Day By Day


  • Merle

    BIG footsteps!!!

  • TomZ

    Not a wolf whistle.
    Probably not any sort of canine, even mechanical.
    With the whuff, I am thinking a bovine whistle.
    They need to surrender and plead for mercy right away.

  • TomZ

    Oh, according to google translate,
    Look at naked women! We will go

    • Stephanie Osborn

      I suspect that what El Muertos was really about to say was, “Vamos a divertirnos un poco…” or words to that effect…

  • formwiz

    I have a feeling they’re just going to wish it was the US Cavalry.

    • TomZ

      Or wish that it was the Border Patrol.

  • Interventor

    Who let the dogs out?

    • Deplorable B Woodman


    • Punta Gorda

      That’s not a doggie’s footsteps. The arriving critter is far less controlable… or sedate. But it is beyond territorial. I also don’t think that little 38 will afford much protection, it might just piss him off even more.

      • eon

        Note the M4 slung across the other one’s back. Probably one of the fruits of Obama & Holder’s Operation Fast & Furious, or else one we “gave” to the Mexican police which they then “transferred” to their cartel paymasters without even bothering to uncrate them.

        Unfortunately for them, large bovines tend to not be impressed by 5.56 x 45mm. Mostly, it just pisses them off.

        clear ether


        • JTC

          Well, I don’t want to see Tabasco perforated a bunch of times, plus we don’t know it’s not a .308.

          From the sound of that thunder, coyote bitch better get it unslung quick or it won’t matter what it is, and he’ll soon be a victim of sudden-onset hoof & horn disease.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Appropriate that the one coyote has “Muertos” inked on his chest. He may soon get his (death) wish.

  • Tabasco. More than just a wonderful seasoning pepper…

  • Lon Mead

    Why do I find myself remembering those old Schlitz Malt Liquor ads?

  • Doesn’t matter if it’s the dawgs or the bull that Sam’s called. I still can’t believe that Sam and Naomi, both gun enthusiasts, who both know there are illegals crossing this land, would even think of going *anywhere* without guns.

    • Stephanie Osborn

      Well, they didn’t take ’em in the water with ’em. Probably left ’em in the clothing. And depending on where the clothes are wrt the coyotes, maybe unreachable right now.

      • Sendarius

        I thought that was why Glocks were created – plastic never rusts.

        (Yes, yes, I know – steel slide, springs etc. Maybe it sounded better in my head.)

        • PaulS

          Not to worry, that’s what tennifer is for, and maritime spring cups. 😉

  • JTC

    “Not a wolf whistle.”

    Nope; DAWG whistle.

    Where you been boy?

    • TomZ

      More like a bull whistle.

  • Fronk!

    Today’s strip does a great job of capturing the face of the illegal invasion that has been taking place for decades, thanks to Ted Kennedy and all the other statist enablers who wish to transform our country into a Third World hellhole.

    I happened to come across a number of memes and postings today by liberals who are evidently filled with contempt for the USA and those of us who understand the need for rule of law. Isn’t it interesting how they all threatened to move to Canada when Sister Mary Vicious Power Hungry Bitch lost the election in 2016, yet none of them threatened to move to Mexico? Perhaps this is why…

    • eon

      They decided to hang around in the hope that by their usual methods (terror, violence, and extortion) they could force Trump and Pence out and seat Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit on the throne they imagine the Presidency to be.

      It’s not a coincidence that one of the latest progressive memes is “we should never have started the American Revolution”. Their theory being that if we’d stayed a British colony slavery would have ended earlier (no, it wouldn’t), we’d have a munificent King to tell us what to do (except George III was batshit crazy on his best days), and best of all, whoever had the majority in Parliament would get to decide who was Prime Minister and then they (the progressives) could really “get things done”- like disarming the Great Unwashed, nationalizing everything, and taking everything you have “for the greater good”.

      A system in which you have to depend on the better natures of those in government to protect you from those in government isn’t worth having. Because such systems just naturally attract those who have no better natures to government employment.

      Progressives generally fit this profile precisely. If you want to see where it ends, look at the UK today.
      Preferably with a long lens.

      The present state of what used to be the British Empire confirms the wisdom of our Founding fathers in leaving it 242 years go.

      clear ether


      • MasterDiver

        That checks to nineteen decimals!

        Zar Belk!

      • Browncoat

        Great… now I’ve got to go find that meme. If nothing else, to share with my prog daughter…

        • eon

          See Second Stage Lensman by E.E. “Doc” Smith.

          clear ether


    • FedUp

      Show up in Mexico without a visa and they toss you in prison, unless you can convince them you’re just passing through on your way to the USA.

    • Wotan

      “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good?

      Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?” – Frederic Bastiat

  • cz93x62

    Pamplona–Texas style–about to commence. And/or DAWG assist. I have always enjoyed seeing or helping thugs and bullies receive a righteous ass-whuppin’.

  • Calvin

    Omg…the depiction of the coyotes sooooooo racist I might just have the vapors.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Yes. Those invaders are racists. And those tattoos would likely identify them as murders also. I do not read tattoo, but friends do.
      Like Muslims in the Mediterranean Sea area for about 800 years sex slaves, murder, rape, and slavery are within their bounds. Such is the cultural enrichment put into gear with the stooge and in the water killer Senator Ted “Theodore” Kennedy ramrodded through the Senate and house for the globalists who murdered two of his brothers shortly before.
      These sins are multi generational, just like those groups planning and implementing them.

      Thank God for Plan B and Plan Alpha and Plan Beta. Plan Terminator would also be great if he (anthropomorphism) had made it back from Europe and was not otherwise engaged.

      This is what a society that “civilizes” itself must always be able to kill quickly, easily, and in massive numbers without mercy, as they give us none.
      The plunderers always pursue the honey pots others gather or make. That is history defined.

      • Kafiroon

        We should not blame old Timid Teddy, the overdone alcoholic.
        He just did not want to follow the path of his brothers in death.
        Besides, he was just a “Thought Leader” in the proglodyte mold of
        “I surrender. Kill me last.” An example that lead to today’s crying babies. I hope it is very hot there Teddy!

  • Punta Gorda

    Two horns, no waiting. Hope you guys brought parachutes. That ground is gonna hurt. And ya better role fast when you hit because he’s gonna watch where you land and will be fast on his way for a second lift or a flat out gore.

  • Punta Gorda

    I don’t know if cattle can be vom human tolerant enough to where the owner can be perceived as part of the herd, But if so, that bull will literally kill anything threatening his group. If you are unfamiliar to the bull, your ass is done.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Those are some of Tabasco’s cows ( 🙂 ) them varmints are messing with.

  • Polly Cy

    Maybe there’s a new member of the family: a Bull – Dog.

  • Delilah T

    Texas is awash in feral hogs. Mean as a snake, and omnivorous, too. Some of them are bigger than these coyotes.

    • John

      Then the best thing is not to bury the bodies, just let the hogs dispose of them.

  • Unca Walt

    Yay, TABASCO!!

    Get Morty first.

    And please donate, willya?


    Although I am looking forward to Tabasco and the Dawgs playing with these fine examples of Central America Manhood…. How did those ‘Scum’ get so far on to the ranch and not be detected like the un-friendly Fed’s ?

    I hope that the Zed and the Children are okay.

    • MasterDiver

      “un-friendly Fed’s ?” THAT”S how they got so far in. The Feds on this assignment are in the service of the Deep State. That’s why they keep ending up as guests of the County, although I think it’s time Tobasco paid his compliments to the local FIB reps as well.

      Zar Belk!

  • That panel indicated Tabasco for sure. That group of human women are his and those coyotes are not. Therefore, he will kill them. And there is NOTHING that might indicate “The Dawgs” aren’t there as well. I’m really looking forward to this. And so are the feral swine.


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