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  • interventor

    Sam can cook. However, SAM CAN COOK!

    • nonncom

      She’s cookin’ this mornin’ for sure…..Chris, you can create a nice image with those transparencies….

  • kadaka

    A lot of new openings at Mississippi chicken plants, a lot of screaming of how “necessary” illegal workers are for them.

    “Without them here, how will you get your chicken?”

    From the store as usual, I’d assume. There’s so much available they keep running specials. Pollo es carne barato.

    • Pamela

      How about have all the welfare recipients get trained and work there instead.

      • ExNuke

        Work is a 4 letter word that would never cross their lips.

        • Lucius Severus Pertinax

          In Loving Memory of Maynard G. Krebs…..

          • Wotan

            LMAO !

  • Calvin

    Pamela just bumped into a great idea…train illegals to take over low level government jobs like at the DMV, unemployment office, etc. They can’t be any worse than what we have and government workers might actually have some skin in the game. That would also make the government their benefactor in a very real sense. If Trump did it then they may vote republican because the democrats would take away their jobs if they got in office.
    This is has been done in many other countries for many years and eventually the immigrants slowly work their way up the food chain. Probably slower than in a vibrant democracy but advancement still the same and they might appreciate it more.

    • JTC

      Calvin, I think P meant legal leaches and slaves not the criminal insurgents. I would be against anything except eliminating the latter from our midst; anything else encourages more of them. Be nice to get rid of the former too, but her plan might work to turn them into productive citizens, or at least not counter-productive ones.

      • Pamela

        BINGO JTC! Give the man a drink of his choosing on me.

        • JTC

          Tall glass of strong brewed and lightly cane-sugar sweetened iced tea please…it’s a hundred frickin’ degrees here in Hades…I mean Fla.

    • interventor

      Won’t be popular with those Americans who are not, at least bilingual. I’d have little problem as I speak decent Spanish (although with a Spanish, not Mexican, central American or PR accent). Used to amuse myself in Spain, helping French with the locals and mocking the froggies in Spanish.

      • Punta Gorda

        A couple of years ago, I was doing some computer maintenance at a DMV 9ffice in Florida. One of the customers said something quite rude to one of the clerks. A nearby clerk, Philippine by decent, over heard it and ripped him a new asshole on the spot.

        • Punta Gorda

          Not all Philippinas speak Spanish, but it is a common language for them.

      • NotYetInACamp

        My brother walked into the Expressway tolls Office for the County in Miami. Huge room. Two Muslim women “working.”
        The parking toll taking machine before you go to your car had malfunctioned. Imagine that.
        I believe that Miami-Dade County has no idea where any of the tolls paid have gone.
        (And it’s gone) But that is just rumor and hearsay. it’s not like they haven’t had a problem similar for decades. They have.

        By the way,
        It is policy across the EU to move in (Replacement population) Muslims and get them jobs in government, especially police, in order to destabilize the nation states and to break the ties the people have with their governments.

        Talk about a ‘Great Game’ plan.

      • Pamela

        Some of my non-English speaking ancestors were required to learn to speak, read and write English in order to become an American Citizen. One of my Great Grandfathers would bring his Naturalization papers with him every time he voted.

    • LowKey

      Bad idea.
      I’ve seen the result while living in the middle east in a country that has staffed it’s government’s offices with labor imported from abroad.
      Not only is the bureaucracy slow and cumbersome with massive graft and corruption, at this point they can’t remove or replace the foreign labor….all the systems have been sabotaged in such a s fashion that without the foreign labor you won’t find anything. “File A” isn’t where it should be, but when you call for it the staff know where it is. Get rid of them and all is lost. Now apply this concept across EVERYTHING.

  • Halley

    Death and Marxism are the Great Equalizers.

    • John

      Which is why Marxists are so fond of the former.

  • WayneM

    Even the Dalai Lama goes on record saying it’s not appropriate for western nations to be expected to give citizenship to economic migrants. His suggestion is western nations should provide skills training and then send migrants back to their countries of origin to fix their nation(s).

    Imagine that… someone enlightened saying “Send them back!”

    • NotYetInACamp

      I suppose that I am as enlightened as the Dalai Lama. Or he as me.

      Apply the law. Make Mexico great. Give them back their Mexicans.

  • kadaka

    I don’t know why all these people even want to come to this hellhole anyway.

    Amnesty International issues travel warning citing rampant gun violence in America

    “Travelers to the United States should remain cautious that the country does not adequately protect people’s right to be safe, regardless of who they might be.”

    “People in the United States cannot reasonably expect to be free from harm – a guarantee of not being shot is impossible. Once again, it is chillingly clear that the U.S. government is unwilling to ensure protection against gun violence.”

    There are guns in America, which might go off, making it impossible to guarantee you won’t be shot. Until America gets rid of all the guns, guaranteeing the Right to be Safe for everyone (already born), it’s clearly too much a risk to come here. Stay home, stay safe.

    • NotYetInACamp

      How’s the London Khanate doing with its acid attacks, knife stabbings, trucks running over people, child rape, and other new random peaceful violence? Just asking.

      • kadaka

        Breaking BBC news, “A police officer was stabbed with a machete in a “frenzied” attack as he tried to stop a van in Leyton, east London.”

        Home Secretary Priti Patel tweeted she was “absolutely horrified by the shocking stabbing”, while Sadiq Khan sad he was “utterly appalled by this sickening attack”.

        But what would a US cop likely have not allowed?
        When they spoke to the driver he became “quite aggressive” then returned to his van before “a violent struggle ensued”, Det Ch Supt Tucker said.

        • Wood

          Strong British names.

          • Henry

            Only the victim’s, you’ll notice.

      • interventor

        Police are solving bout 2.6 percent of all violent crimes. Even Inspector Lestrade did a better job.

    • JTC

      Post script from Amnesty Intl…

      “That shining light on the hill is muzzle flash! Stay away!”

  • NotYetInACamp

    Tsk! Tsk!
    After what Barry, Valerie, Nancy, Hillary, and’ Obama and friends’ tried to do to Rome’s Spanish Steps and the rest of Europe, it all must just be fate. Kismet.

    I like the Spanish Steps.

    • And NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

      • NotYetInACamp


        But after about 500 years of constant Islamic attacks, and the taqiyya involved in Islamic interactions with others, and then the Protestants popping up all over the place, It maybe is not that unexpected on a grand scale. But, NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

  • eon

    Of course, relocating all those “New Democrat Voters” into already-existing Democratic strongholds, where they can’t actually change the outcomes of state and national elections, does not please the left at all.

    Still, they want to be “sanctuary cities” for illegals, so let them be sanctuaries for all illegals. As Alinsky said, make them live up (or down) to their own “principles”.

    clear ether


    • JTC

      As someone else pointed out the other day it does. That’s the whole census push, increased numbers of bodies = increased numbers of reps = changed election outcomes = Mo Money…and of course that’s what it’s all about.

      Agreed they didn’t think through the whole tents and typhus on their streets thing…nobody ever said they were smart.

      • LowKey

        Curious….how does an illegal living on the street get counted in the Census?

        • JTC

          That’s a joke, right?

      • John

        Thinking things through is _not_ a hallmark of the Left. They rely entirely on range-of-the-moment emotional response.
        This is why critical thinking has been banned from the public schools. Thinking of consequences is to be forbidden.

  • Tagg

    Steamd buns make the best…

  • Calvin

    Maybe I should have added a sarcasm alert.


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