Day By Day


  • Vorlonagent

    She still needs a lot of bug fixes.

    • Freelancer60

      To Democrats, those are not bugs, but features.

      Corruption is fine with them, as long as their power and control are increased. The ends justify the means in the craven heart.

    • interventor

      Bubba probably buggered her enough when nothing else was handy. Plus, didn’t have to look at her face.

  • Grunt GI

    Those aren’t bugs, they’re features.

    And I have to say, from an engineering POV, how does that top stay on?

    There seems to be a lot of pulling tension on those magnetic pasties.

    • Gus Bailey

      Apparently, Chris thinks the gravity in Texas is as bad as in Florida. But that’s okay.

      Hey, those are the major space industry states…

  • KenH

    You have to tear its skull open to turn that on

    The temptation to insert 5 kilos of C4 instead then detonate would be too hard to resist

    • interventor

      Willie Peter grenade

      • John Greer

        Do it right.
        Use thermite.

  • Old, slow software running on old, worn hardware.

    Terminator will be terminated.

    • interventor

      Old model Disney animatronic. Newer version such as Al Gore is more advanced — still a stiff.

  • Pete231

    Just four words for the Hiilinator : “Quick, Henry, the Flit ! Followed by the insertion of a red-hot poker into each ear canal until they meet in the middle of the CPU. “You’re terminated, MoFo !”……………….

    • B Woodman

      Shades of Dr Seuss! I have an book that reprinted a lot of the old Dr Seuss cartoons riffing on the original Flit ads.

  • canuck49

    You want interesting? (in the Chinese sense) How about a Republican House and Senate with Hillary as President??!!

    • NotYetInACamp

      As currently constituted with RINOators in place in the two top positions and scatted throughout, what difference would it make then?

      Change RINOs out for new TEA and conservatives.

      • Cliff H

        The Democrats are HOPEless
        The Republicans are feckless
        The TEA Party gives a feck

  • Grape

    Unplug. Degauss. Reclaim metals.

    Plastics to be used in septic tank construction = poetic justice.

  • Harry Markowitz

    How do I get on your mailing list. Why haven’t I heard of you before. I read the editorials of the WSJ and get the Weekly Standard. You are lot better than Mallard whats-his-name. HMM

    • Chris Muir

      There’s a ‘Subscribe’ button, top left!:)

  • Bill G

    Ayup, but this model was not performing as expected. The replacement unit, Designation: Obola, is performing up to spec and is creating the desired level of destruction.

  • eon

    Sorry, but any computer that badly programmed would DSA itself at every bootup.

    What you’ve got is a primitive lifeform that is governed by its brain’s R-complex. It doesn’t plan, it doesn’t anticipate, and when pressed, it reacts violently and irrationally.

    It is also inherently devious, like any second-tier ambush predator.

    Lazy, too. Hence the sense of entitlement.

    Its sycophants think it’s a lion. It’s really closer to a Komodo dragon.

    As for The One…

    Weasel. Definitely weasel.



    • OpenTheDoor

      Weasel! You’re way too kind, more like a tapeworm.

    • Pete in NC

      Hey, weasels help keep the rat population in check, serving a useful purpose. In contrast…

  • Alex J

    More like The Borg than Terminator. The Clinton Crime Organization will assimilate you!

    • B Woodman

      Nah, the CCO will more likely assassinate than assimilate. Think Foster.
      I still think Shrillery is an early v.0 Terminator, pre-Skynet.

  • Spind Drift

    Yup, Cankles is the new Borg Queen not a Terminator. Her lack of real empathy and humanistic emotion is typical sociopathic behavior of an entity that wants to take over all free thought and identity. “It takes a Village” should have been our first clue. Vince Foster is now Zero of Three, Sub-tend Arc Unimatrix Alpha Nine.

    I think its time to take the safeties off and look for some new Data.

    Spin Drift
    Resistance is not Futile

    • RegT

      My guess is that she is on some serious drugs, at least when appearing in public. Maybe large doses of Prozac + Xanax?

  • interventor

    The Borg queen thought she looked good. Canales denies reality, as well.

    • interventor

      Sorry. Cankles.

  • steveb919

    Good gravy she is ugly.

  • Another vote for Borg, or perhaps a Borginator?

  • Pamela

    Where’s a Scrapmaster D when you need one…

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