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  • formwiz

    Courbet never did it better, but I do like a woman that isn’t afraid of her natural adornment.

  • Toad

    I’m confused. Told him what?

    • Polly Cy

      I think “told him that Skye was coming” might be a good bet.

    • Olddog

      Or that she knows what happened.

      • Polly Cy

        How could she know what happened? You can’t trust Skye for the truth, and I don’t even think the Z-man knows for sure. I certainly don’t.

    • JIMV

      I’m afraid today’s panel went past me, but at least there is eye candy.

      • John Trauger

        They were in the middle of lovemaking and suddenly Zed decided the dog needs walking. Since when has anything come before Sam with Zed?

        Sam’s one blind spot has always been her sister and Zed only finds out she’s back when she walks through the door. Certainly nobody asked him what he thought about it.

        Zed is repackaging Ben Franklin’s line “all cats are gray in the dark” isn’t talking about how Skye is like Sam, but how Sam might be like Skye.

  • Polly Cy

    Ruh Roh. I’m not sure I like the direction this seems to be going in.

    • Captain Ned

      You’re not the only one.

  • JTC

    I’m sure there’s some angst and meaning in there but I’m a little blinded.

  • Grunt GI

    Hmm. So it appears Sam still doesn’t completely trust Skye. Or knows about the mistaken button flipping, or both.
    Well. Zed is irritated, but I’m pretty sure Sam can bring him around.
    I bet she can be very, very persuasive.
    It may take some extra oral arguement, just sayin’.

  • Toad

    I seem to recall a fantasy sequence a while back that involved Skye. And polygyny isn’t exactly far-fetched these days.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Polygamy with Skye? Not only no, and No, and NO, but HELL NO! I wouldn’t even want to imagine the drama. (shudder……)

      • JIMV

        I bet the art would be good

    • JIMV

      This is hardy a new or traumatic idea. I once dated a girl who shared her dates with her sister and I certainly was not complaining. My two younger sisters used to take turns dating the same guys. Maybe that is why I believe jealousy is so silly. It accomplishes nothing and everyone involved will do exactly as they desire anyway.

  • JTC

    He walks away from that he’s really pissed. Yes Sam you shoulda told him.

    But this is not really on Skye.

    • WayneM

      Indeed, this is on Sam… and she should’ve told him.

      Walking the dog is a good way to settle one’s mind. Even an electric dog.

      My only point of confusion is the comment about cats in the dark.

      • Wicked Duke

        “Cats in the dark” = “All women are just alike”, i.e. Sam was acting like Skye: deceitful.

        Because yeah, letting your dirtbag sister come back around *yet again*, and probaby stir up crap, yet again, without even the courtesy of informing him beforehand, much less, you know, talking about it, and being sure that her spouse was, you know, OK with Skye being around yet again?

        My guess is that he’s considerably more than just “irritated”.

        That isn’t ‘forgetting to pick up some hamburger at the grocery store’, that’s taking him for granted, and treating him pretty disrespectfully.

        • GWB

          “My guess is that he’s considerably more than just “irritated”.”
          Especially given the consequences (that button-flipping).

          • MasterDiver

            As a ROTC buddy of mine used to say: “He’s not just pissed off, he’s. PISSED. OFF!”

            Zar Belk!

      • Scotty Curtis

        Sam made the comment about changing her spots, like a leopard.
        Zed’s comment about all cats the same in the dark…
        this is not good.
        She should have told him Skye was there.

      • Polly Cy

        “All cats are gray in the dark.” The immortal Ben Franklin on his willingness to bed “des femmes d’un certain âge” or indeed anyone of the feminine persuasion. Wrinkles, deformities, bad complexions, irregular features, even, might I add, hair color and tattoos, aren’t visible once the lights are off. Similar phrases had been written and used before, but Franklin’s is the one that’s most often referenced.

        • JTC

          One of Ben’s rare complete failures to grasp the concept. In his humorous haste to illustrate his own boasted tomcattery, he leaves out or maybe was genuinely lacking in, the human soul aspect.

          The one that made Zed trudge mortally injured across the desert as someone said. The one that makes he and me silently pledge to sacrifice self and most anything else, to protect and provide.

          It’s not (only) about sex. It’s about trust, devotion, connection. It’s about love.

          All cats may seem the same in the dark. All pussies are not. Glad it didn’t get that far.

          • WayneM

            While I’m familiar with Franklin and I’ve heard about him being a rake, I hadn’t heard that particular expression before. DBD is always educational.

    • Too Tall

      Individuals with Zed’s background and training HAVE to walk away when they are pissed. You don’t ever want to see one of them mad. If you do, and you survive, you will never forget it.

  • KenH

    Yeah, she should have
    She really REALLY should have
    Especially since Zed LITERALLY has saved the miserable SKANK’s life and was rewarded with nothing but retarded bullshit and scorn.
    RATS don’t change
    She hasn’t either
    This is all a scam bullshit until she can suckhole her way into another easy mark

  • Spin Drift

    Lets see I have a Parker at almost that Exact Serial number. She’s a Grade 5. And she should have told him, twice.

    America’s Finest

    • JTC

      Wow, pre-1890 I think. Grade 5, got to be some beautiful wood and metal work…Damascus? Yep, finest there ever was or ever will be as American shotguns go.

      In forty years as a medium volume FFL (avg 1200-1500 transfers/yr including pawns) I handled maybe a couple dozen Parkers. Out of maybe 50,000. I only kept one, a very clean original 20 that I sold in ’92 when we bought our current house. Got 5K then, as the small-bores have increased it would probably bring 20 now. Sigh. But it was really just a thing and it helped get my girl what she wanted, so…

      Red there is a pretty fine American piece too. Big bore Side-by-side. What gives things value? Rarity, desirability, condition.

      Sam wins. Get over it Z.

      • Spin Drift


        Chris told me awhile back that Zed’s a Parker man. I’d classify Sam as an 8 gage, AA grade, double hammer type lass. Got to be a big man to handle her. Please go the PGCS web site to decipher the reference. As too 20’s, for my special snowflakes 21st b’day, she received a grade 2, 20ga, 30″ damascus tubes, English stock, leather covered pad. Swings like a dream which I’m sure is how Sam moves.

        Woodcock is out bird

  • NotYetInACamp

    A woman will be a cat in the dark, some the same as other cats, yet she won’t farking talk.(some)
    That has created much evil in the world.

    Whatever happened could be many things, some with future ramifications. It is not good for a guy like Zed. As we conjecture as he walks the dog (with lasers and other things Dr Evil never had on his sharks).

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    No, Sam. You shouldn’t have told him. You should have ASKED HIM….. period.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

    • JTC


  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    And all cats are the same in the dark…, OR brunette…. Major trust issues here.

  • JTC

    Sometimes single men (and women) just don’t get it.

    Sometimes marrieds don’t get it either.

    Sometimes the latter leads to the former. You know who you are.

    And sometimes maybe they do get it and staying or getting single is a choice.

    That I don’t get.

    • Yup!

      • JTC


    • Too Tall

      A little wisdom from Wade and Olivia would be VERY welcome about now.

      • MasterDiver

        Merlin gave Arthur this advice:

        How to handle a woman?
        Very well, I will tell you sir,
        The way to handle a woman…
        Is to love her,
        simply love her, love her, love her…

        Zar Belk!

    • Too Tall

      For a very few, truly important things, against all odds is a pretty fair fight. From Dierks Bentley’s “I Hold On:”
      “My faith, your love, our freedom”

      This is a man who walked across a desert ,seriously wounded, fueled by nothing more than a vision of Sam.

      He needs some serious red headed healing right now.

  • Ride the wave, see where it breaks.

  • Ryan Bowers

    leopards can’t change their spots

  • HB

    hummm—–I think the Z man should have a sit-down talk with Sam and Skye and ask if they are all good with a permanent 3 some family. Skye has to swear allegiance to God, Family, Constitutional America and Zed and Sam. Sam has to swear allegiance to Zed with the ultimate punishment toward Skye if Skye breaks her promise.

    Unless the above is agreed to by all—Skye has to leave, take her kids and never return under penalty of “punishment”.

    • KenH

      That, will NEVER happen, and YOU know it

      And RED? She is way too much a softie, always thinking of “the children”
      Sweets, you got your own kids. You should be more worried about them. Especially with them now at the age where the Skank’s retardation can leave a mark or influence on them.
      Sit-down time should have been BEFORE not now

  • Halley

    Sambots just like to have fun…

  • JoBoy

    Sam could be preggers.

    • Greg Spangler

      That was my take

  • Willik

    “….cats are all the same in the dark.”

    Robert A. Heinlein called that statement a “contemptible lie!” and stated there are “infinite differences.”

    I must agree, Chris.

    • Halley

      Laz and Lor also agree.

      • Fox2!

        The Senior agrees.

  • Wild Man

    Just what did Zed do with Skye? He obviously confused her with Sam, but to what extent? And on that note, just how did that button pop?

  • Mag

    I believe that it was Ben Franklin that said “In the dark, all cats are gray”

  • Dread

    Having trouble figuring this thread, butcats all the same in the dark? Grew up hearing that! Its about a certain part of female anatomy. Still not getting the thread, but those two panels today? DAYUMN! I get those!

  • Johnny Z

    Did Skye dye her hair red to confuse Zed?

  • majmike

    I’m confused.

  • Unca Walt

    I have to confess. After 57 years of marriage to a gorgeous redhead, I haven’t a fargin clue as to just what the bloody hell is going on here.

    I must have lost a few neurons or sumpin’. I have missed the point. Hell, I have missed the whole concept.

    Straight-up explanation from anybody would be welcome.

    SIGNED: His Ignorant Innocence

    • Skye has Sam’s hairdo. She has had her tats removed. Her body is very similar in shape and endowment. It was dark. Zed didn’t know she was there. Zed came up behind who he thought was his wife “to get fresh”. It wasn’t his wife.

      • JIMV

        Yes, but as a story line, is it worth all the angst and confusion? Zed confused the two ladies…whoopie…what really matters is Skye’s return without Zed being advised.

    • JTC


      57 years? Clueless didn’t get you there.

      Hardly ignorant. Hardly innocent. Got the concept down.


      • Unca Walt

        (*snork*) Thankee, JTC.

        We’re both virgins-one-removed. Only woman I’ve ever “known”.

        I’ve been told it’s more or less all the same, but I will haveta go to my grave curious and without first-hand knowledge.

        Still, if Skye is there… and we know just how much Zed just loves having her around…

        WTF was in Sam’s mind?

        Deals like that are simply not done with your life partner. What if Zed comes home and says, ]”I took our savings and bought a small island off Newfoundland. We are moving there tomorrow.”

        Stuff like that jus’ aint right… between life-partners.

  • noncom

    Sam is almost bragging about the deception, though I suspect good natured ribbing here….perhaps this is not the time….no wonder Zed is pissed/confused….I would expect to be informed/asked in this situation….

  • Usexpat

    Obviously a bun in the oven.

  • Bren

    The thing about all cats being the same in the dark covers being catty as well. Sam didn’t just suggest that Zed would need visual queues, she specifically mentioned that she’d change her carpet when he asked about the drapes.

    This directly implies that she expects him to get a look at Skye’s throw rug. I’d have gone for a walk myself.

    • JIMV

      Too much angst here. We are all over thinking the issue. It could all be cleared up with a Simple line or so from Sam…’Zed, Skye needs servicing badly…Hop to it’ and then we see where it goes.

      • Unca Walt

        Not without a full blood workup.

        Beauty doan stop the Holy Land from changing into a pizza with everything on it.

        And it would simply be sacrilege.

  • 'TreHammer

    I’m with cmblake6

  • AA Nemo

    As a wise Marine colonel once advised, “If it flys, f***s, or floats, rent it – saves a great deal of hassle and money…” (and I might add broken hearts). Ben would probably agree.

    Nemo. Semper Fi!

  • MommaMackie

    First posting and it has to be a downer…

    I’ve got a bad feeling about Zed’s walk in the dark alone, even with a good dawg beside him…

    What can I say? I have a house full of men and I’m always worried about them.

  • Shooter 2.5

    Ok finally have the sequence down. Zed is mad that he wasn’t warned Skye was there. Sam says she will do something to identify herself from her sister in case things get too close. Zed ignores the idea and Sam is getting ready for what she thinks is coming. The light goes on and Sam has her eyes closed so she does the old name, rank and serial number to identify herself since the first idea take a little time. She opens her eyes and Zed has his clothes on and is walking out. The panels are a little confusing to which comes first. My bad.

    • Chris Muir

      This.I gotta work on panel placement.

      • Andrew Benghazi

        Maybe use flowchart arrows.

      • Unca Walt

        Chris — You had pore ole Unca onna ropes. I instantly recognized the number 59378 as the Nosler 150-gr. 30-cal no-lead bullet.

        And serial numbers (as in GI-Issue) are considerably longer.

  • DrUrchin

    My eyesight is not strong enough to tell the difference in the colors of the text bubbles, but it vaguely looks like that is ZED saying “I should have told him” not Sam. If so, then I would imagine he is regretting not saying something to Wade, something that his wife’s inconsiderateness has provoked to the forefront of him mind.

    But I am half blind.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    We have more than a sequence problem here. Zed is old-school Texas, a one-woman man. Devoutly so…. His vision of that love kept him alive and functioning in the ‘Stan, when a normal man’d have perished. Two daughters, fought an agency gone rogue, side by side. DEVOTION is the word, and the difference between the sisters has always been much more than tats and hair shade. To have touched Skye as he would Sam is a shock to his mind akin to rubbing an erection with ground glass. The fact he wasn’t ASKED if Skye could return to the DD, much less TOLD she was coming, is an insult to his standing as head of the family. Yeah, keep the cat under the covers, I’m gonna a walk the dog and think this over…. Sam has overstepped, and snarky sex-play won’t patch this up. This is a soul problem.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Things not said cause so much that should have been different.

    • Unca Walt

      JohninMd — Like we useta say:

      There It Is.

    • KenH

      We need an up-button for posts , especially ones like this

  • John T

    I’m more worried that the deed has been done, and he’s going to end up “Uncle Dad” and get his wallet ransacked…

    • NotYetInACamp

      possible future consequences

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Maybe I’m too old, but I’m not quite following this, even after reading the comments. Chris, the artwork is great, and the humor is great, but some of us need much more obvious clues as to plot. I’ll keep reading and supporting though.

  • Grunt GI

    Oh, I think there will be a reckoning for sure. But seriously, does anyone think Zed can stay mad at Sam for long?

    I predict a little “laying down of the law” about Skye, but as much as many of us hate to admit it, some family members (Sam) will always take in other family members (Skye) no matter how farked up they are.

    PLUS, there was the old “Mom called me” factor there…don’t forget that. Don Partego did them a solid with DHS last year, so I figure Sam decided she owed her Mom one to take her sister in.

    It will be fun to watch how this plays out. Zed is the law of the land there at the ranch, so I suspect he will return to Sam with his judgement and decision.

    WHICH, I suspect she will wisely follow.

  • Unca Walt

    One last LAST note:

    In those 57 years of marriage, we have never let an argument go overnight.

    Granted, there were some nights when we got to bed really late, but we did. So by morning, the problem was resolved.

  • Halley

    Is June 1 just 10 days away?

    • Chris Muir

      It’ll be June 6th because of BigNewThang® comin’ out.

      • JTC

        BigNewThang! Just what Skye needs, right up her alley as it were. 😉

        That’ll fix everything.

        Yeah I know, Chris has a different BNT in store for us. BUT:

        It is my hope and I am convinced that Skye’s transformation is for real. Remember this was not overnight but a process of months, influenced no doubt by her recent experiences, personal reflection, and her Mom.

        She has adopted her adored and admired big sister’s look not to take from her or betray her but to emulate her, learn from her, and be like her in body, mind, soul, and relationships. When Sam and especially Zed see that, the mistrust will abate, Sam’s missteps will be forgiven, and the family unit will be strengthened.

        She wants (and needs) a Zed, but not Sam’s Zed. If she sticks to the program and is patient, like all good things it will come. Sheriff? Travis? BigNewThang? We shall see.

        BTW, like most here I imagine, I’ve been putting aside a few extra bucks in anticipation of June. Not a lot; being retired these days limits the entertainment budget a bit. But can y’all imagine more bang for your entertainment buck than here at DBD? Yeah, me neither.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Do not forget that as a child Skye hid as Sam to avoid whatever she was scared of. I imagine Skye as a child that would cause offense, then search for a way to avoid the consequences. Hiding as Sam was her method when she was scared. Of what we ponder. Many things. Most due to her actions and irresponsibility.
          God knows what Skye really wants. She wants what she sees others have. She appears not to have developed her own sense of herself. Her values are fluid. Yes. We can hope she has jelled as a person. Expecting that. Not so much. I can see the good in everyone. But I have to discern the bullshit of well developed stories, even lies that people make to themselves, in order to protect myself and others.

  • JIMV

    Well for heavens sake make it a good ‘big thing’ and not a bad one…Don’t go and retire on us!

    • Chris Muir

      I’ll retire 3 days after I’m dead.BigThang® is…revolutionary.

  • I prefer a liberal Skye. After all, she’s not (yet) old enough to appreciate logic, accountability, and paying taxes.

    Give her some time to come around. Everyone takes one (or two) steps towards conservatism when they get older.

  • Pamela

    Sam you should know better and deserve to be bitch slapped.
    You’re a redhead and I’d say lost your F’N mind pulling that crap.
    Make-up sex will not fix this.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Some things cause major damage. That is a big problem.

  • Malatrope

    Artful thing you did with the sheets, there, Chris. Am I the only one to notice? Was it an intentional or unintentional Rorschach Test?

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    An eDog doesn’t need to be walked. It’s found something. Something the Alpha needs to see – deal with.

    Could it be…. Skye’s AntiFa?

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