Day By Day


  • formwiz

    I think he’ll get his money’s worth.

  • William Henry

    And god said… let their be tits and there where.

    • Grunt GI

      Hopefully for a couple more days at least!

      Maybe a group shot?

      And when does Holy Terra launch?

  • James/G

    My issue with Susie’s nipples is they’re…gray?

    Someone was saying she looked like her breast had a beak, which was dumb. Nipples. Should be pink or flesh tone or darker

    • Henry

      Actually, the comment was that both nipples portrayed in perspective, together, was easily misinterpreted as a single beak.

    • John M.

      Having had more than a little contact with nipples and areola of several Asian ladies in my misspent youth, I can safely say that they are a different color than the pinkies of white girls – in the range of a beige to a fairly dark brown depending on the basic skin tone of the lady. Chris has the color fairly close for a SE Asian woman that doesn’t let “the girls” out in the Sun very often… and they all respond the same way to a soft kiss or a tender lick, regardless of color.

      • UBUIBME-PaulS

        Spot on John! 😉

    • Henry

      I’m challenged enough with a new puppy that eats holes in rugs.

      • steveb919

        Me too Henry. Got an 8 month old who has made 14 rather large holes in my bedspread. About 8 to 10 inches around. Be glad when she stops that. The little 45 lb. trerp.

  • Steve C.

    Come on you DBD fans, time to step up and support this excellent work!

  • Chris, I happen to like nipples that can cut glass. There is nothing sexier than perky! Keep up (and I mean upward) the great work. The rest of all you, who love this toon and who have not dug in and helped out, please do.
    Let’s Keep Day By Day Great Again!!!!

  • Halley

    The Gospel According to Muir – another page written every day : )

  • James Gemind

    Off-Topic but of serious importance, CNN is performing criminal stoopid again, this time in the field of Medicine;

    My response in Baen’s Bar;

    I will not get any flu shots, period. I have always reacted worse to the flu shots than the disease itself. I actually had a case of the flu that for me, was rather severe. I missed a week of work while I stayed in bed as much as I could stand, drinking fluids and eating soups and sandwiches. Fever peaked at around 102-3, then started coming down around the fourth day, and was gone by day seven. One person said I gave it to her, she was out for two weeks.

    Flu shot puts me in the hospital for a week, followed by a week of bed rest. If I’m lucky.

    The folk of CNN can go fuck themselves.

  • James Gemind

    A-And then there’s this little gem from the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir;

    They admit to being after the kids. And apparently, more than half the choir have child molestation records…

  • cz93x62

    SFO & PSP–cities that separate the men from the boys–with crowbars.

  • Too Tall

    To Suzy: Why is it always Old Testament? Because as Naomi would observe, there were giants in the earth in those days, c.f. Wade, Zed, Travis, ‘Toly, and especially Chris.

    To my fellow Patrons and Patronesses of DBD. We need to finish this fundraiser up so Chris can get back to afflicting the woke and skewering the enemies of this great nation.


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