Day By Day


  • formwiz

    Blogger sites aplenty were hit.

    Blogger does their Feldwebel Schultz impression.

  • The Colonel? Say it ain’t so!

    The faux warnings? Just another example of their control of perceptions equating to reality…if they say it is so enough times in enough places and enough consumers believe it, then it still is not factual but it does become reality.

  • jim

    Are there any good KFCs in Texas? Most of them locally are a pale imitation of the original.

  • James/G

    I remember when some nobody criticized DBD as ‘The worst drawn webcomic ever,’ using images from the first two years. I’ve seen the work mature in artwork and dialogue from beginner artist to master-class work. Something that takes dedication, effort, and talent, three things leftisys lack.

    • Unca Walt

      There it is.

    • Henry

      And even back then, it was at least as good as Doonesbury… and still better than Early Doonesbury.

    • Can’t imagine it. Only ignorance of what art is and does could make some pretentious wag say that.

      I for one *loved* those stick figures and was/am in awe of the movement and expressions they projected. A whole ‘nother cartoon genre really, and while I also really enjoy the current realism/cgi blend, our first-gen friends along with one of my favorite devices the silhouettes which make an occasional appearance here, might even be my preference.

      That’s as long as all the iterations carry on with the prescient perceptive funny brilliance of dialog that is better than any I’ve ever seen. Yeah I’m a fan of the man C. Muir.

  • Punta Gorda

    If any of you are on Telegram… Democrat rep candidate for MA Matt Trowbridge was caught on cam trying to meet a minor.

    • My Way Or -->

      Time to get the bigger kids to yell “Pedos out!!!” at him, like they do in the UK. Follow him down the street yelling that. What a JERK!!!!!

  • Halley

    Good to hear about DBD’s cyber security!
    Do the LeftoFascists have ways to crack a VPN?

  • eon

    You need to watch out for sites like, as well.

    For a few bucks, they’ll let somebody register any domain name as “theirs”, thereby blocking access to a website., a Gutenberg-type site in Canada, has been getting hit like that for the last several days.

    It’s pure harassment, plus the potential for ransom. Which fits in very well with the left’s MO.

    clear ether


  • I run all my ‘net through a VPN, so I don’t lose too much sleep over those “warnings” anyway…..

  • AlexJ

    When I view the DBD site on my cellphone, the site does not show the SSL as valid. That’s why the bs warnings come up. I will be happy to assist in debug.

  • TBeholder

    This be a sign of unprotected HTTP.
    But modern browsers usually try HTTPS, if not given protocol specifically, especially those that alert when it’s not on. So either:
    A. some site insists on converting links as non-secure (does it still make those if you give it “https : / /” part explicitly?),
    B. the client does something strange, or…
    C. someone uses a shifty ISP that tries to butt in and redirect away from secure connection (“to reduce load”)?

    I rarely see any of that due to “HTTPS Always” addon. It tries a secure connection first, even when following a non-secure link.

    • Wood

      I configure safari to always load https. Also run 1Blocker which takes care of a LOT of internet debris.

    • Technojunkie

      Exactly. Nothing nefarious here, DBD just needs to redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS.

      • Services that systematically compromise the users’ security are nasty, whether those responsible were nefarious or pointy-haired.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I was full of writing about Portland and how so much has become what the White House spokesman says are what she thinks part of the American Dream, which is no borders at all, and various deep cultural invasions that once were normal, and are criticized, unless entitled special people do it nw. But I realized that I had been living in a time when the CO2 build up from mask wearing was effecting me, though not a tenth of what the Coup2020 titular guy obviously has experienced. (Sky News reports on that stuff).
    Then I also noticed that the various plans still have many scenarios. Here is one that a practice run was about 20 years ago, and which they intend to do more.
    ust more of that Unrestricted Warfare by al concerned who have power on the brain afflictions. Those with it get worse. Dark Winter Boy has been involved for a long while. The Bag Man often gets rewards.

    Miss 2% Favorite of the Democrats is waiting in the wings for the mask effect to really kick in. (She was Miss Number One in corporate money as ID)

  • Badger

    Chris, thanks for the heads-up on the SSL popup. I’ll mention to folks if the topic comes up. The communists can FOAD (which is their proper role).

  • James/G

    It looks like a ramping up of harassment in cyberattacks against infrastructure a la Diehard(the Fire Sale), with DNC/PLD punks taking advantage to of that chaos to be punks, with regular DNC/PLD operatives attacking ‘Real’ threats to their agendas. I suspect several more Colonial Pipeline-level attacks on infrastrure are coming. Several *waves* of attacks in fact, with the next few attacks being close together, time-wise. After that, coordinated attack on multiple utilities and services in a single region. Consider the troubles Texas had with the blizzard, except it’s power, communicatons, water, etc. All shut down on the same day, from Florida to Virginia, and west to the Mississippi…

  • My Way Or -->

    What would the punks do if suddenly, the entire US population suddenly agreed (mutually, of course) to just shut down all cyber-stuff, go back to dial-up phones and long distance calls, and typewriters?

    There’s a tank farm not far from me. It serves almost the entire northeastern part of my state. That’s just for petroleum products. These clever little clowns need some quality time in the 1950s, when things were… well, more sedate.

  • GWB

    I’m curious how someone spams a site to obtain that security browser popup?

    It seems it would require a man-in-the-middle attack, intercepting the certificate and altering or replacing it.

    • Punta Gorda


    • Henry

      You just need control over the list of sites some given browser uses for its “unsafe site list.” If you are Goolag, you already have control over this list for Chrome; MS for Edge; Apple for Safari, and so on. It’s not like any of of these orgs is suffering a shortage of dangerous and meddlesome Marxists.

  • Lorem Ipsum

    Glad to hear about your security.
    You still need an SSL certificate

    • Chris Muir

      I have an SSL certificate.

  • PCChaos

    Bound for the PNW next month and concerned. Since when does visiting a city in the U.S. require a force security briefing? Nowadays is when. So much for going downtown to The Fossil Cartel or to the Columbia Performance Gear store. I’d have to consider the exfil prior to entering, safe routes, carriage requirements, clothing to match the environment, things one does when down range in bandit country. I’ll take that bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and remain in Florida if I had a choice. To think this is what parts of the U.S. has become. Ronnie Reagan, come back in another form sir. We need your type and leadership.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ronnie was bamboozled into an amnesty,and never recieved the laws that enforced the current laws in return.
      They always lie. They never accept an agreement as settlement. They always then attack to get their next further goal.

      And as for the 2020 Democrat insurrection and Coup, here they manipulate blaming it all on trumpies. You can’t even trust so many of the cops these days.

      One more nation’s government overthrown by the global powers.

    • Downwind of Seattle

      PCC…If you go to either the principle city or the state capital in either WA or OR and get more than 2 steps away from the “tourist district”…you need a security detail. The further east in either state you go you will find better conditions except for one or two bigger cities that have been taken over by recent “arrivals”.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Dress for where you are. It is Portland.

      Be the grey Portland man.

  • Henry

    “Way more secure than Biden’s Venmo account!”

    That sounds like a challenge…

  • WayneM

    Nobody made a Leroy Jenkins reference?

    Skye, at least at DoubleD Ranch, you’ve got chicken… whereas if Portland, you’ll likely end up getting plucked…

    • Too Tall

      Skye must be tired of being an INCEL in West Texas. But considering what is available in Portland, she may end up actively choosing celibacy.

  • J Cunningham

    Hey Cris

    Just had a hell a time trying to get to the site… Was something going on?

  • cb

    FYI ~ 10:30am TX time today: Error establishing a database connection… this website.

    • 1RapidRobert

      Yeah. Me too on the west coast. Lasted about 1/2 hour. All is back now.

      • Murphy reigns supreme.The local had a bug the very day I brag about it. Never tempt the gods!

  • TMLutas

    when typing in you get the secure symbol. When you type in you get the insecure symbol. This is by design, This is what is supposed to be happening. The Internet people are trying to get everyone to use https instead of http. It’s an ideological position but not a left/right position. Change your response to http to redirect to your https site and those not secure warnings all go away.

  • Michael Piz

    General explanation of what’s happening:

    Those aren’t spam messages. They come from the viewer’s browser, which puts up the warning when you connect to an insecure site that has forms where the viewer can enter data.

    Those who said you should modify the site so that all http:// (unsecure) connections get forwarded to https:// (secure) connections instead are correct. That will make the warnings go away for the viewer.

    Also, viewers should turn on their browser’s setting to force all connections to https. If their browser doesn’t have such a setting, they should update the browser to a version that does. If that’s not possible or doesn’t work, there are browser extensions available that perform this function. If none of that gets the job done, they should switch to a browser that will. I use Brave but there are several other good options.

  • Ensign Janos

    You just need to do an automatic HTTPS redirect from HTTP requests. The specifics depend on what type of server you are running, but it’s pretty easy to set up.

  • MartynWW

    It’s sometimes just as simple as using “https://” in front of the link. That switched my display from “this site is not secure” to the little lock symbol. The site itself has SSL.