defected? The Cuban government wouldn’t take him seriously? He’d show all of them!

          As for Jack The Friggin’ Idiot Ruby, he wasn’t a “mob hit man” ordered to kill Oswald. He was a cheap hustler, who dreamed of being a “made man”, who figured that doing Oswald would get him the “respect” he craved from the low-level underworld types who hung around his cheap nightclub.

          He wasn’t a big enough badass to join the Family? He’d show them!

          Two fucked-up malcontents with guns and dreams of being big men in bad ways. That’s the sum total of the “JFK assassination plot”.

          The American left just doesn’t want to admit that the main malcontent, Oswald, was really “one of their own”.

          clear ether


          • shooter 2.5

            Eon. Thank you for that. I always try to explain it to some but they have their own facts and nothing helps. I spent four years researching the murder and I never get into the politics of it. It’s simply a murder by firearm. The height of the cold war with Russian and a failed Russian agent kills an American president? Screw up the investigation and say we don’t exactly know what happened. Mafia, scorned lover, LBJ, CIA, FBI but anyone else than a failed marxist.

          • eon


            I feel for you. I’ve had the same problem since I was a junior crime-lab geek.

            As a ballistics tech, I did the famous “three shots in 2.6 seconds” with the same kind of rifle Oswald used. Several times. My slowest time was 2.45 seconds, and I am not a Marine rifleman.

            The main thing I’ve noticed about people who say it can’t be done is;

            1. They start with an empty chamber. Nope, any rifleman worth his salt starts a string with one up the spout. Meaning, you only have to work the bolt twice to fire three rounds that fast.


            2. They try to use the scope and waste time hunting around for the target in its narrow field. Oswald was shooting at 65 yards. He used the iron sights, just as he’d done all his life and as the Marines taught him.

            Once you get those two facts down, almost anybody can duplicate Oswald’s “performance”.

            Especially anybody used to shooting lop-eared Texas jackrabbits. Those little buggers are tough to hit when they’re highballin’.



        • Delilah T.

          I had that thought, too, that somehow, LBJ was involved in that mess, but the stuff about Oswald was what plainly shot that down.
          But wouldn’t that have made a great conspiracy novel?

          • eon


            It did;


            Richard Condon also wrote The Manchurian Candidate in 1959, which became part of a lot of JFK “conspiracy theories”.

            Most people who have read either book, or seen the 1962 movie version of MC with Frank Sinatra, never realize that both are black comedies poking fun at American politics.

            Especially our willingness to believe in “right-wing conspiracies”.




    Here’s hoping and PRAYING that Mark Meadow’s comment was understatement.

  • kadaka

    Along with 2 1/2 years of Russian Collusion narrative, the media has informed us that Trump’s presidency is somehow less legitimate because the win was fueled by white racism which has lead to the greatest domestic threat of surging white supremacy.

    The Hill: KKK group heavily outnumbered by counterprotesters at their own rally in Dayton

    A Klu Klux Klan (KKK) rally held in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday drew only nine members to the event and hundreds of counterprotesters.

    The rally was held in the center of downtown Dayton at Courthouse Square and was hosted by the Honorable Sacred Knights of Indiana, which has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a KKK hate group.

    NINE. And some counterprotesters there were legally open carrying. Those supremacists looked mostly like a threat to themselves.

    • JTC

      Idiot provocateurs exist on both sides, albeit much less in numbers and certainly in support on the radical right than the radical left, whose own antics and actions are played in the media as freedom fighters and embraced -and often joined- by their politicians…in spite of equally racist and evil agendas and intents.

      Really those like these nine goofs could be false-flag operators, either intentionally or just by pure ignorance. Either way, they fan the flames and reinforce the referenced narrative in your first paragraph, when actually there is such a disconnect that it should not even be included in a single comment with the rest.

      As to those protestors who were carrying weapons, legal or not, if their intent was/is to meet Constitutionally protected words with violence then they are worse than the idiots themselves, and yet they too would be hailed by leftists as heroes and protectors.

      Like the redneck philosopher said, you can’t fix stupid, nor can you kill it. You just have to ignore it, which is what stupid hates most, but does not serve the agenda of either extreme.

    • shooter 2.5

      Out of those nine, probably half are undercover FBI.

      • John

        Granted it would be tragic, but it would be a delicious irony if someone shot one of the faux Alt-Right at such a rally.
        After all, words are violence to the Loony Left, and Antifa is a recognized terror organization by the DOJ.

    • Norm

      The SPLC itself, is the ultimate hate group.

      • John

        Because it manufactures hate for money.
        Keep those donations rolling in folks!

  • eclark1849

    Wishful thinking, Chris. Sadly, I don’t believe any of those guys will ever see the inside of a courtroom.

  • rolanddeshain

    I would prefer Sam up to her tits in grease!

  • ottersmith

    In my opinion, the coup attempt started with President Woodrow Wilson and is slowly (like all government processes) progressing. We’re finally beginning to notice. We’ve been so indoctrinated over the last century that no one remembers what it is like to live in a free country. We didn’t notice then — or those who did were considered fools. Oops.

    • John

      Actually it started before Wilson in the form of a self-inflicted wound.
      The Direct Election of Senators effectively defeated a huge chunk of the Founder’s intent to separate powers by stacking the legislature with the Will of the Greedy they hoped to avoid. Now we have a national debt so large that the service on it alone exceeds the Defense Department budget. One good World Economic Collapse and we are in the same boat with Venezuela when our government can’t meet the bills.

      • ottersmith

        My bad; I had thought that was part of Wilson’s greatness of democracy program.

    • interventor

      Wilson was both progressive and racist, the worst of the worst. He segregated the federal civil service.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Who is the young lady behind Damon?

    • Chris Muir

      His daughter, Carmen.

      • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

        TY. I don’t recall ever seeing her in any of the ‘toons before.

  • Old Codger

    that ‚Äúthank you for your service‚ÄĚ is the Politically Correct population‚Äôs way of blowing off any responsibility for bad behavior during the 1960s and 1970s,

    For some, Miss Delilah, – perhaps many even – that may be true but not for everyone. I do the ‚Äúthank you for your service‚ÄĚ handshake (and a salute) bit for every identifiable veteran I meet and I can guarantee you with an utterly absolute certainty there that doing so has nothing AT ALL to do with political correctness. As a veteran, son of a veteran, son-in-law of a veteran (and former POW), father of a veteran, brother of a veteran, nephew of veterans (both sides of the house), cousin of veterans (again both sides of the house), Grandpa of a veteran, grandson of veterans and so on all the way back to kin who fought in the “French And Indian War”. I’m proud to tell anybody who’ll listen (and a few who’d prefer not) that my kin have been serving – AND DYING under the flag since before Betsy Ross sewed the first one! Civilians don’t “get it”. Even my wife, who was raised by a veteran/WWII POW sometimes doesn’t get it. It’s only when I go to an appointment with the VA that I feel like I am among people who do get it. I am especially careful to thank currently serving service members (even boots from Lackland AFB – USAF basic training center) for joining the company of what Orwell termed “rough men” (AND WOMEN) who allow folks like us to sleep safe in our beds only because they “stand ready to do violence on [our] behalf”.

    Whether or not it is alright with some here (CaptDMO, Miss Delilah) I intend to keep right on thanking identifiable veterans and active duty personnel. I want to show my gratitude to my former comrades and encourage those currently serving. It is a burden I feel and you folks I named are welcome to think of me what you will. I’d like to think that the decade I spent with stripes on my sleeves (all but 1 day of that 10 years plus – I had a stripe at Lackland) fecking EARNED me that right.

    • Delilah T.

      Yes, but, Old Codger, you weren’t one of those skankazoid hippie draft-dodging protesters I saw when I lived at the Naval Annex up the hill from the Pentagon in the fall of 1967. Those are the people I was referring to.

    • Too Tall

      Old Codger, you are part of an elite fraternity, the 7.3% of American citizens who have ever served in the Armed Forces. You earned your place in that fraternity through the only way possible, honorable service to this nation, and providing a blank check that said “payable in full, up to and including the loss of my life.”

      Please keep right on thanking the active duty and your fellow veterans for their service. Coming from you, and your fellow fraternity members, it means more to them than you will ever know.

      After we leave active duty, and become veterans, you find out that E-1 to O-10 doesn’t matter. We are all full members because we served.

  • Pamela

    I think there is a herd of Wild Horses to be found along with that pony.


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