Day By Day


  • Oh yeah, the MGMMPOS rolls that way. Unless it only catches, not pitches.

    • Grape

      Catcher in the Wry.

  • KenH

    Widddle Baaaaaaawwwwwwwy is a CATCHER not a Pitcher

    Everyone knows that about the gearbox….

    • That would explain Michael, wouldn’t it?

      • OpenTheDoor

        I’m not sure even Darwin could explain Michelle.

  • Kafiroon

    Oh, he knows they are there. He just sold them out and didn’t even get “30 pieces of Silver.”

    • Gave them to it’s masters as a gift.

  • Remember the novel, “Manchurian Candidate”? Who knew it was a “how to” book?

    • Glenn

      B-HO’s mother is dead. But he sure fits the title role well.

    • GWB

      So many novels/films that we used to say “It could never happen that way here. Americans wouldn’t let it.” So many of those seem to be coming true in one way or another.

  • Bill G

    I really don’t want to know the inside details of that marriage/arrangement/whatever they have at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • B Woodman


      • eon

        More like TMI. Still, the side view of Sam in uniform tends to cushion the shock. (BTW, CM, it looks lovely on her from any angle.)



  • NotYetInACamp

    Ass “Barry’s Body Man” Reggie Love said in a televised interview after he left his position at the white house: ‘ Barrack was so tense about watching what was going on at Benghazi that he had to go upstairs to his room with him and they played at least 15 games of spades with each other until Barrack had reduced his tension.’
    So that’s what some of the kids call it these days!
    … Chicago Bath House reports say that he don’t roll that way, and, that, as Biden said about that clean well articulated black man Barrack, he preferred dealing with powerful older white men, like Biden or those that frequented a California Owl Grove.

    Barrack, as is called for in taqyrra, says one thing, but has one of our American treasures in Afghanistan to tear it up and make it less effective for what he plans to come. Afghanistan is historically where armies were sent to die.

    That view of the lovely is one that inspires me to good thoughts and feelings when with a lovely of mine. Beautiful. As to what she just listened to. OH, EWWW.

    • “…15 games of spades…” Heh.

      Credit where due, at least he called a spade a spade…

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