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  • JTC

    Countries too.

    Yeah right.

  • interventor

    Add, that the only creatures more protective of children than the parents are the grandparents.

    • Too Tall

      Kudos to Javier for giving Jo Artificial Intelligence that nearly mimics a mother’s instincts. However, as Interventor points out, Javier failed to account for the grandmother’s protective instincts.

      No doubt, Javier is already working on that patch.

      Now, will Jan be foolish enough to attempt to compete with Kimiko in spoiling their young visitors? Usually manifested by “Who Can Buy the Biggest Drum Set,” or some such nonsense.

      Meanwhile, Don Portago smiles serenely over all he surveys, because if Kimiko is happy, then the Don is supremely delighted.

    • Punta Gorda


      Yeah, but grandparents get to Jack the kids up on candy before returning them to their parents. “Generational payback”

      • interventor

        Plus, they know all the embarrassing stories about the parents and have photos.

      • Jefferson A Selvy

        Mocha fudge ice cream was usually my go to. Caffeine and sugar works wonders on my nieces. I am the evil uncle all parents hate.

  • WayneM

    Not sure which I prefer…

    ~the Wu-Flu
    ~China-lied, People-died

    • Too Tall

      Wuhanic Plague. This one’s going to be historic.

      • Jefferson A Selvy

        The Bubonic plague, better known as the Black Death also originated in China.

    • Still some guy

      I’ve been calling it “Chinese War Virus”. That seems to push of the usual suspect’s buttons.

      • interventor

        ChiCom Flu

        • JTC

          That is still my favorite as to source, calls it what it is and puts the blame where it belongs.

          But I’ve come to see that a disease overblown and weaponized by leftists for political and social ends is better described as CommieConCancer…evil, malignant, and growing like wildfire.

          In the past we have beaten down both diseases, hope we get through this one too before our leaders, our people, and our Republic are beaten down and exhausted.

      • DW

        I agree with “Chinese War Virus”. Trump pushed hard for the 1st stage of trade agreements. I believe they released the virus on purpose to slow things down.

    • pyrodice

      Winnie the Flu.

      • GWB

        This is my favorite.

    • Bill G

      CCP Virus is accurate, even if it’s not something out of a Chinese Communist Party lab, their attempts to cover it up allowed it to become the pandemic it is. The estimates say that if they’d acted three weeks earlier, as they could have, it would be 95% less than it is.
      And although it’s origin had nothing to do with Hong Kong, I still find it amusing to call it the Hong Kong Phlooey.

    • Halley

      How bout the “Let’s Collapse Trump’s Economy So We’ll Win In November With Joe Dementia” virus? 98.2% of those infected have a nasty precondition known as “Climate Extinction”.

      Or we can just call the insane “panic” what it is: TDS

    • Hungry Joe

      The Chinese Crud

    • John

      I personally favor the CCP virus.
      But traditionally such things are named after the place where they gained prominence, thus the Spanish Flu was named after the country where it first devastated the population, Ebola was named after the Ebola river where it was identified, MERS stands for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome etc.
      This means that properly it should be called the Wuhan virus.
      In direct defiance BTW of the WHO, a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCP.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      COVID 19

  • Too Tall

    “Sanders’ Style” Because unlike billionaires, Communists Progtard DildoCrats never budget because they are going to steal it all from the people anyway.

    • Pamela

      But Sanders will feel really BAD about it.
      Not. Piker.

  • NotYetInACamp

    And what will everyone’s budget, the nations’ budget, the businesses’ budgets, the family budgets, and each individual look like over the next few years?

    This is an opportunity that many will attempt to take advantage of.
    There are opportunities to do things better also.

    But first let’s get through with the Wu Flu.

    • GWB

      This is an opportunity that many will attempt to take have already taken advantage of.

    • John

      Our big problem is the Fog of War.
      On the one hand we need to keep the CCP virus victim load at or below hospital capacity so we don’t generate excess deaths like they did in Italy.
      On the other, any economic depression generates excess deaths by itself.
      Because the first is kinda sorta easy to determine the simple minded fixate on that, but the real threat lies in the second, which can only be determined statistically and after the fact.
      And that is just body count. When it comes to human suffering the second far outweighs the first. It is far easier to get over being sick than it is to get over being poor.

  • John M

    So, to change the subject, is there an airstrip on the ranch that can handle a fairly large aircraft, or are they going to have to take the kids somewhere to board?

    • Chris Muir

      There’s a strip. For aircraft, too.

      • Pamela

        *looks at Chris over glasses*
        Do you have personal knowledge… 😉

        • pyrodice

          Well… It’s a COMIC strip.

      • Too Tall

        Rim shot….

  • coffinman

    Anyone carrying extra mags when out and about?

    …So asketh The Coffinman…

    • Pamela

      I keep wasp/hornet spray nearby

      • JJ

        As do I!

    • Pamela

      do hollow points count?

  • Oldarmourer

    “even billionaires budget…when they’re using their own money”

  • Nemo

    My fav: Lung pow sicken…

    And, yes I’m carrying an extra when I’m out and about.

  • Oldarmourer

    define ‘extra’…one should always have ‘enough’, plus one more.

    Duty load used to be 6 in the cylinder plus two speedloaders for total of 18 rounds
    Then when 9mm’s became issue it was 13 in the magazine plus two spares for 39
    Nothing changed to warrant the (much appreciated) increase in duty load
    It was just the same old ‘duty load = full load plus two spares’ mindset.
    When working the darkside, a few extra reloads, loaders or loose, never hurt
    Neither would an extra magazine, although the round count was already higher
    To add extra beyond three (or maybe 4 for 1911’s) seems a bit much on the person
    The old adage “a sidearm is used to fight your way to your longarm” makes sense.
    A jury is going to wonder exactly why you, as a civilian, needed 75 rounds with you

  • Night-gaunt49

    Trump lies people die. He has done a good job of hindering response by removing the 2 response teams set up in 2018. Now he isn’t using the stores as they should be. Instead of just handing them out there is a bidding war among cities and states for them. Expect more to die needlessly because of that.

    We’ll soon see how all that gun and ammunition purchasing will round out the panic and pandemic here. Most of the red states are still dragging their feet. The Lieut. Governor of Texas was telling the most likely to die from infection to save money and do so now. So that the bottom line looks better. Real humanitarians there./s

    So far we are making China look good. That stings.

  • Old school. S&W 1917, full mooms. Did you know if you take the inserts out of a duty.357 speedloader pouch, it’ll hold two full moon clips…

  • Why would there be? Private jet and all…


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