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  • NotYetInACamp

    If only we could change the government that easily. (We tried)(Now do it)
    Be as little children …

  • Henry

    Fastest lasers I ever seen!

    • pyrodice

      if they ever invent slow lasers, I’ll be thrilled to see them!

      • GWB

        You just need a really big gravity well…….

        • pyrodice

          Seen “Star Wars” though 😉

  • syvyn11

    Still have a bad feeling about this. I think Skye is about to become unredeemable. I hope the gang doesn’t trust her much.

    • KenH

      The mere fact, that she was allowed to set foot on the property -by RED – is gross stupidity in the extreme. At some point, blood means jack-shit. And we have been looking at her beyond the pale in the rear view mirror for a helluva long time

      • RegT

        You are so right, Ken. Both I and my wife each have a sister who is unredeemable, and while we don’t hate them, we don’t waste any of the remaining days of our life dealing with them in any way. Don’t even think of them unless a reference like yours (“blood is thicker”, etc.) strikes a chord of thought.

    • noncom

      Looking at the two above, I’m reminded of the good angel on the right shoulder and the dark angel on the left….sometimes, we all give in to the darker angels….

    • RegT

      I missed the opportunity to comment on the last few ‘toons. Zed’s physical interaction with Skye occurred in a blue frame, which (in the past at least) I seem to recall makes it a dream sequence, not an _real_ occurrence. Correct me if I am wrong, Chris. Or, by thy silence be it confirmed 🙂

      • Chris Muir


  • KenH

    Still not buying this
    Unless we have somehow wandered off into Trekland, there aint no WAY on this earth, her hair grew back this fast

    • TomZ

      Only things I can think of are a wig or hair extensions.

  • Old Codger

    I’ve read that if it’s done right, laser tat removal can get rid of the tat without scarring. The secret is in laser frequency and pulse duration. Too short pulse and it either doesn’t do the job or it doesn’t completely break up the ink particles. Too long a pulse and enough heat is transferred to the surrounding tissue to cause significant damage and scarring.

    I see all these young people with so very much ink and and so many piercings and I wonder how proud they’re gonna be of it when they’re in their 60s and up. Even if they take out the piercings and let the holes grow shut, there’ll still be scars to remind them of their youthful indiscretions.

    • Brasspounder

      I always get a chuckle at the millennial scorn of the fads and fashions of the past. Yes, those leisure suits, platform shoes, and feathered hair look absurd forty years after the fact, but they were easily removed without surgery. Good luck with easily tossing the transient looks (and ALL fashion is ephemeral, no matter how entrenched it seems at the time) when the tribal tats and gauged ears of the twenty-teens become objects of ridicule.

  • Pamela

    Strange that Skye had her identifying tats removed and her hair fixed to something less conspicuous and more conservative.

    After years of not wanting one, I’m getting a Phoenix tattoo for my birthday.

    • JTC

      Red firebird no doubt. If it’s symbolic for yourself, new arising etc., go for it.

      Just glad it’s not a succubus. 😉

      Happy B-Day Red. 60?

        • JTC

          Very tasteful. And certainly symbolic with the heart.

          I knew you weren’t the demonic seductress, more the fiery, lusty and potentially dangerous type. Firebird is perfect.

          My girl will be 63 on 6/9, me on 8/28. I’d prefer 23 if I could go back, but not as things are now I think. New life awaits, here or hereafter.

        • Patrick

          Ok that’s gonna be a sweet one there Pamela!

        • Swansonic

          That’s cool. and a belated HB to you!

        • NotYetInACamp

          Very nice. I like it.


  • Old Codger

    OT but useful to know

    Harvard Study Finds Trump’s Media Coverage Is 80 Percent Negative

    The story headline says it all. Actually, on some topics the coverage was over 90% negative.

    Get the facts here:

    I was shocked at just how much news time was devoted to ragging on the President. Mr Trump got approximately THREE TIMES as much coverage during his first 100 days as did Obozo, W or Willy Jeff. And MOST of it was negative. There was no subject area where he got more good press than bad. And of course what do we hear from the LSM about this study?


    What else would you expect?

    • WayneM

      Sadly, not surprising. The lamestream media still haven’t accepted that the Hildabeast lost the election so they’re actively campaigning against DJT.

      Mourning isn’t linear so we’re likely going to see more anger and denial for a while. It’ll be fun to remind them of these tantrums when bargaining and acceptance come along…

    • JTC

      The Donald is certainly a publicity whore, always has been. But unlike some he has successfully operated under the theory that all publicity is good publicity.

      And the constant, comical spinning of even positive or at least neutral stories with nasty negative lead-ins is wearing thin and having the reverse effect as even their own begin to be embarrassed by it…eventually just applying the Chicken Little rule to every “breaking story”.

      The only harm that can come is when the spineless eunuchs with an R after their names start to sign on to the BS as they are the ones who wield the gavels in congress and have the ability to not just obstruct but to gridlock the real work that DT is actively getting done. Fucking covetous traitorous bitches.

        • Pamela

          Too bad there are not some enterprising persons with mad computer skills to relieve George of his ill gotten gains and make some needed donations to maybe some reputable Veterans charities.

          • Delilah T.

            North Korea is reputed to have hacked the Federal Reserve Bank in NYC in March this year and made off with $81 million.

            I’m sure there are other people just as ‘brilliant’. And Soros is not nearly as rich as Marcellus Crassus was. His net worth in today’s dollars (before the Parthians killed him) was something on the order of $1.4 trillion.

        • Halley

          If there is any longer a smidgen of difference between the Democrat-run “media” and organized crime, it is imperceptible to me.

        • JW

          Looked over the link. Quite loony, aren’t they.

          • Pamela

            Lunatic more like it. Looney only happens when Bugs, Daffy,
            the Road Runner and the Acme Co are in the house.
            Where’s an anvil when you need one… sigh

          • Swansonic

            Give it time – the media is falling faster than it is…..

          • Old Codger

            Let’s just hope they aren’t loony like a fox. So many people get all their news from the LSM. Add in that Fox news is almost certain to take a huge jump to the left and you have excellent conditions for a lot of people to be thoroughly brainwashed. With pretty much all non-blogosphere based media (and all the LSM’s web outlets) switching to full-on, no holds barred propaganda mode, the ’20 election could be really interesting. Interesting as in the beginning of a civil war!

            Well, what will develop will develop. There’s really nothing we can do to modify the situation. The folks who are most susceptible are the ones least likely to believe any talk of a (to coin a phrase) “vast LEFT WING conspiracy to utterly subvert the democratic process in the republic and institute a full-on Socialist People’s Republic.

        • NotYetInACamp

          There we see the well planned Method to Their Madness.
          Never think that the crazies were not planned.

          Their insanity (to us) is well planned.
          It is part of by any means necessary to defeat their enemy.
          If they have any actual content or truth in their attacks, that is only by accident. They are following agendas to what they desire as a victory.
          Gruber is only one example of those who lie. Bernays, Lenin, Pelosi, Reid, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, Muslims, BLM, Leftist university professors, public school teachers,and others are some others.
          Good informational site. Like the Muslim Brotherhood and others, they do have written plans to conquer the USA.

        • John

          This may be a strategic blunder on their part.
          As long as there was no identifiable center to Trump’s opposition the Left could claim it was all “grass roots”.
          With an identifiable coordinating center the label “conspiracy” can now be applied, and that may well shoot their little mud-slinging convention in the head. It will not go unnoticed by the Net.

          • Old Codger

            “Strategic blunder”? How so? Who’s gonna tell the masses they’re being brainwashed; hornswaggled? Who’re they going to believe? Us? Or the scurvy bastards who’re hornswaggling them?

            (ah, you DO realize that was merely a rhetorical question, don’t you?)</I

        • Delilah T.

          So when should I announce my goal to be the first woman US President?

          Geez, Louise, what would it take to get Soros to spend all his money trying to stop the production of something – just one thing – and have his son remove him because he’s spent the family fortune on paranoia?

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Lasering tats is one thing, but izzat a wig? No way she’s had time to grow back from the buzz-cut she had flying to Japan….

    • eon

      Hair weave.

      clear ether


    • JTC

      Time warp. So says TAKAC.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The All Knowing Artist Chris. Good one. 🙂
        He is the artistic creator here. (With kibitzers)

        • JTC

          The Artist Known As Chris actually, a takeoff on the goofy Prince thing. But your interpretation works very well too. 😉

      • NotYetInACamp

        In 1963, President Kennedy spoke to members of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Kennedy asserted that “what makes editorial cartooning such a wonder” is the ability to “entertain and instruct us … and … place in one picture a story and a message and do it with impact and conviction and humor and passion – all that … makes [editorial cartoonists] the most exceptional commentators on the American scene.”

  • Ozymandias

    It’s really a shame the laser wasn’t a bit more powerful..

  • epilitimus

    Let no one every say that Chris Muir doesn’t listen to his readers.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    A good laser tat removal treatment takes time. The tat area to treated is done a little at a time, week by week.

    • John

      Apparently quite some time has elapsed. Unless that’s a wig she’s wearing, Skye had to grow out enough hair to get a weave or extensions. Normally it would take years to grow out her hair that long.

  • This has so many directions it can go. Patience, Grasshopper(s).

  • Hardball

    Sam’s boobs look censored today ?????

    • PaulS

      Sam’s boobs look sensuous today!!!!!

      (Fixed) 🙂

  • Freelancer60

    Laser wavelength for skin treatments such as tattoo removal have to be precisely adjusted for both skin shade and the color being removed. Deep black tats on pale skin are extremely difficult to remove at all, much less without a trace. Also, the color contrast plays into how much area can be treated at a time. It would take more than long enough for her hair to grow back, to get rid of all the ink on her arms.

    • PaulS

      Agreed, and hopefully she was detoxed and anti biohazarded over the course of her transformation year.

    • Kafiroon

      There is also the slight difference between Art and Reality.

  • Pamela

    Skye helped with the dishes? *looks at Chris over glasses*
    Hmm. You’re up to something Mr. Muir.

    • Grunt GI

      Well, yes. Naughty minds could come up with all kinds of interesting scenarios where sisters look very much alike in the dark….

      And goodness knows, Skye has a naughty mind.

  • 8541USMC

    Skye- Give her hope for redemption. Perhaps the good stuff in her bloodline will rise to the top. At any rate, Forgiveness does NOT mean you have to Forget. a Modicum of Trust, but a TON of Verify in her case.

    • Halley

      Yes – where there is real Change, there is real Hope.

  • Patrick

    Hell hath no fury like a betrayed liberal/progressive. She may have rightly realized (and for entirely self reasons no doubt), that the progs cannot delivery and support their individuals, that they use people and discard them, that only the top few actually benefit from their agenda. A hard lesson to learn by an idealist/narcissist but one that has hardness to it. It won’t erase liberal tendencies, but it will cause more skepticism – always a good thing.

    • JTC

      Dead-on Patrick. And as in most things young ones are most susceptible. This is why the Skye story arc has so much relevance to meatspace.

      They are the future of conservatism/pragmatism/survival. If they don’t become wise to the bait of progs, elites, and the ilk of Sanders, we will lose the numbers across the overwhelmingly Red counties of America to offset the teeming hives of blue in the population centers.

      Of course consider the source of this article as to actual veracity. But there is no doubt that youth are the primary target of prog pols, their media, their entertainers, and their indoctrination system aka academia.

      Let Skye’s awakening and transformation be real. It won’t be easy, but let her become a visceral advocate and warrior for retribution against those who deceived her and used her soul and her money for their own goals and gains, and help others like her escape the grasp and trap of the elites cum islamists who will discard and/or devour them.

  • SheepDog

    Why is Skye wearing 2 different outfits from panel 1 to panel 2. Panel 1 has her midsection covered, panel 2 shows her midsection bare? Before dinner she had a top with buttons in the front. Panel 1 has an outfit with a zipper in the back. Panel 2 has no front buttons now. Is she a fast change artist? Or am I just being too observant?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Sheep Dogs must be observant. But they also determine what is relevant while observing. Observant is good.

  • RooftopVoter

    Now we need the good sheriff Tuck to complete her transformation.

    • Grunt GI

      Or Travis? Either one would clearly whip her into shape, so to speak.

  • Delilah T.

    You guys don’t get it yet? Skye’s in disguise until she thinks the coast is clear. If you think her former associates aren’t hunting for her, you aren’t paying attention. But when you have twins, who is who? And which is The Engineer?

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