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  • Kafiroon

    ‘Send in The Clowns’.

    But they have already taken over and the whole country is a Clown Show now.

    • eon

      Only if you’re referring to Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

      Or else Something Wicked This Way Comes.

      clear ether


      • My Way Or -->

        I’ll take “Something Wicked…” for $1.50, eon.
        Squabbling amongst themselves is under way and increasing slowly. Bertha was supposed to go to the border something-something and didn’t. She went elsewhere.
        Show-Joe’s “green deal” is very undefined. Mostly babble-babble-babble and nothing is defined.
        If all they do is throw coins at the peasants while they’re on parade, take the money, pull yer forelock and do the bendy nod, and say ‘Thank you, sir (or whatever it is)” and blend back into the crowd.

        • JTC

          I think that last sentence is the whole damn for the Republicans* in Congress.

          I’ve stopped saying RINO’s in Congress because they are ALL RINO’s there.

          New party? No.
          New Congress.
          New Republic.

          TIME’S UP! CRA NOW!

          • JTC

            *whole damn mission statement*

  • Gotta admire Toly’s luck, .bein’ hooked up with a drop-dead gorgeous female assassin….

  • Halley

    Kramer was right.

    • JTC

      Kramer hates clowns. He’s afraid of clowns too. He is right to hate the evil bytches. But should he fear them? Should we?

      Great YouTube clip of it won’t post here, so good and says so much it is sure worth the search. Is DBD banned there? Inconvenient, but a badge of honor if so.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Often the best way to fix stoopid is to learn through the school the Hard Knocks.
      What was that saying from Will Rogers? “A few learn by reading. More learn by watching. The rest of us gotta pee on the electric fence.”

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      You can fix stupid but it is gonna hurt…

    • A good friend asked me a question when I was in a downward spiral of behavior.
      He said – “Mike, do you know why I quit hitting my dick with a hammer?”.
      I replied asking – “Because it hurt?”.
      He replied to that with – “NO!! Because it felt so good when I f__king stopped!”.

      Moral of the story is, you have to admit that it hurts before you can stop the pain.

    • ExNuke

      Stupid doesn’t need fixing, given time and degree it fixes itself. It can’t be cured by legislation, training or money, it is it’s own Capitol Offense. The sentence is death, there is no appeal and the sentence is automatic. (Prop’s to R.A. Heinlein) Put your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark and let reality take care of the rest.

  • James Gemind

    Chris, please stop by the Bar, and check out the discussions in Politcs concerning the shooting involving Ma’Khia Bryant. Some people there and in the real world need a picture done to let them see the truth…

    • JTC

      JG, I get that you like the chatterfest there but we like our chatterfest here, and it’s illustrated!

      If you see a great link then post the link, but please stop trying to drag eyeballs from here to there. JMO.

    • Kafiroon

      What, they cannot see the videos that are slowed down and highlighting the knife? Most of us couldn’t have responded to the attack with such speed and accuracy. Minimum of one person still alive.

      • Henry

        They certainly can’t see them when NBC deliberately cuts the video before it appears.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I liked the view from the security camera across the street. It put things into a larger perspective.
      The body cam shows the knife and a close up of the huge child attacking one woman and then moving right into attacking the other woman. I am not a trained police officer, so I don’t know about that triple tap. It seems that the attacker could easily have killed the other person. I would likely do a double tap. The one being attacked with the knife may or may not have been cut or killed if he only shot her once. Training again. The in bold preposterous quote from someone there that the police officer should have just asked her to drop the knife is proven absurd by the videos. That show media attempting to make a big racist deal about this. They should make a big deal about people need self control and wisdom in their decisions and actions. Were those two women trying to lay hands n someones Grandma as I have seen quoted? The actual situation was not ascertainable when, as the officer exits the vehicle, a person with a knife attacks one, then the other person in rapid succession and is about to plunge a large bladed knife into that second person. All else becomes irrelevant to what his decision was based on.
      How should we interact in society? What alterations to an apparently appropriate response should be considered? Is it better to let someone be stabbed as the police have no enforceable on them duty to protect? Should the officer have let the action play out? Should the officer have behaved as if it was a usual situation and just taken notes after the fact as that is when most responses do occur? What role do the police function as in society? Those and more questions are all for later discussion. Talk and discuss among yourselves.

      • No sir, there is no discussion such as that, no matter how much the thug huggers want to impose it, hesitation, second thoughts, and no action at all on the part of cops making instant life or death decisions (life or death for the thug and the cop) is what gets victims and cops killed; only one surviving that little scenario is the thug.

        There’s only on rule on “taps”. Two to body mass and one to the head is the old and often repeated ideal; sounds good on discussion boards and even in shooting class but it’s bullshit. If you are a cop saving a life or a citizen stopping a deadly attack the rule is:

        Shoot until you stop the threat.

        Two is a minimum, three as stated is better, but nobody doing the shooting is counting and they shouldn’t be; leave that for bystanders and bodycams or cell phones. As you make that half-second decision to shoot, the only thing you can see is a rogue elephant and the only thought you can or should have, is to stop that m’er f’er.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Tap until they stop, unless you have many targets and low ammo. Situational requirements that did not apply there.
          But questioning was bound to happen. So here some is by some Ohio State students. Columbus is the Campus Police Force there. 60,000 students. I didn’t have to say the discussions have to make sense. Let the spinning commence. The Klowns question everything now, rightly or wrongly. They have the right to question wrongly.

          • The Real Paul Bunyan

            17 feet.
            thats the distance where the knife beats most gun draws.


            18 feet is where they brought a knife to a gun fight per scotus i believe.

  • James Gemind

    And Harris has promised to tour the Border…

    In June or July…

    • Arkay

      No, she won’t. She’ll decide it’s much too hot then…

    • NotYetInACamp

      Kam doesn’t need to check on or review her fresh troops invading over the border. All that she wants is already in place.

    • NotYetInACamp



      That is why Kam needs her reinforcing asymmetric armies to continue pouring into the US.

      Harris said
      ” … Because of the changing climate, Harris argued, people in the region faced a struggling agriculture industry, food scarcity, food insecurity, and extreme poverty.

      “Again, we’re looking at the issue of climate resiliency, and then the concern about the lack of economic opportunity,” she said. ”

      Harris using deflection from the problem and Perception Management.
      Both Marxists and corruption have run rampant across that area for decades. Multilevel problem deflected by blaming Climate Change that evil Republicans will not help solve. Boogie man. Babayar.

    • Henry

      Perfect time to do it. Hope somebody steals her car and her water.

  • DogByte6RER

    “If the Soviet Union let another political party come into existence, they would still be a one-party state, because everybody would join the other party.”

    – Ronald Reagan

  • Steve Peterson

    Clowns are scary anytime ( gacey and Daumier ) then add xiden and company!!

    • That fear has a name… “Coulrophobia”.

  • JTC

    Listen, that razor barrier might keep the regular zombies in, but I do NOT trust it to keep the ClownZombies in…

    They may shuffle around and garble their garbage, but ClownZombies are DIFFERENT! They are *very* treacherous and *very* dangerous and never forget that whole 3-ring circus is run by an outside ringmaster.

    I f’ng HATE zombies and I f’ng HATE clowns more, but the thing I f’ng HATE MOST is ClownZombies run by remote!

    That arm/hand placement of our bi-racial (bi-social?) friends there is both artful and infuriating… let that left cup GO Naomi! Get that right *cup* DONE ya dumb Russkie!

  • JTC

    The Revolution is even taking root in lala-land…

    “…an epic battle over the hearts and minds of the children of America’s one percent.”

    Yes. And the money. Always follow the money…from a comment on their (and by extension, our) inadequacy.

    “If you cared about racial justice, you would close your doors and redistribute your obscene wealth,”

    Wonder what’s the status over in South Central? New popo riots same as the old popo riots? Not at all, for several reasons to be discussed later.

  • Pamela

    This Clown Show is resembling a Late Night Double Feature Picture Show from the Back Row. Only who are the stand ins for the Characters and Bad Actors…

    • NotYetInACamp

      And maybe you won’t have the fiat money you thought that you would have? ANd what will you buy your food with?

      If it is not in your hand, will you still have it? When is the operative question here?

  • Cognitive dissonance or dead-on cognition?

    The “money” quote, as it were:

    “The US produces 75% more pollution per person than China.”

    So, since there are 435% more people there, factoring in that dubious 75% claim means that the ChiComs are pumping out about 250% more actual pollution?

    Remember the vid of the twit screaming with tears streaming about Britney? I hear and see that from the apologists, subjects, and patrons of them…”Leave China Alone!”

    But the only green the ChiComs care about -and by ChiComs I mean the whole fake greenie movement- is the damn American money. They want us to “lead”…with our wallet. And then just shut up while they steal all the tech and pump out all the goods, smokestacks belching full speed ahead. And Xi and the Bitin’s counting the cash.

    Always follow the money.

    • NotYetInACamp

      ChiComs say that, too! MSM does not publish it.


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