Day By Day


  • interventor

    Jo causes social closeness.

  • formwiz

    I see a weekend with lots of naked ladies ahead.

  • kadaka

    Stepping into it around Tabasco. Okay…

  • Didn’t Jo just sit it out last time the girls were at the pond?

    • Henry

      Who likes short shorts? Not cyborgs!

    • …and aren’t they getting an early start for the festivities?

      Oh damn – a whole WEEK down at the lake?

      • interventor

        Uh, you’re registering a complaint?

        • John M.

          Naah that’s “Oh Damn” like WOW!!! Maybe I should have said HOT DAMN!

  • Grunt GI

    Hmmm, a potential lack of social distancing at the lake? For a week’s worth of tunes?


      • interventor

        In 1978, I saw Senor Wences do his shtick on the TV vacationing in Spain.

  • Pete231

    A drum roll, if you please, Mr.Krupa……..

  • Badger

    Drive on Chris, and thank you for your continued your fine work. It allows the edge to be taken off of, however briefly, the stern resolve to deal with what’s coming. If we lose the various aspects of our sense of humor, they’ve won.

  • Bill3542

    Gonna be a ( nippley ) day at the lake with a chance of shaved beavers showing up?

  • Why do they keep calling it “Social Distancing” when it really is “Anti-Social Distancing”. Oh yeah it’s our government.

    Looking forward to another year

    • Wood

      Exactly. It’s physical distancing. Social distancing is how they further divide us to distract us from their own malfeasance. They are accomplished grifters…

  • Bob in Houston

    Bummer, didn’t See Jan or Naomi mentioned as attendees. 🙁

    • WayneM

      Nor was Suzi Q either… pity…

        • Grunt GI

          Of course, in theory Jo can morph into anyone she’s touched or has DNA from, so Jan and Naomi could make an appearance, right?

  • MAJ Arkay

    Let’s hope the DD ladies don’t find themselves in a big thunder boomer as Hurricane Hannah visits South Texas…

    • Punta Gorda

      Funny that. Yesterday some twit called into a weather program asking about the opportunity to see the storms eye. At the time the CDO had the central rotation area filled in and there was no clear eyewall. Today… its well defined with some cloud tops hitting 50 to 54kft.

      “Be careful what you wish for… you may get it”

  • Pamela

    Well I know with Jo around the water will be right bracing. Maybe some Congress Critters can take a dip and firm up their spines and fortitude.

    • Too Tall

      They can’t afford any additional shrinkage. It would put them in imaginary numbers.

    • Lyle

      I’d rather the Progressives wilted. The last thing we need is bold, brave communists (The Audacity of Nope?). I submit that what you see as spineless Republicans are actually complicit Republicans. They only talk conservatism when it suits their purpose of garnering money and votes from their clueless base, and even then they speak only half-baked conservatism at best.

    • Coeurmaeghan

      . . .and if you point it out, most of the 110 and under don’t understand, don’t care or say it’s all BS. After all, our hero Bill G. wouldn’t really do those things, would he? Ya, right.

    • NotYetInACamp

      No. No, thank you. Hell No. ….

      I choose to not be a GMO.

      • John M.

        I didn’t say “HELL NO…” in 1965, but I damn-sure would this time!

        • NotYetInACamp

          T. U.

  • Thhis should be very good, and lead to much thought.

  • This. Bah! Fingers too fast.

  • Don

    Can’t wait to see the effect of cool water on those gorgeous girls.


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