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  • Grunt GI

    Clueless indeed.

    But now the real mystery. Where the hell did Sam’s arm go?

    • TomZ

      Looks like her elbow sticking out. Perhaps right hand is on the back of her neck. Or something similar.

      • eon

        Definitely right elbow sticking out, hand to back of head. Probably scratching same wondering how anybody as dumb as Antifa remembers to breathe.

        clear ether


        • Grunt GI

          Yea, I see that now…kinda…it was very late when I read the cartoon.

          And I do kinda agree with JTC….after all if these wimmins are pregnant, the boob fairy should have been by…

    • Punta Gorda

      Could be scratching under her bra clasp.

    • Bill

      Karma Sutra position, #36.

  • JTC

    They buy their clues.

    Mystery number one, Sam’s arm is bent at the elbow hand in hair.

    Real mystery, Where the hell did the Nekkid Butts & Boobs go???

    • interventor

      As to gettin nekkid, anticipation is half the thang.

      • JTC

        Anticipation is a good thing, but I eventually want some damn ketchup on my fries!

  • interventor

    Skye get a clue!

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Sounds like Skye got a clue……..and left the left.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    The thing is, unless there are extenuating circumstances (extremely cold), if I see a hoodie and mask, I’m likely to shoot it.

    Are these idjits rallying to find and (try to) attack Skye at the DD Ranch? Oohhhh, that would be fun to see.

    • TomZ

      No they are not getting ready to head to the DD Ranch.
      They are getting ready to go to the polls to ‘electioneer’.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Sounds like the same thug tactics used by the NBP (New Black Panthers) in Philly during the ’08 election. I don’t think the same tactics will lead to the same results this time around.

    • eon

      Authoritarians always believe the peasantry can be terrorized into obedience. Partly from their belief in their dogmas but mostly because for people with such mentalities, hurting others, especially defenseless others, is a visceral thrill right up their with doing a couple of lines of coke or even sex.

      They’re motivated by their belief in their own innate superiority coupled with their hatred for everyone else. They are schoolyard bullies who never grew up.

      Low-level ones like these will never achieve the heights of power even in their own perverted hierarchy, but they make perfect foot soldiers for their Fearless Leaders.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Glad you modified your first two paragraphs with that last one. Those “low-level” minions who by pure numbers make up 98% are the proglodytes, just there for the party as it were…no heavy thought, just march, yell, riot, attack, destroy…fun! All in gangs of course, they can’t function alone as that requires actual thought and initiative of which they have none.

        That other 2% are your authoritarians with the twisted attributes your describe, except that I take issue with the school-yard bully metaphor…I think instead they are more the bitter outsiders and outcasts, often clinically intelligent if clinically psychopathic, seething with desire to inflict pain on those they believe inflicted it on them….more aligned with school mass shooters than simple bullies, and in fact a look at the actors in Columbine and Parkland for just two of many examples, fit that mold perfectly.

        If they don’t act out themselves, they hone their hatreds and their soul-purging in college, after which they are ready for politics, or media, or academia itself. Then they can inflict their carnage and destruction by proxy with their own minions. And we can count the examples of them just by looking at the leading leftists of today, among them many who desperately yearn for their grown-up and far more massively murderous revenge that they fantasized about in high school.
        Those school shooters and many other murderers and miscreants, are just would-be fascists who couldn’t contain their rage and revenge until they could lure and purchase control of others into doing it for them.

        Oh BTW, do not lump the God-given joys of love and sex into any parallels describing these twisted self-centered scum…there is no comparison physically or mentally, and like east and west (or North and South), ne’er the twain shall meet.

        • eon

          I hate to disagree, but this crop of bullies aren’t the “neglected outsiders”. Neither were the previous ones.

          They were and are the pampered children who were fawned over by parents, told that they could do no wrong, and were taught to expect “special” treatment because they were so “special”.

          In college, they have been further groomed by faculty who see them as the next generation of front line soldiers in their war against the “repressive society”- ours, so defined because they keep demanding to run it and we keep ignoring them.

          They’re not lashing out because of “low self-esteem”- they’re punishing everyone else for not bowing to them quickly enough or deeply enough. They’re about as disadvantaged as the average Chinese mandarin, and afflicted with about as much “low self-esteem” as the average Chinese emperor.

          If you want to know where the real “outsiders” in modern, post-industrial, post-modern, metrosexual society are… well, a bunch of them are posting here, and similar places, every day.

          clear ether


          • JTC

            Psychopathic behavior is not a function of privilege or a lack of it…on the contrary the school shooter template is littered with spoiled brats who were pampered economically but deprived morally. And not so much neglected by peers as consciously avoided by others who saw them for the ticking time bombs they were. Self-hatred (whole ‘nother thing than “low self-esteem”) is a manifestation of their hatred of everybody and everything…if they can destroy or control all of that, maybe they can find “love” for their self-centric psyche. Yes, they are majorly fucked up.

            Glad you agree that academia is the incubator of their hatred, faculties rife with the prior generation or two of warped students who seek to hone and guide this current crop into the sort of destruction of all things good and decent that the “educators” themselves despise and see as the enemy, limiting their attainment of control of everybody and everything. And they are right; we are their enemy as well we must be, their influence and potential for harm is greater than any other arm of the leftist consortium.

            Right on that there are multiple iterations of “outsiders”; we here are by definition and necessity outside of the warped society that has been so successfully degraded by these subsequent generations of psychopathic actors. I myself want nothing to do with what they have created, and the preference cascade of 2016 and the advent of Deplorables is proof that there are many like us…and that is what makes all of leftism so afraid that they will lose those gains…and why they want your guns. It is up to us to prove that they are right in that fear.

      • rickn8or

        Low-level ones like these will never achieve the heights of power even in their own perverted hierarchy, but they make perfect foot soldiers for their Fearless Leaders.”

        And will be disposed of once they’ve served their purpose.

  • S'aaruuk

    Gentlemen, and Ladies…..we are not surrounded….indeed we are in a target rich environment……lock and load.

    Zed, warm up the backhoe. *Vicious, teeth baring grin*

  • Fox2!

    Aren’t the Dawgs out making their rounds? And whatever Sam did with Ersatz-Tobasco.

  • Stephanie Osborn

    Colonel Mustard…in the library…with the candlestick.

    😀 Love it, Chris! Nice and subtle. Read it 3x before I caught on.

    • Henry

      I got a little confused by the dumbbell. Never knew the dumbbell was an option… maybe because I never had or played the actual game.

  • Pamela

    Participation Trophy? Neither of my kids got one of those in school.
    The both earned their Hunter Safety Certificates and to date have not shot anyone.

    • Punta Gorda

      I got an early version of a participation trophy for playing basketball… it had tits.

      …Probably one of the better motivators I’ve gotten.

      • Pamela

        Did they come with HUGE tracts of land…

        • Swansonic

          Just as long as theyburn and then sink into the swamp.

          Oh,,, too late….

  • Bill G

    They’re Plum crazy. And I have not seen any of the left’s elite denouncing the violence.

    • Punta Gorda

      James Brown’s wig mannequin keeps calling fir more.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I see what you did there.

  • JimK

    Is there an app for that? It’s the only way they’ll get it.

  • Delilah T

    Rope and candlestick? Wrench? Amateurs! If they’re that stupid, they lose.

    Oh, wait – does this mean I should get bear spray before the midterms? There are some really cute Hello Kitty ninja self-defense kits with a rape whistle, pepper spray, and a handheld cat’s-head for punching. Is this an early clue to the new direction?

    When you go to vote, dress in black, wear a ski mask, and have a roll of dimes or quarters in your pocket to benefit the antifas?

    You can see why I’m rather confused about the etiquette for the next go-round, never mind the proper dress uniform. 🙂

    Should one blend in with the wacko antifas and start pounding them when they start trouble during voting season? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Don’t get bear spray. Bears have such sensitive noses, pepper spray for bears is weaker than spray for people. Look for the percentage of capsaicin in the spray.
      And good luck

  • markm

    Terrorizing the opposition worked for Mussolini and Hitler. But that was in countries where the people had to get permission from the government to own a gun, and self-defense was often illegal.

    • rickn8or

      Trouble is, most polling places are Gun-Free Zones. (Or think they are.)

      I expect shenanigans both inside and outside the polls this time.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    If you carry concealed, and don’t tell, they won’t know.

  • Browncoat

    I’d be interested in seeing Skye’s story posted on the Facebook #walkaway page.

  • Delilah T

    Just out of curiosity, and taking into account that the bulk of “weather” reportage Flossie’s landfall and dump down to Cat 1 + rain: isn’t standing hip deep in a ditch full of rainwater +/++ odd bits of this and that junky stuff, like good ol’ Anderson Cooper did on-camera (while two people walked into view behind him in about 1.5 inches of water) — well, isn’t that more likely to lead to a serious bout with Hepatitis A or B, or some other nasty Hep bug or maybe even some weird things like glanders if there’s diluted livestock manure in that runoff?

    Just askin’ for – no, to satisfy my curiosity, that’s all.

    We were always told to stay out of the deeper puddles, especially near storm sewers, after a rain and avoid the creek, too. The potential release of piggie manure ponds and coal ash dumps breaching and emptying into local rivers during the storm surge is very real.

    One should always take precautions and use protection.

    • JTC

      Think that was actually Weather Channel guy Seidel rocking back at forth against non-existent gusts while a few folks strolled casually by behind him?

      Such a joke, and always overblown in an attempt to justify the expenditure and keep eyes on the screen.

      But the flooding is not a joke. My niece and husband live in Chocowinity NC a few miles off the coast but right at the point where the Pamlico River squeezes down to a natural funnel. Their house is raised but if the water keeps rising as expected, they’ll get very wet. Fortunately as it is considered a flood zone (even though there hasn’t been a major one there in fifty years) they have the flood insurance that will ease the pain. God Bless and keep them and all of the folks in the path of that storm and its effects.

      • Delilah T

        Oh, that was a different video. I saw that one, too, and fell down laughing.
        Cooper migrated over to CNN a while back and in this instance, planted himself in a ditch in front of his camera crew. There was also that cute video of some girl reporter in a canoe trying to paddle in 3 inches (maybe) of water and two guys strolled right by her, making her look completely ridiculous.
        We need more of these videos, plastered all over the place. It’s the least we can do to make them look as devious and dishonest as they are.

        • JTC

          Missed that one D, I’ll have to look it up…

          You know, people drown in ditches, why not that twink?

  • Pet peeve of mine: it’s ‘realized’, not ‘realised’. At least it is here in ‘merica.

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