Day By Day


  • Jim

    My remedy for useless bureaucrats

    Transfer them to quonset hut offices and housing on the grounds of the Idaho National Lab near Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

    Increase the exclusions on former job related employment to a decade.

    Issue no phones or cells, remove every cell tower in range,

    And issue non-networkrd computers loaded with historical documents – along the likes of the Federalist Papers and Jefferson’s letters, and current books like Atlas Shrugged.

    • WayneM

      That’s close to cruel & unusual punishment to a generation raised & weaned on internet access. I like it.

    • Wood

      I dunno… sounds like a vacation. Can I brush up on my bushcraft skills also?

    • Doggo

      That’s some beautiful and unique country up there.

  • JTC

    Good one. And i’m sure Sam feels better with the cover story, but I have my doubts…because I’m a dad and granddad and if I knew for sure that some POS…let’s just say that what I pull probably wouldn’t be a string.

    I think maybe McCabe is thinking along those lines too…after being released like a poison snake into the woods, he’s now whining that he just doesn’t think he can ever escape the shadow of Trump; he’s scared.

    So while he ain’tn’t dead yet or even locked up, he’ll always be scared and wondering…that’s because he knows he is a traitorous snake and he knows he can never really hide. That’s almost an even better life sentence than the lockup at Club Fed.

    • Browncoat57

      “Buzzards gotta eat… same as worms.”

  • Grunt GI

    Bwahaha. Good one. Love the more expressive faces.

    And of course I do love that Sam’s top always looks like it’s one stiff breeze from falling off.

    Oh did I say stiff? 😉

  • Too Tall

    Gotta love the way Zed thinks. Even more importantly the way he acts.

    There is definitely a severe shortage of FBI agents and various other federal bureaucrats at Shemya and Thule.

  • Pamela

    Ah Crap! I thought he was worm food.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Is the Nome story the truth?
      Or did Zed tell that to Sam to calm her down?

      • warhorse

        you can’t lie to an engineer for long…

        • Old Codger

          Can’t lie to a competent/good engineer for long. I’ve worked with/for a few you could lie to till the cows come home and then some. Worked with one who was so poor management decided to get rid of him but wanted proof documented of his incompetence. They set me (a mere “tech”) and him down with the same problem. Design build and program an adapter board to use a newer version Motorola microprocessor in place of the existing one used in emulators all over the facility.

          I spent a day comparing pin outs and functionality and figuring out a wire list to map the used pins of one microP to the other. Next day I spent a couple of hours wire wrapping sockets for the two microPs together and clipping the pins of the socket for the new microP so the pins of the (empty) socket for the existing microP would plug into the emulator board. Then I spent the rest of that (the 2nd) day working on code changes to make the new microP do the same thing the old one did. By noon of the 3rd day I had everything fabricated, coded, tested and working and was looking for something else to do. Meanwhile lunkhead was still “studying the problem”.

          He as gone by the next week.

        • Bradford Long

          …or about how long.

        • pyrodice

          Depends on the context. Folks are experts in their field, doesn’t make them the best at everything. 😉

      • Henry

        My money’s on the truth. With all that land, you don’t stash the evidence 400 feet from the house.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    It will soon come the time to implement The Four Esses.
    Have you learned and memorized The Four Esses?
    They don’t all have to be used at any one time, but they should be kept in mind whenever you need to use them.

    Suppress (if possible)
    Shut Up

    Psychological warfare. When a crook just……….disappears…………it somewhat puts the fear into the fellow crooks.
    (crooks = thieves, robbers, politicians, bureaucrats, FiBbIes, F Troop (BATFEces))
    It will soon come time to “feed the hogs”.

    • cb

      Recalling a not so official military patch of years gone by: You’ve Just Been F—–d by PSYOPS Because Physical Wounds Heal!

  • Punta Gorda

    We have yet to see if they are lying… but for the 3rd day new victim numbers have dropped on chinastan

    • eon

      The Red Chinese solution to major “public health” problems has traditionally consisted of first a cordon sanitaire’, followed by bombing, bullets, and burning.

      It might be interesting to check Google Map to see how many villages, or even cities, suddenly “never existed” in China.

      Or check Google Earth and look for large smoke plumes.

      clear ether


      • JTC


        While acknowledging that you are an historical scholar, I have to question your first paragraph. While Hitler and Stalin certainly embraced those methods of intentionally purging their own, even though the numbers were (maybe) lower, those methods and their reasoning places their mass murders more into the realm of true genocide that your statement implies. But does Mao’s? Even with total deaths in the 50 millions as a high estimate during his Great Leap boondoggle, doesn’t his action reflect more stubbornness, envy, and gross mismanagement than murder in the first degree?

        OTOH, if the corralling and extermination of millions of afflicted and vulnerable China population as speculated does play out, then China will definitely assume the title of the greatest genocidal reign in human history…but not at the hand of Mao, and more in the style and reasoning of Stalin than of Mao or even Hitler. Would you agree?

  • warhorse

    this quote comes to mind…

    “Well, Duane” Henry said to himself as he looked at the contents of the open briefcase, “you got lots more’n a set a wire cutters, plenty to eat, and there ain’t but two enemies in this territory, and they’s tied up. Whatcha bitchin’ for, boy?”

    there are more than enough wild hogs out there to take care of any perv. why dig a hole?

    • Pamela

      Better to dig a hole then to poison a BBQ food source…even if it is wild on the hoof

      • warhorse

        hogs will dig the body up if they smell it, and they’ve got a good sense of smell.

        and if you knew what wild hogs eat, you probably wouldn’t eat ’em. like lobster and bears. I’ve seen garbage trucks more appetizing than the menu of a hog.

        • Old Codger

          Never had either lobster or bear but if I (or my kids/grand kids) was hungry I wouldn’t give a damn WHAT they eat. As long as you don’t get sick from eating them who gives a damn what they eat. Besides cook it long enough and slather ‘nough BBQ sauce on it and pert near anything tastes good. Oh and dipping something in tempura batter and deep frying it has much the same effect. I’ve had my share o’ squid and octopus tempura. Dip it in soy sauce and chow down!

          • warhorse

            I had a friend who was feeding his pigs mostly restaurant waste. specifically from a seafood restaurant in Maine.

            what he got when he slaughtered those pigs was either pfish or pfork. when you cooked it, it had a very strong fishy smell to it. you could eat it, but it tasted strange.

            my uncle got a “dump bear” one year up in Hill,NH. he had the meat tested, because it looked strange. they told him not to eat it, because of all the toxins that were in it. there was enough antifreze in that bear they had no idea how he was still moving. but he looked and moved pretty healthy before my uncle shot him.

  • Kafiroon

    There comes a time when any righteous man must spit upon his hands and S. S. S. Then the unrighteous learn to shape up from their crimes or disappear.
    That should apply to any Govt. Officials who consider themselves above any law and are allow their crimes to be ignored by the so called law enforcers.

  • Bill G

    “Our” Injustice Department has operated with two tiers for too long.
    That swamp needs to be drained. And the concept of moving the bureaucracy out of D.C. needs to be implemented; there is no reason for such an aggregation of offices in one place. Especially when many of them deal with people and activities far from that locale. So move ’em out, after eliminating the useless ones.

  • Bren

    I’m getting pretty tired of these rat bastards going free, an the notion that letting them loose to live in fear is even a meager substitute is absolute bunk.

    • JTC

      Couple years at Club Fed? No locks, family sleepovers, free phone access, weekend passes? “More like a college campus than a prison” according to the Daily Mail in their piece on Manafort.

      I dunno. As I said above, a lifetime looking over your shoulder seems a worse fate to me…just ask anyone who has wronged Killary.

      To me the worst part of smarmy little twits like McCabe skating is the obvious and marked contrast in treatment by the Injustice system compared to the Manaforts, when his crime was the exact same but less egregious than the activities of Biden the junior who will never see the inside of even a resort-style “prison”.

      That is certainly a miscarriage and it is certainly a function of the still scummy swamp. But as far as the actual incarceration if you can call it that, seems more like a vacation.

      • Pamela

        You mean they can get laid…legally?

        • JTC

          Not many Bubbas and Bros there so that probably limits the brotherly love, and the families have separate quarters, but with this much freedom, no doubt there is some conjugal visitation.

          Interestingly, the warden of the place where Eppstein (supposedly) offed himself was transferred to one of these Club Fed facilities. I guess his method of non-oversight is perfect for them.

        • Too Tall

          Pamela my dear, I think you meant to say that they can now legally screw someone on government property on the government dime. They have been doing it illegally their entire lives.

  • William Henry

    For those in the know here… ( What would Henry Bowman do )?

  • nonncom

    I’ve always wanted to see a guillotine erected on the steps of the senate with the procedures televised….I suppose one in the wilderness performed quietly would be just as effective if the right people hear the rumors….

    • WayneM

      Funny you should mention the guillotine…

      The Dem-Socialist candidate in question describes zerself as being a queer feminist mermaid and says the guillotine is symbolic of the work they must do.

    • interventor

      The Demonstrators in San Juan, PR are using guillotines as props against the ruling Democrats.

  • HoundOfDoom

    Nice Joker reference (from the kitchen meeting with Gotham’s crime lords)

  • Crotalus

    I remember this bastard. That was the second time Zed shot the wrong snake.

  • Priceless. And that Sam believed him initially speaks volumes. As to which part? *AHEM*

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Some people suggest that a gallows or a guillotine is the solution to thinning out the swamp critters. I prefer an interstate overpass. Dangle the subject of the disciplinary action over the side with a loop under the armpits, and wait for an 18 wheeler to come along. If there’s half a mile of straight road involved, it gives the scumbag a while to contemplate what’s about to happen!

  • Shonkin

    I’m not doing a search now, but I distinctly remember Suzy Quan having something to do with the perv’s reassignment to the Alaskan subarctic.
    (BTW, that plot twist was reminiscent of the Crime Story TV series, where a crooked FBI agent got sent to Fairbanks.)

  • AW1Ed

    “Hanged” not “Hung”. Sorry, product of a classical edumacation.

    • JJ

      Ah, a kindred spirit.

  • Wulfenite

    Today’s toon reminds me of a speech by Claire Wolfe, titled “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” see link –

    I think Zed understands……..