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  • Too Tall

    Jo – Artificial Intelligence

    Sam – Wisdom

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “When’s an old burnout a turncoat?”

    There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

  • JTC

    Jo is wrong that nothing is as it seems…

    In this case it seems that burned out turkey is like the proverbial dead horse.

    Beating it won’t get you anywhere, but it can keep anyone else from getting anywhere too. And leftists won’t stop beating this one until 11/20.

    • JTC

      Far beyond a pathetic and partisan (Trump has called him a “true never-Trumper) burned-out turkey, my point and Gowdy’s below is that “chaos” and disruption through 2020 is exactly what it seems their plan is…to beat this dead horseface for 17 months:

      Hopefully Trey is positioning himself for a SCOTUS nom.

    • Pamela

      Beating it with little blue pills on board will get you a trip to the ER and a very sharp needle. May there be sharp needles in their little leftists future.

      • Too Tall

        Ahh, the wisdom of a redhead – OUCH!

        The procedure to which you allude would make Bill Clinton take and keep a permanent vow of celibacy.

        Catching a line drive with the old “twig and berries,” tickles compared to that procedure.

    • rolanddeshain

      If you think the leftist maniacs will stop even after Trump wins in 2020, you better think again. If you think they are crazy now, I am actuall afraid of what they will become after Trump’s 2020 victory. Absolutely “By any means necessary!”

      • JTC

        That point was covered at length in my response to the fatalist comment by black-piller Lyle…but both were zapped by the host.

        I don’t agree with that as salient counter-points were made about an attitude that is much more prevalent than we would like to admit.

        Then again, it ain’t my place and it ain’t my call. 🙁

  • WayneM

    Mueller’s screed doesn’t pass the sniff test. He’s muddying the waters on behalf of his “tribe’ but he contributed nothing new or even particularly interesting.

    Was anyone else shocked that Mueller wasn’t interested in testifying? All of that “under oath” and cross-examination is so inconvenient…

  • Halley

    PDT’s epic takedown of the treasonous Deep(D) State(D) Coup(D) has been moving in very slow motion, but it has been quietly and steadily moving. Good thing Deplorables are patient.

  • kadaka

    Just saw something downright heartwarming, read it now before our betters in the socialist media realize they should’ve memory holed it as it conflicts with the preferred messaging.

    “Girl believed to be tiniest newborn weighed as much as apple” Only 8.6 ounces and only 23 weeks along at birth, Baby Saybie (pronounce b as v, Spanish style) is going home five months later as a healthy infant.

    Please share with your favorite pro-abort progressive feminist who prefers newspeak like calling childbirth “a spontaneous abdominal growth ejection”.

    • Ed Brault

      Miraculous. I only wish the technology had existed 50 yrs ago. My mother suffered several 2nd trimester miscarriages that might have survived and spared her a lifetime of mourning for her lost babies.

      Zar Belk

      • kadaka

        I’m here because my mom’s OB/GYN did the not-yet-authorized procedure of stitching her cervix shut, then came caesarean. Sometimes the “technology” needed ain’t that great, and I’m glad she kept trying.

      • Henry

        “Difficult?” Now I’m wondering how many abortions a typical community of actors and crew usually undergo during the course of filming a movie. An average number would do.

  • Old Codger

    OT? Local DemonKKKRats up to usual tricks.
    In the Mayoral race here in San Antonio, TX the DemonKKKRat are up to their usual tricks here in San Antonio, TX. They’re doing their best to paint the opposition to the incumbent mayor as a spouse abuser. The (non prog/DemonKKKRat) challenger) for Mayor has the expressed support of the Fire and Police unions so the Dems are pulling out the stops. The only problem is that their efforts are so transparent that even the local MSM affiliates are calling them on it. Seems the alleged “police report” detailing the challenger’s alleged spousal abuse was dated 2009 but was printed on a form that SAPD didn’t start using until 2010!! Meanwhile the challenger’s current and former spouses both say that he is most definitely NOT a wife beater. I wasn’t planning on voting because I didn’t figure my vote made any difference but now . . . I think I’ll vote – if only to kick that mincing, lisping, limp-wristed fellating faggot out of city hall.

  • kadaka

    Mueller presser: I’m not saying anything you haven’t heard before, I’m done, anything I could say is in the report so read that instead of asking me. Good Bye!

    Broadcast network news & congressional Democrats: With these new revelations that contradict Barr and Trump, it’s clear that Congress has been directed by Mueller to open impeachment proceedings per their sworn duty as he was prevented from bringing charges against this sitting President.

    DC sounds like an interesting alternate dimension to visit but residency appears highly likely to induce permanent cerebral warpage among susceptible people.

  • OldGoat36

    Herr Mueller looked scared, he looked like Rosenstein did when getting up in front. I think they both have something to worry about.
    I see it as Mueller creating the BS he did as cover to say any investigation and potential indictment against him is just revenge.
    Herr Mueller aged a lot since the start of the “investigation”. He had the job to bring down Trump, either by forcing him to resign – which I think they expected when they started the “investigation”, or through some manufactured means, which is why he indicted a number on crimes that had nothing to do with the subject of the investigation, it was process crimes or crimes the FBI knew about and over looked till they became convenient.
    Herr Mueller only investigated Trump and Trump’s campaign, despite the frill of saying it was investigating Russian Collusion. All the collusion happened through Steele, Hillary and those tainted by the Uranium One deal. Mueller was involved with U1.
    Rosenstein and Mueller looking frightened while being in front talking about all this is odd, yet telling. They are used to public speaking, press conferences, so it isn’t stage fright.
    Arkancide is probably why they looked so bad. They failed the cabal. Herr Mueller HAD to give them something, ANYthing.

    • Doggo

      And of course if one of them gets Arkancided MSM will determine that PDJT directed it out of “revenge” for the Witch Hunt.

  • Tagg

    “Nothing is as it seems” Never is with Jo. Her boobs can become bullets with a flick of the wrist, for example.

  • DogByte6RER

    Mueller = The Tax Collector for The Deep State

  • Halley

    “Superior intelligence always includes strong sexual drive” – Heinlein

    just apropos

  • Ed Brault

    Like a glacier, the movement is nearly imperceptible, but inexorable. As it grinds the stones to gravel, and the gravel to powder.

    Zar Belk!

  • Delilah T.

    There’s that old saying : fecal matter floats. Think about it: it’s the reason all this stuff is coming to the surface and they’re tripping over themselves to get out of the way of the thundering herd behind them. Mobs are ugly things.

    • Pamela

      It doesn’t float with a cement block

  • JTC

    As Halley and Ed B. have referenced, DT has his own way and it does sometimes seem glacial in pace and also confusing. But in this case (and especially after that socialist mayor in NM ordered wall construction halted), I hope it is not another head-bob and that major policy and method changes are afoot:

    Time to get that damn barrier built.

  • interventor

    Chris, got my comic strip, thanks!


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