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  • CuriousB

    The girls are learning from their mother, and their father is learning from Glenn Beck.

  • Wulfenite

    Gawd! I hate BofA. Worst bank ever and that is a high hill to climb!

    • rickn8or

      Wulfenite, if you think BofA treats their customers like crap, try being one of their vendors.
      The best part of having to retire on disability is that I don’t have to put up with their shit anymore.

      My bank goes ESG, I move my $$ to a credit union and make monthly transfers from my present accounts to the credit union and leave just enough to cover automated payments.

      • Raconteur

        I do everything thru a credit union, including auto payments.

  • Wulfenite

    The poor lad has a brain melt-down with that image now burned into his retinas. May never recover….

    • Too+Tall

      Not sure that is a problem….

  • Too Tall

    The proper request is “May I have..?”

    And test drives are often more effective when not performed full-throttle at the edge of the envelope. Leaving something to the imagination and encouraging speculation regarding full capabilities generally results in better target audience engagement.

    • Shooter 2.0

      It looks like the home schooling experiment is failing. The girls have the language skills of back hills trailer trash. If they don’t straighten up, there’s tattoos, facial pins with a stripper pole in their future.

      • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

        Could just be situational dialect. 😉

      • Neanderthal+JSStryker

        Highly unlikely that would ever happen with Kiko and Mary

        • Neanderthal+JSStryker

          *Mari* that is.

      • TBeholder

        Isn’t that the same as what it replaces (minus obesity and problem glasses)?

      • JTC

        Bullshit. Redneck vernacular is a prized social construct and often has a reverse relationship to ignorance, as opposed to academics.

        If the language “skills” that we see on display from media and the various other “elite” components of the learned left, fuck that.

        • Saaruuk

          Quote JTC “Bullshit. Redneck vernacular is a prized social construct and often has a reverse relationship to ignorance, as opposed to academics.”

          Truer words never spoken. And “Redneck vernacular” can also be very effectively used as either a term of endearment or derision.

          • JTC

            Indeed, and I embrace it as readily as Deplorable, largely because it drives “others” crazy as they attempt to use it derisively, that is hilarious.

            Also hilarious is “their” ironic embrace of their betters’ language; ebonics, rap-speak filth, and/or other OTW (other than white) bastardization and coding of the Queen’s english are researched and worshipped as the language of their gods…”African-American English, also known as Black English in American linguistics, is the set of English sociolects spoken by most black people in the United States and many in Canada; most commonly, it refers to a dialect continuum ranging from African-American Vernacular English to a more standard American English.”

            Lord they are a self-loathing bunch of mopes ain’t they?

        • Kafiroon

          The girls are highly understandable. Have you tried interpreting anything Slo Joe, the Ho, Psaki, or, worse, MaligNancy has said lately? They can’t even get to trailer trash level of clarity of statement.

  • Fox2!

    Didn’t Sam recently remind one of the girls that with great … endowments … come great responsibilities?

  • James Van Valkenburg

    Ah, the games young girls play –

  • Stephen Miller

    “Jenkins, I’ve been looking for you for an hour! What the hell are you doing in the freezer?!”

    “Sorry, Mr. McGillicuddy, but the Owens girls came in and I – ”

    “Say no more, my boy, say no more. I’ll handle the counter, just…come out when you’re down under a hundred.”

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      “….under a hundred.”
      Heart rate, or temperature?

  • James/G

    SCOTUS ruled against Biden-Harris’s company vax mandate Thursday! The left is losing their shit over it.

    • Punta Gorda

      No one cares. Bidet is a putz and his pet whore can’t maintain a coherent thought.

      • TBeholder

        They don’t need to maintain a coherent thought. Only ability to repeat after teleprompters and earpieces.

    • eon

      Slow Joe’s predictable response was to tell SCOTUS to GFY, and tell businesses “do it or else”.

      Nobody should be surprised. He’s been like this all his life.

      clear ether


      • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

        Yeah, the; “MY Way!” or the “Why HEY!”

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Unfortunately, half is still in place, sez that the vaxx mandate can continue to be pushed on any medical facility/personnel that takes Medicare/Medicaid money.
      Expect more “overwhelming of hospital space”, not from an excess of sick patients, but from a lack of qualified medical staff.

  • James/G

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    The boy only did what just about all young men do in that situation- turned into a Gaping Imbecile….

    • Son Of A Valkyrie

      For a moment, I thought he looked like Lurch form The Addams Family.

    • Pamela

      I wonder how good the coverage is of that apron.

      • JTC

        Looks rugged enough to handle splatters from inside or outside.

  • Gregory

    If ESG scores really do become a factor in our lives, I am well and truly screwed. Fortunately I owe virtually no money to anyplace and the only things purchased on a regular basis are gasoline and groceries. Maybe it is time to look into moving some of the family fortune to an undisclosed location …

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      The only major bank that I have dealings with is Wells Fargo for my mortgage (not my choice).
      If they decide to go ESG on me……..well, let’s put it this way. Bank buildings don’t hide very well.

  • Credit Unions. Usually with a branch of the military in the name. These work Arne are more personal.

    I’ve had a personal/business account at one for over 42 years. Great service and easily resolved the very few (less than five) disputes.

    • Brent+Dotson

      I’ve belonged to a Credit Union for over 30 years (probably close to 35). Funny thing is they have “America First” as part of their name.

      • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

        You live in Utah/intermountain west?
        I belong to (probably) the same CU.
        Good people.

  • yeahright

    I left BofA years ago because of their support for operation Chokepoint.

  • Wood

    Our family can is currently financed through BOA. wasn’t my choice, and they aren’t very transparent about such things on the lot. But otherwise I won’t deal with them at all.

    • Wood

      Come ON, man.

    • John

      This whole CF has been a wake up call for the world population.
      Government, no matter the style, cannot protect us by edict.
      Our only recourse is to do the one thing we don’t seem to be able to do, assume total isolation for everyone until the damn bug burns out.
      Government cannot let us do that. They need to rule and that means direct contact with their victims.
      The truly total lock-down would require each of us to be full-fledged preppers, and where would that leave those who would be our masters?

      • JTC

        John, hopefully that total lock down shit is just tongue-in-cheek; as this piece my daughter forwarded to me illustrates, exactly the opposite of “lock-downs” is the way out…natural
        acquired herd immunity. Sorry for length Chris but…

        “Brits now admit that the the shots have damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-vaccinated. The UK government has admitted that once you have been double-vaccinated, you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants – or possibly any other virus. So let’s watch the “real” pandemic begin now! In its Week 42 “COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report”, the UK Department of Health admits on page 23 that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who become infected after two doses of vaccination”. It goes on to say that this drop in antibodies is essentially permanent. What does this mean? We know that vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus (indeed, the report elsewhere shows that vaccinated adults are now much more likely to be infected than unvaccinated ones). The British now find that the vaccine interferes with the body’s ability to make antibodies after infection not only against the spike protein but also against other parts of the virus. In particular, vaccinated people do not appear to form antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein, the envelope of the virus, which is a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people. In the long term, the vaccinated are far more susceptible to any mutations in the spike protein, even if they have already been infected and cured once or more. The unvaccinated, on the other hand, will gain lasting, if not permanent, immunity to all strains of the alleged virus after being naturally infected with it even once.”

        • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

          Link, please?

          • JTC

            Daughter as I’ve mentioned here before, can certainly be categorized squarely in the anti-vax camp…Hilariously, the consortium closes ranks and comes out with the refutations FAST when they sense truth escaping from their black hole…


            …and invariably their fears have proven right from the very beginning and what are termed wildly speculative claims and outright disinformation has if anything proven to be even less horrible than the truth.

  • Dread

    If it hadnt been for that libturd in conserv clithing, Roberts, the whole shebang of the Biden mandate would have flushed to the deep six. What hospital or doctor doesent accept medicare or medicaid? Maybe Hollywood plastic surgeons. That half of the ruling violates the constitution just as Roberts violated it with the UNaffordable Care Act.

  • William Henry

    I remember when my oldest one was around 18-19 and packed her mother’s 40C boomers…. they followed her around like lost puppies with their tongues hanging out.

  • James the Watcher

    Downblouse, the ultimate fashion statement!

  • A small problem: there simply cannot be any other banks.
    Any maturity transforming bank (British model) is non-Misesian: it makes promises it cannot reliably meet, can only meet in a good weather. As such, it’s necessarily meta-stable (and default when the wind blows the wrong way)… unless it relies on a willing and effectively unlimited lender, that is people who own the printing press (whether directly or via another, thus a puppet on the strings of said lender).
    Even when a cartel deliberately crushing any interlopers does not exist (remember a bomb near Morgan bank? What was that about?).
    That is, de facto they ALL are state banks, under whichever fig leaves are considered fashionable at the time.

  • clayusmcret

    The first time you let a banking institution give you something like an ESG score, the money is no longer yours. Dump them before they can say corporate robbery.

  • WayneM

    One of my friends who used to work in banking told me that local credit unions are the way to go… and that was more than a decade ago…

  • JTC

    My BOA timeline…

    The best banks are/were quasi-local ones, and Florida’s Barnett Bank was among the very best of those. Based in Jacksonville but with every county each having substantial autonomy and its own president, execs, and decision-making. Our little county had a main branch downtown where I could walk in and be greeted by tellers I had known for years and if I went down the corridor more than one VP would walk out of his office to greet me and ask if I needed anything. It was awesome. There were four branches, two in the same town as the main location, and one each in the two small burgs to the north and south of the county. That three-story main branch is now an indoor flea market and there is only one walk-in branch left in the county, which has one drive-in lane and has been closed for covid twice for weeks at a time; you want to do business, do it at the ATM or online.

    There was quite a merger and acquisition process that got us from there to here, including the purchase of Barnett by NCNB in the largest bank acquisition in history up to that point in the mid-90’s, and an absorption of MBNA, then the purchase of Cali’s BankAmerica to form the largest bank in the country, which was then changed to Bank Of America, but make no mistake, it was the North Carolina boys of NCNB that owned and ran the show. What has happened to the administration and nearly complete sellout to the Woke is the story of my bank, probably a hundred various accounts over the years including vehicles and real estate, but the core checking, credit card, and credit-line accounts are continuous for over 35 years and all have carried the same account numbers for the entire time. That does carry some weight even when talking to the telephone drones when they see the account history, always with a “thank you for your business for 30-whatever years” and some expedited and special attention to my needs, and their telephone reps (at least the ones I am connected with) are all USA-based and actually converse in English, with a pretty grasp and handling of any issues that arise. And key for me at least, is that even through all the iterations and all the changes, the loss of any personal contacts and relationships, I have never had a serious issue with my accounts, partly because I stay I stay on top of things pretty well, but I will also give them credit for, at least at the level of service I require, which is basically just don’t fuck my stuff up and respond to me when I ask, keeping my finances on an even keel.

    At the macro level, where pure size and stupid irrelevant social shit seem to go hand in hand, I have watched the shit from the chokepoint that someone mentioned but never affected me even when I was a pretty active FFL (always operated on the don’t-ask-don’t-tell method with only my name on all accounts and transactions), through all the name changes and all the loss of physical locations and local personnel, and I have always expected the house of cards to collapse and I would have to reconstruct my financial framework somewhere else -and we do have a local and by all accounts outstanding Mid-Florida Credit Union that will be my refuge when/if needed. But until then the pain and difficulty but most importantly the potential for a major breakdown in transition keeps me where I am doing what I have done for lo these many.

    Sometimes, as with favorite actors and singers whose work you love and even identify with, you don’t really want to know too much about the dark inner workings and real world truth…until, you know, the SHTF and all bets are off.

    • JTC

      OMG, y’all just had to stir up the dirty truth didn’t you?
      “In 2020, Brian Moynihan, Bank of America Chairman and CEO, in his role as Chair of the International Business Council (IBC) of
      the World Economic Forum and in collaboration with the Big Four accounting firms, led the development of the stakeholder
      capitalism metrics. The metrics include ESG indicators and disclosures for financial markets, investors and society. Structured
      around the pillars of principles of governance, planet, people and prosperity, the identified metrics and disclosures enable companies
      to collectively report on non-financial disclosures.”

      The World Economic Forum. Gag.

  • Halley

    Next time, instead of Mint Chocolate ask for the Honey Melon.

    • CDR 215

      “Ask for Honey Melons”. There, I fixed it for you.

    • cb

      In the past few hours:

      YouTube temporarily suspends, demonetizes Dan Bongino’s channel

      Minnesota Bank and Trust moves to CANCEL MyPillow founder’s bank accounts

      DirecTV to Drop One America News

  • UWMarineRet

    When I was a young butter bar at Camp Pendleton in the very early ’80s BankAmerica was on base and I opened a small checking account for local transactions. The account always refused to balance correctly– a few pennies off each month and I never got an explanation from the branch as to why.

    Turns out they arrested some BA execs and employees in Cali for a skimming fraud out of the checking accounts. BA evaporated off the base I and never did business with them again. NFCU for 43 years now and it works.

  • JTC

    Speaking of gov edicts, for the children donchaknow…


    Maybe; if that is an actual ’08 SRX , they had a pretty hot little V-8 that could be set up to do the vroom thing…

    If however it is the 2010 humpback pregnant Prius version that has been depicted, the available Sixes could be made to have a whiny snarl, but no way no how a VROOMM!

    • Doggo

      Unless Sam did an engine swap


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