Day By Day


  • cz93x62

    Jo DOES have a nice afterglow.

    • Kafiroon

      Hot Bot!

      • Hot bot with a classy chassis!

        Zar Belk!

    • Henry

      She may want to wait before steaming up the swimmin’ hole.

  • John M.

    On a side note, the red bar is touching the hyphcn… how much longer until the fundraiser endsn

    • Chris Muir

      2 weeks.

  • Naw, Joe just needed data input. Mo provided much, much needed data stream… but I dont think he used a USB port….

    • Oldarmourer

      Please…I’m trying to refrain from the bad puns, but it’s hard…so hard…
      Motherboard, Daughterboard, child processes, it’s too much !!!
      And don’t even get me started on rack mounts….

  • Daniel Schwartz

    Hmm. Suzy’s in profile, but she looks a little… off-center.

  • noy fub

    Hey Chris, speaking of the red bar, why haven’t you cashed my check?

    • Chris Muir

      Today, Sir! Checks I have to record manually, make sure I have what to who so you get what ya get! I’m a 1-man shop here. 😉

      • GregD

        And we appreciate everything that you’ve been doing for us!! Stay strong & healthy, my friend.

        That goes to all you folks out there in DBD Land, too!!

        Not sure if I can help this year or not. Things are getting really tough. I’ll see whether I can at least drop the amount for the smallest level before 2 weeks is up.


      • DW

        And you do a damn good job.

  • JTC

    Is that Dawg back there grinning?

    Bestiality! Where are the censors?

    • WayneM

      Busy fact-checking jokes on Facebook… lol

      • MadCat

        And our e-mail…

    • John M.

      I’m guessing that Naomi hasn’t met Mo yet?

  • Pamela

    That’s the right shade of roseate afterglow.

    • Too Tall

      Yet again, the profound wisdom and experience of Lady Pamela graces these pages.

  • CDR Nortrive

    Keep up the good work .

  • the Chicken of Depression

    Damn, whats with all the shrubbery at the swimmin’ hole this year, brush hog must be down or something!.

  • cb

    OK ‘Jo with the Glow’, when time permits please take care of this:
    Surveil Americans not illegals? ‘Authorized Contractors’ aka antifa/blm?: Army will install units and will train USCP personnel or ‘authorized contractors’ to operate the systems:

    • Henry

      How did I know who that was going to be?
      Bender is my hero. I picked up a Bender “action figure” (with working torso storage) at a yard sale. He stands on the shelf above my workbench, holding the “How to Bend Guide” insert from my conduit bending tool.

  • Pamela

    Is that Mo in disguise sniffing her like a coked and tweaked out Hunter after a day painting…

    • Too Tall

      Thank you for the heads up, but what a gut punch after “roseate afterglow.”

      You do keep it real.

      • Pamela

        TT~ There is eating to stay alive, and then there is savoring flavors of rare complexity.

        • “…savoring flavors of rare complexity.”


  • Petey

    I’m a University of Washington Husky. This speaks to me. WOOF! Go Dawgs!

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