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  • WayneM

    Different kind of predator and dangerous in a different manner… The so-called “feminist ally” or worse yet… the “male feminist” are nasty pieces of work who reserve their predatory moves for those unprepared to defend themselves.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Ok. That one came out of left field.
    Sounds like a conversation more suited to San FakeCrisco

    • Fronk!


  • julian

    gee- I was thinking about Tim Rice in the Rocky Horror Picture Show….

    • Merle

      sadly, I was too….. 🙁

  • Fox2!

    How do you do?

  • Bill G

    Now you gonna die! Hey, I had to finish it off.

  • eon

    The great disaster of sociology was the invention of Momism. Otherwise known as “straitjacketing apron strings”. It was seen as a good thing precisely because it “controlled” what sociologists and psychologists viewed as out-of-control “maleism”- otherwise known as “normal masculinity”, American style.

    Today, it has degenerated to the “helicopter parent” syndrome, in which Mom and Dad (but mostly Mom) do a vertical insertion every time Junior or Junie have “issues”, even unto theoretically gainful employment. The present state of academia, with “safe spaces” and “trigger words”, owes as much to the enforced and sustained immaturity of the students caused by such parenting as it does to tenured radicals training the next generation of Brownshirts. (Not to be confused with Browncoats, who tend to be the sort who make all of the above nervous as hell.)

    The joke about pajama commandos living in their parents’ basements as they spew leftist drivel over the internet became a cliche’ precisely because of its accuracy. What’s overlooked is that the parents, again notably the Mom, don’t want the “Kid” to grow up. They view the “child” as their property, that they raise and nurture to be their servant- or pet- for life.

    If you want to see Momism at its worst, look up the court of Louis XIV of France. Le Roi Soleil created Versailles as an instrument of policy, in which the French nobility would be immured, and so busy keeping up with court affairs and fashions and exactly how to Compliment His Majesty In Just the Right Way on cue, that they not only would have no time for anything like plotting against him, thy’d be too emasculated to even think of it. The bill was called due in 1789, with a King raised in that hothouse and too emasculated to even produce a viable heir. Then the barbarians, of both sexes, moved in and you know the rest. (Say hello to the National Mistress.)

    Here’s a book the sociologists don’t want you to read;

    And here are some pertinent quotes from it;

    Hint; this sort of parenting makes the work of academic Trotsky types very, very easy.

    clear ether


  • GWB

    Zed sets her right on choosing your metaphors carefully. 😀

  • PaulS

    Wasn’t that the Gorn? 😉

  • nonncom

    Hey, I actually like women in bikini bottoms and fishnet stockings….no problem here….

    • John

      Provided they are actually women.

      • John M.

        Jusr a thought – what if the predators ARE the females of the species? …and the males, with their dangerously exposed genitalia, are the protected ones…

  • SoCal Stoli

    God help me…the first thing that came to mind was Dr. Frank N. Furter…

  • JTC

    Speaking of clothes and a culture fucked up by decades of leftism,

    After headlining that as “Trump’s Trade War” the story actually says the company has had to figure a way to game the stupid system set up over 20 years, has a whole team dedicated to creative hustles which have become part of its DNA. How counterproductive, sickening, and ironic. The problem isn’t that nothing is made here or even that it is made elsewhere and brought here that is the problem, it is that gov got involved and as always turned foreign trade into a game and a cash cow for themselves while completely missing the point of tariffs which as DT is successfully doing is simply to create a level playing field and economically encourage fairness.

    Fairness is a term Trump loves and uses often and correctly to describe trade, immigration, our support and defense of foreign countries, and of course the media’s horrible and transparent psychopathic partisanship and dedication to his destruction…as this piece of pap demonstrates.

    God give the old boy the strength and determination to continue on course.

  • Pamela


  • I think that would be something from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


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