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  • Merle

    50% is more than I would expect!

  • WayneM

    All Animals are Equal but Some Animals are More Equal than Others.

  • Pete231

    The IG report is due out any day soon. This is why there’s all this misdirection and dirty laundry is being aired. DJT is in the cat-bird seat and sitting back, waiting for the rabid jackals to fall into his trap. Running low on popcorn…….

  • JSStryker

    I love that sequence from Blues Brothers!

  • Ah, the ORIGINAL “Blues Brothers”. Brilliant quote.

    • RegT

      “All Animals are Equal but Some Animals are More Equal than Others” is from Animal Farm, by George Orwell, long before Belushi and Ackroyd.

  • CactoBlaster

    “We’re on a Mission from God ! “

  • Alex J

    If you think it is bad on Illinois, now…
    Just wait! Things will get worse.

  • Dale Welch

    Is she kissing her gun or twisting her hair?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    We may cross that bridge.
    DildoCrats may be hanging from it.

    There’s a local Dildocratic office that may have broken windows, soon. (h/t Mike V)

  • GWB

    And, of course, Guiliani was prescient. They did NOT tap Cohen’s phone, but had a “pen trace/trap” on it.
    But, of course, the media pushed the narrative once again, taken in by their ‘sources’.

    I wonder if the LSM thinks we’re gullible because it’s projecting that, too?

    • John

      It goes without saying.
      In order to _be_ a regressive liberal, gullibility is a prerequisite.
      One could not hold such beliefs side-by-side otherwise.

  • Unca Walt

    Do I understand this correctly? The Left ILLEGALLY put a pen/trace tap on Cohen’s phone?

    Izzat true or not??

  • Unca Walt

    Or was this a LEGAL tap?

  • Tagg

    Evidently, in this country if the left does it, then its legal, but not for everyone else.

  • dts3204

    Throw a stone at an Illinois politician and hit an Illinois Nazi.

  • Pecan Scandi

    When the big 440 Chrysler bellows nazis go flying!!

  • Spin Drift

    Ah, Ill-annoys, the only state where the governor makes your license plate. There’s no politics like Chicaga politics.

    We’re gonna need more rope!
    By the way, what is appropriate air dancing music?

    • Kafiroon

      Ride of the Valkyries?

    • interventor

      Rope is environmentally friendly. It may be recycled numerous times for use.

    • RegT

      I like “Chicongo”, too.

  • Grunt GI

    Ironically, I think the continuing shit-show is beginning to turn on these bastards, and I am guessing that Trump is gonna end up benefitting from this.

    After all, now they are no longer talking about collusion, but the ever nebulous obstruction of justice (an deeply ironic term from this crowd to be sure)…but if there was no crime, how can there be a cover up.

    I predict all of this fantasy bullshit of impeachment and overturning an election is going to bite the assholes huge in November.

    The potential for sheer joy watching libtard media heads explode at the thought of a near filibuster proof majority, plus keeping the house so we thankfully do NOT HAVE TO LISTEN to Maxine Waters open her trap about impeachment makes me very happy.

    As long as Trump keeps his nerve, this is gonna just become a bigger shitshow for his accusers, not him.

  • JTC

    And what do Nazis do first? Take all the guns. It’s a long tradition there.

    Excerpt from an old blog post* in ’08:

    “…an anniversary just passed involving another grove in ill…morton grove. that’s the city that banned handguns completely in 1991 in the hoplophobic (hate that word, it doesn’t sound nearly dumb enough) belief that their innert existence was causing a high crime rate…

    outraged by such ignorance, a north georgia town decided in 1992 to pass it’s own law; that the head of every household should possess a gun and ammunition…later amended for the usual conscientious objectors, it was nevertheless not challenged, and in the 25 years until 2007 remained in effect.

    in the interceding years, the violent crime rate in morton grove, ill. soared while in kennesaw, ga. it plunged…and while the passage of the gun requirement in kennesaw earned a lot of derisive coverage and the nickname “gun town usa”, little mention has been made on the results and the unscientific but obvious implications.”

    That place is just ILL. Heh.

    *Sorry about the no capitals thing, it was a thing.

  • Grunt GI

    These fools have overplayed their hands…if they can’t manufacture the evidence in the first year of their bullshit investigation, they should have cut their losses…but now they are stuck with this kabuki theater because the modern democRAT party has NOTHING to offer average non-SJW, not easily triggered, not living in their mama’s basement Americans.

    It’s the economy stupid…IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID…seriously, what do these morons think saved Bill Clinton’s ass? The economy…and now with unemployment down, stocks up, economy growing, people more confident…I’m guessing no one outside of the I-95 corridor gives a shit about all this scandal mongering…

    We shall see.

  • JTC

    “What…saved Bill Clinton’s ass?”

    12 years of Reaganism …and the smarts to stay out of the way, get his willyslicked under the desk, let capitalism do its thing, and of course take all the credit.

    DT is taking Ronnie’s route, facing down the despots foreign and domestic, and removing gov roadblocks to economic -and ultimately social- recovery and prosperity. Hope he has the stamina to tough it out and get the job done.

    • JTC

      And as to “removing gov roadblocks to economic -and ultimately social- recovery and prosperity”…

      That last quote from one of the refugees says it all…”Not only would there be chaos caused here by this decision, but there would be an even worse burden placed on my country which is not able to receive us,”

      Yes you are a burden but you’re not my burden. Go home.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I keep seeing this meme that sez it all, concerning illegals:
        “You don’t have to go home, but you do have to go.”
        (or to that effect)

    • Grunt GI

      Exactly…Slick was smart enough not to screw with the economy (Hillarycare notwithstanding) and he got away with screwing whoever the wanted.

      At the end of the day, in flyover country, people don’t really care who DJT banged, paid off, or had shady business dealing with (it is New York after all) before he was President.

      Should they?

      Well, normally I might say yes, but given how much Democrats are willing to overlook in their favorite politicians I have to say, well, the ends do sometimes justify the means…in this case electing a highly egotistical, skirt chasing, TV star. AND I’M FINE WITH THAT!!

      My friends think I’m crazy and hypocritical, but I keep telling them…those were my choices…the Trumper or Hillary and I would NEVER EVER vote for that wymyn… ever.

      DJT is the only Republican who could have beaten Hillary in 2016…THE ONLY ONE…and I am so thankful that he did….if he likes to have affairs with porn stars…well, that’s a small price to pay in my opinion…

      You got to war with the politicians you have, not the ones you want. There will never be another Ronald Wilson Reagan. That makes me sad, but we gotta deal with facts.

      We are in a cage match to the death with SJW driven liberalism, and the more DJT lives inside their heads for free….well that makes me happy.

      • JTC

        Yep I’m afraid DJT is a pig…but a mighty effective and patriotic one.

        Why do I think when his job is done Deplorables will all be standing there like that farmer, dryly but proudly intoning…”That’ll do Pig.”

        • Grunt GI

          Heh…yup…pretty much…he’s a pig, but at least he’s our pig.

          They can keep their pigs…Hillary, Hiawatha, Crazy Maxine, etc.

      • Fronk!

        “We are in a cage match to the death with SJW driven liberalism…”


  • Jon

    Elwood: There’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark out, and we’re wearing sunglasses.
    Joliet Jake: Hit it!

  • Delilah T

    I recall shrillary’s speech at her first campaign stop in Iowa. It was a small town, on e of those with a still quaint downtown, where the locals can gather for coffee and donuts in the morning. She waltzed in and made this pronouncement:

    “I’m going to put a billion solar panels on homes across America.”

    Dead silence followed. People stared at her as if she were speaking an alien language. Yeah, she was. Not once did she mention the commodities market, the price of corn and soybeans, the cost of food at the checkout stand. These were farmers. She went over like a deflated lead balloon.

    She quickly retreated to her private hired jet plane and beat feet out of there.

    Move forward, and she could barely stay on her feet at times. Had to be propped up and nearly carried here and there. Nearly collapsed in NYC on 9/11 memorial day, but when she comes out of the apartment building, unattended by the Secret Squirrels, she was as spry as fresh asparagus.

    She never appeared anywhere in Chicago, except at an invites-only fundraiser in Obama’s neighborhood, Hyde Park. Cost $25,000 per plate. You’d have thought she’d be on TV hobnobbing with Rahmbo, wouldn’t you? Nothing.

    All these shenanigans going on now will become portraits of the Fools that LIberals are, for some time to come. dTrump is in that seat, whether they like it or not, and he’s staying.

    As disconnected as shrillary is, Durbin is even more disconnected from the real world. And that’s the difference between the dumb Dems and the rest of us.

    I’m rather hoping that this frantic activity from Da Left is like a boil: heat it enough and it will form a huge bump which will burst open and have to be cleaned up, but the cleanup will last a very, very long time.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Guess we’ll cross that bridge soon”
    Considering they are/were in Italy, might I guess they’re talking about crossing the Rubicon.
    Which we all may be doing soon, if the Deep State Libtard DildoCrats don’t quit their “not-so-soft coup” attempts to overturn a lawful election.

  • Remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy? He was doing anything that walked, But at least he had taste. Marilyn Monroe, for example.

  • interventor

    Power attracts women. FDR had two mistresses — died in the arms of one. Eleanor was a bit less promiscuous — she had only one. JFK attracted women like flies to honey. Even had trysts with the daughter of a mafia don and a KGB agent. Dayum, he had Jackie. LBJ’s trysts are too nasty to mention. Then, there’s Bill Clinton with charges of rape and screwing an intern in the Oval Office – a space Reagan wouldn’t even take his coat off in because of respect. Yet, the Demmies are upset about a one night stand with a porn star over seven years ago.

    • Delilah T

      Upset about a one night stand with a porn star – of course, they are! They have nothing. They think if they use someone who is really nothing but an overpaid hooker, they’ve got something on him! They can taste the victory supper!
      Pena has resigned her position as /WH 2nd doc, so they can’t use that.
      What to do, what to do….. Hmmmm….. how about – no, that one wont’ work, either. Oh, durn burn it! dTrump made a speech at the NRA conference! They can use that….. except that it was rather placid, in my view.

  • Delilah T

    These childish attempts to drag dTrump through the mud won’t go away for a while. They’ll blame everything on him, from the explosive eruption of Kilauea to the cold weather we’ve been having.

    They have zip – zero – nada – rien – keine – naught. They simply are not willing to admit it. It’s like watching someone bang his head on an unlocked door to try to open it. At some point, someone will do it for him.


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