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  • JTC

    All you can eat!

    • WayneM

      There’s room here for a comment about the special sauce but I’m a gentleman…

  • Merle

    Ought to be interesting to see how he tells which is the imposter!!! πŸ™‚

    • John

      I think he just did.

  • Swansonic

    Uh oh – they’re mirror images of each other!

    Which one is the evil one?!?

    • Swansonic

      Both of them, should you piss ’em off…..

      • Pamela

        Might want to have your legal affairs in order should that come to pass. Piss me off and see what happens is never a good thing where Redheads are concerned. πŸ˜‰

    • TomZ

      Not mirror images, look at the hair.

  • Gotta love the thought. Mind you, that -5 temperature could definitely put one off.

    • GWB

      Cold nose, warm heart, right? Or is that hands?

      • Old Codger

        I always heard “hands” but my wife also uses “nose” as well as “feet” (the latter especially on cold nights!)

    • Old Codger

      If the R1000 was really intended to pass as its model I’d be very surprised if it cannot selectively warm parts of itself in order to be able to avoid detection.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Decisions, decisions. What to do?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Is there a bit of electronic “timbre” in Jo’s voice? Or is that just Chris’s way to help us poor readers tell the two apart, “While The Plot Sickens”?

    • TomZ


    • Punta Gorda

      Not to mention that the hair is not as finely detailed. Almost like a smoothing appropriation has been done. Vertices can be murder on CPU throughput.

  • Halley

    I’ll have mine with both honey and sugar…

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Double your pleasure
    Double your fun
    With Doublemint
    Doublemint gum.

    • MasterDiver

      Two Vespas,
      Two Twins
      Here’s where the fun begins
      A Two-wheel twosome out to get
      Double the fun of the Vespa set…

      Zar Belk!

  • Olddog

    -5 degrees. Why did I just think of that scene from β€œThe Christmas Story?”

    • GWB

      Better stuck there than a nasty old flagpole, though, eh?

  • Grunt GI

    Hmmm, Appetizer and Main Course?

  • “A man’s got to know his limitations…” Inspector Harry Callahan.

  • PaulS

    Double trouble!
    Baaad Sam…..

  • JTC

    OT, but damn.

    This right here will be a death match…and a portent in microcosm of 2020.

    Over the last months we Floridiots have been bombarded with ads for governor wannabe polar opposites. On the D side two South FL jews, one a billionaire Palm Beach who said with narrow threatening eyes he is Trump’s worst nightmare, the other the former mayor of Miami Beach, both banning guns, free medicare and a “living wage” for all, open immigration, and how they would fix the damage done by DT and parroting everything nasty the prog media machine has spouted about him. There is also the slightly more centrist daughter of former gov Bob Graham, now a rep, with her woman’s touch shown hugging all the OTW’s and pushing her “education’ agenda.

    On the R side there is Adam Putnam, a local third generation farmer and the current commisioner of ag who made no bones about loving Trump and all of his agenda, even going beyond that on things like 2A…I’ve watched and liked him for many years, he was the frontrunner and probably my choice. The other contender is a current rep and all about conservative family values, also openly virtually hugging DT, not a guy I had really heard of before.

    And you know what happened? Neither of those extremes was extreme enough in this bizarre world, so an endorsement by Trump of the second conservative Desantis sprung him to a win…I read the wiki above and I like everything there, so I don’t know that it’s a bad thing, just that there’s a lack of name recognition etc. Then like a bolt of lightning a young black dude who is mayor of Tallahassee (the DC of FL, a cesspool of leftism surrounded by some of the most conservative Southern real estate you will find…got the endorsement of Bernie Sanders, and he won…he’s being likened to that Muz lady that surprised all with a win in NY…from what I have learned about him I would call him Flobama…a pretty non-white with a silver tongue and some of the most radical leftist blather you will ever hear.

    Neither of these nominees have yet turned 40 and one or the other of them will provide a crystal ball into the general election as I said above.

    This will be a battle to the death of either everything conservative and American or a slapdown of this crazy communism and anti-Americanism movement.

    It’s going to be good…but scary. And it’s on my doorstep, soon to be on yours.

    • JJ cooper

      The word Jews is ALWAYS capitalized.

      • JTC

        Apparently not always.
        Exceptions to everything, like surnames, Mr. cooper.

    • DeSantis’ name I knew, but I’d never heard of this Putnam. Mind you, I gave up my Fl residency a bunch of years ago, so it doesn’t matter too much anyway. YOU guys are going to have to save the state, I’m out.

      • JTC

        cmb, note that the point of my comment which I had thought was clear is that of course this is a microcosm and portent for us all…

        Re-read the first and last lines to see that it is not about just FL.

    • NotYetInACamp


  • Drew458

    JTC – Gillum also wants to jack up the state corporate tax rate by 41%. Who needs businesses that provide jobs when you’ve got Socialism? Free everything for everybody forever!! Woo hoo!!!

    You will never again hear about the political corruption scandal that surrounds him. That old story is being buried deep at this moment.

    Please God, let this commie go down in flames at the polls. No doubt he’ll get all the black vote – totally racist of them, again, but there ya go – and he’ll get the young stupid vote. Will that be enough?

    • Pamela

      It use to be if you wanted to bring a someone down, a whisper of being “lite in the loafers” would do it. Now, being an abuser or having certain “tastes” of a rather unsavory nature will do it.
      Pictures are worth a thousand words.


        Obviously you haven’t heard of Charlie Crist. Don’t let the millionairess beard fool ya, Charlie’s loafers never touch the ground.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Charlie Crist won the Governorship from Tom Gallagher basically by attacking all that he could about his being married to a much younger Fundamentalist Christian wife (a wonderful woman) and its influence upon his Catholicism (or past Catholicism as they broadly hinted). They brought up all the bug-a-bears about Fundamentalism and how it was archaic and not suitable for someone running a modern large state (hint hint progressive), and much more negativity. Tom Gallagher is one of the best people we could have ever had as governor. I remember talking to Tom and Charlie and saying that one of you will be the next governor. That at a time long before the race had been mapped out or anyone even pre announcing intentions to consider the race. Tom is a good man. I knew him. Charlie made me nervous. Some people I know say Ron is a good man. From what I read Gillum is an avowed socialist from Florida’s Progressive State capitol of Tallahassee. He is a skilled politician. Now think Venezuela. Once Venezuela had about the 9th highest per capita GDP in the world. The USA was first back then. Now Venezuela is a basket case due to socialism being applied. We have those who would do more destruction creating a Venezuelan Utopia here by applying more socialism. I will make an effort to stop that.

    • Have you heard the numbers on the black voter Trump approval? Not as secure a D vote as it once was.

  • Pete231

    Again, a man’s reach should always exceed his grasp, or what’s a Heaven for…….


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