Day By Day


  • Pamela

    Lois. Lois. Egads woman. How many pills are you chugging?

  • Subotai Bahadur

    No matter what office he occupies, Sessions is still just an old school Republican Senator all the way down to the chromosome level. It is impossible for him to oppose Democrats on anything.

  • I would love to see IT have at the CONgress.

  • cz93x62

    Ay, payaso……

  • WayneM

    Let’s hope DJT persuades Sessions to start acting like DOJ…

  • Halley

    If you put a (D) after your name you can commit any crime you like, rest assured no one will ever prosecute, while any “investigation” oh so coincidentally fizzles out in bored exoneration and the “media” makes damn sure you are portrayed as the noble victim. It must be wonderful having a (D) after one’s name.

    Wonder how many horse heads Jeff has seen lately?

    • PaulS

      Unless it stands for Deplorable., in which case they will attack for having done no crime. Just another of the bassackwards behaviors of the swamplings.

      • rickn8or

        “Deportable” is also “untouchable.”

  • Bill G

    With scum like her still floating safely, it is obvious that the swamp draining program is at a standstill.

  • Paladin

    We need some willing to kick ass and take names. Where is Darth Vader when you really need him.


      I was thinking Judge Dread. A few summary executions would start the swamp draining

  • Browncoat

    Careful Chris… Stephen King is liable to ban you from attending his movies… Lol

    • MasterDiver

      You say that like IT’s a bad thing!

      Zar Belk!

      • eon

        The only thing worse than King’s movie adaptations are the books they are adapted from. I’ve never gotten past the 4th chapter of any of them. And every one of them could be half the length and be a better “read”.

        Of course, I’ve never paid more that fifty cents for any of them. They tend to end up at yard sales because people who buy them “new” rarely keep them to read twice.

        clear ether


  • PaulS

    A great author is having a movie release, Vince Flynn’s American Assassin will hit theaters this week. Make it a success and perhaps Term Limits will get a look. 🙂
    Rest In Peace Vince, gone too soon, your work endures for your family, we got this.

    • Robinson


  • Kafiroon

    Are the talking head presstitues lying even about the weather? They blame hurricanes on their invented “climate change”
    (yes, yes it does. All year long, every year.)
    But far worse is if the Govt Weather Services are in on it. I feel sorry for all those that spent many hours and money traveling up North slowly and slowly back.
    My daughter, her kids, 3 medical needy kids, and the 4 large dogs, in 2 SUV’s took 23 hours from Chattanooga back to Bradenton. They will not tell me how long it took to get there.
    So take a look at this: (this guy can get nasty in his articles)


        I would have to know a lot more about where that chart came from.
        I’ve lived my entire life within 30 miles of the Gulf of Mexico and seen many hurricanes, including Camille. I had to evacuate for this one because ‘she-who-must-be-obeyed demanded it, due to the hype. In Bradenton, east of I-75, I’m seeing Cat 1-2 level damage.
        I watched the satellite images as it came in and it deteriorated very quickly. I have not seen photos from Naples.

        • Kafiroon

          That is what I want to see. Naples destruction photos from the Cat 4 supposed hurricane.

    • Doggo

      Wow, that guy is spot on. I’m going to have to add him to my must-read list.