Day By Day


  • JackDeth 72


    Poor Travis…. That was not pretty.

    Flashing back to thousands of stammering, stuttering teenage first phone calls imploring those on the other end of the line to agree to a first date.

    Real smooth. And Dead meat, indeed,

    • David Grimes


      My thought exactly.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I had a cousin who played a character Dead Meat in a spoof.
      he died with his unsigned life insurance policy, the answer to many conspiracies, and the total JFK Assassination story on him when his jet fighter went down and mayhem ensued.

      Travis dun reaaal good as this Dead Meat. (In spite of himself, or is that because he is himself.)

  • Nothing as fun as double entendre’.

  • Pete231

    Pork, the other white meat…………

    • Bill G

      The ol’ Pork Sword, or long pig?

  • Bill G

    Some of men are smooth and suave; others of us just wish we were.

    • GWB

      Some of us are smooth and suave… 30 seconds after we hang up or she walks away.

    • John D. Egbert

      Ah . . . another master of the “afterism.” Been there; still do that.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    At least she has a sense of humor. A good first start.

    • WayneM

      With all respect to the “fairer” sex, a sense of humour isn’t always all that common. For that matter, it isn’t necessarily common for the rest of us ruffians either.

  • Ragutis

    One of the miracles of women – their ability to look past men’s failings to see the goodness buried inside.
    Well written, Mr. Muir.

  • Tagg

    There are so many “meat” messages, and possibilities buried in here that it gets weird. This theme could go on for days. Interesting.

  • titan

    Ragutis – Dad used to say that men married women thinking they’d never change, and women married men thinking they would change – and both were often disappointed.

  • JTC

    Hope that girl-spy keeps state secrets better than she hides her desires.

    The humor, the double meanings, her expression…she’s into it!

    And I think soon enough, it will be into her.

    • JTC

      And while we’re into the double entenderes, when that happens that dead meat will come alive!

  • Interventor

    Women aren’t the best judges of character. For which, we men are eternally grateful.

  • GruntGI

    Just remember, she’s not a true member of the DBD family till she’s been to the ol’ swimming hole.


  • JAK

    It’s ok. If you can get her to come you can get her to cu…. er uh come.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Important matters proceeding well. So far.

  • Pamela

    Travis old son, I sure hope for your sake that your sauce is finger lickin’ good.
    Dayum, talk about tongue tied.

    • Grunt GI

      Just WOW….
      I think this comment wins the day…


  • kermitt

    could we have a small boobied positive gal ? how bout a Robert Crumb figure gal?

  • Spin Drift

    This hopefully is the worst comment today: Does that pulled pork come with oriental clam sauce? They actually have this in China or the Engrish menu translation said so.


  • Tennessee Budd

    “…y’all come down…” Y’ALL?
    Exactly who does Travis want her to bring along? “Y’all” is plural.

    • Chris Muir

      not down here.

    • lurking

      Can be, but not a hard fast rule.

      ‘Yall is flexible.

    • JTC

      Vernacular is all in the context.

      While in most cases y’all is ONLY used to address the multiple and NEVER in direct conversation with a single (can’t you hear that offensive sickening fake Gone With The Wind accent, “y’all come ovah heah rhett…”, in this case, over the phone and paired with Travis heavy *cornpone “Whyn’t y’all come down…”, it fits and works fine. And in the rulebook of South’rn, that’s all that matters.

      *What’s up with that? Ain’t he a worldly secret squirrel type, and therefore all edumacated?

      • Doggo

        Cut him a little slack. Being able to stare down the forces of evil or bust a perp (former FBI, they’re not all bad) is one thing. Cold calling a hot chick is another thing entirely, though there must have been at least a little workplace interest (no longer allowed) in the past or she wouldn’t have agreed.


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