Day By Day


  • Kafiroon

    Never want to be on the receiving end of lightning.
    I am sure Zed keeps her well grounded.

  • DogByte6RER

    Are the girls so bad that they need a bad cop … or maybe they’re just bad to the bone?

    All while Sam and the girls ride the Crimson Tide. Watch out … that summer lightning might be signaling a tsunami of Biblical proportions.

    Here is a song dedication:

    • Oldarmourer

      This one just popped into my head when the lightning and the ‘ride the tide’ parts sort of jumbled together, and now I can’t get it out…durned earworm. 😉

      Trouble’s comin’ without control
      No-one’s stayin’ that’s got a hope
      Hurricane at the very least
      In the words of the gypsy queen

      Sign of the gypsy queen
      Pack your things and leave
      Word of a woman who knows
      Take all your gold and you go

      Running seems like the best defence
      Staying just don’t make any sense
      No one could ever stop it now…

  • Blackrifle081

    Not so bad they need a bad cop, they’re just teenaged GIRLS and need to be told “NO” now and again…by a mother. And a father. And the society they live in. And the school they attend. And the Church their mother and father drag them to once each week whether they like it or not… I stand corrected, one bad cop isn’t enough.

    • James McEnanly

      It takes a precinct to raise a child

      • Eh+Wot

        Spot on!

  • Fox2!

    Sam, the twins, Skye, Naomi, Mia, Jo, all on the same estrogen fueled rollercoaster? Watch out below!

    • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

      I thought Jo was nuclear powered. 😉

      • Pamela

        As if Jo would have monthly breakout, or water retention.

        • Henry

          Not with those cooling towers.

    • John+M.

      Mia is too new to the pack to have synchronised yet, unless it was plain-ol’ luck that had her on the same schedule already.

  • Unca+Walt

    You can say that again.

  • Dread

    Nature is a hard force to stop. Lightening is naturally attracted to lightening rods

    • Chris Muir

      That was great.

  • Mike-SMO

    Speaking of “Jo”, is there a silicon roller coaster? Or did some male bit-wrangler just add what he expected as part of the “reality” that he was used to?

    • Oldarmourer

      monthly updates…system crashes most times 😉

  • Arkay

    Fired some money Mike’s way. Hope he makes it back to lambast us all with truth.

    • Pamela

      Did that the other day

  • Wow! Seeing that made my day! You have my extreme gratitude Mr. Muir (i’f I may be forward,) Chris. LONGTIME reader and admirer! Bit of an illustrator meselves back in the day (Mass College of Art) but no where as talented as you! If you can email me at or better yet, I have a question/proposition to further help Mike.
    All the best and MY personal heartfelt thanks!


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