Day By Day


  • Merle

    Scared of the dark? Or what lurks in it?

    • TomZ

      Scared of what hunts in the darkness.

  • jim

    I respectfully submit he mispronounced “dork”

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    No, you may NOT go out. You ain’t even going home. You will stand in the corner, with your nose to the wall, your hands behind your back, and you will NOT speak to anyone unless and until I give you permission to speak. Now GO!

  • JTC

    He references the endarkenment and some of its perpetrators.

    But a new day is dawning you little bytches.

  • Bill G

    The left is so accustomed to winning by playing fast-and-loose with Rule of Law that they have forgotten how things change when they’re not the one’s interpreting the rules.

  • MasterDiver

    Compared to WHOM? They’re all like a coterie of spoiled, catty, rich-bitch sorority girls. The only difference is the crest on their cashmere sweaters.

    Zar Belk!

  • Pamela

    Be what makes the bump in the night run for cover praying for dawn and salvation.
    It’s time to make them run like the pussyfied creatures they are.

  • WayneM

    The swamp is far more extensive than anyone expected…

    • But there are those who hunt the swamp, looking for such creatures.

  • Dienekes

    Way back in the long ago my father took me to see Jimmy Stewart’s “The FBI Story”. I guess I thought it was uplifting or inspiring or something.

    Little did I know that it would turn into the NKVD in my lifetime.

    And we all know what Solzhenitsyn said about “The Organs”.


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