Day By Day


  • Tim Moyer

    I’m in the “Queue” LOL. Jan/Damon this year, Chris. Hanging in “stealth mode” being former Submarine USN, enjoying the readers comments as well. Keep da faith!

  • Kafiroon

    I should think by now he would be used to being defied.
    Suspect there will be quite a few more instances before the door slams him in his brains.

  • Spin Drift

    Just a little clarification, it’s the Peoples chair, we just let you use it for four years at a time.

    “Chiefed by the devil tongues”
    Molon Labe
    War Damn Eagle

    • interventor

      Actually, if like most presidents, he’ll buy it from the government and take it with him.

  • JTC

    So, driving the bus (over a cliff) I’m sure Zippy is all in for NAFSA (North American Free Shit Agreement).

    I mean, open borders, open polls, open wallet, open bar…what’s not to like for a proper one-world potentate?

    • B Woodman

      Considering whose seat “occupied” that chair, I’d give you $5 for it. And even at that, I’d be taking a loss as I’d also be paying to have it fumigated and sterilized.

    • If Ovomit gets the chair, I’ll pay for the electricity.

      • GWB

        Heck, I’ll peddle one of those bike generators to make the electricity!

      • MasterDiver

        Hell, I’d be willing to hand-crank the generator (that way we’ll minimize his final carbon footprint!)

        Zar Belk!

  • B Woodman

    “Take a seat.”
    Yes, please, both of you take a seat in these special padded chairs. Now let me put on and adjust these special straps for your special comfort. And now the special beanie for your head. Oh, didn’t I tell you? It’s a special event party in both your honors. Now let me throw this special switch over here to light things up and start the party.

    Oh, what’s the special event? Sorry I couldn’t answer you sooner. (sniff. sniff) Yep, smells about “done”. The special event is your demise. Every conservative will be cheering and dancing in the streets. I dare say many will call in “sick” the next morning just to continue the celebration. I even think that this day of your demise will be declared a national holiday.

    • B Woodman

      Hey! A guy can dream, can’t he?

    • That is precisely “the chair” I had in mind for this MGMMPOS.

  • Pete231

    Hope dear leader remembers to put the lid down before he flushes…..

  • Noelegy

    Didn’t he say the Republicans had to go to the back of the bus?

    • eon

      Only because after his two and a half decade long rampage through American progressivism and “identity politics”, there’s no room left under it.

      clear ether


  • Bill G

    Oh, yeah, he figures it’s his chair, his desk, his office and outside are his peasants.

  • Pamela

    Back of the Bus? Isn’t that where people go to have sex in public?

    YO Joshie, I’d be careful sitting anywhere until HazMat has had a thorough go at everything. There is a real EWW GROSS factor in play.

  • Didn’t you mean, “A chair Josh! A chair! Not my throne!”

    • B Woodman

      “throne” = toilet
      Which would be fitting for Teh Won.

  • Sheldon Cooper. “That’s where I sit.”

  • Patrick Culver

    Need mailing address to send $$. Thanks for all you do for all of us. Godspeed to your dad recovering his health. r/pc

    • Chris Muir

      Pobox 33852
      Indialantic,FL 32903

  • Lobo

    finally got it done…….next time I’ll do a check..:)

  • MasterDiver

    Already went for Sky-High. If the budget has some surplus next month, I hope to send a little more.
    Hope your Dad is doing better, keep the faith!

    Zar Belk!

  • TheOldman

    What is the closing date for support?

    • Chris Muir

      when we get enough for the year, usually by July 5th or so.

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