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  • kadaka

    Wasn’t Skye raised in Japan? With her recent time in Argentina then later back to Japan, and likely visiting assorted and sundry socialist/communist tourist meccas, does she have the 14 years of Constitutionally-required residency?

    San Francisco Authorities Vote to Soften Language Used to Label Criminals
    A convicted felon is a “justice-involved individual”. Which is somehow in opposition to an illegal alien in this proud Sanctuary City who’s dodging deportation and ICE thus would be an “injustice-involved individual”.

    • Norm

      Proposed, not yet passed. Though a good bet.

    • Ozymandius

      Newspeak at its finest

  • Waffles… Reading Larry Corriega again, Chris?

  • Mike-SMO

    Looks like “Slo Joe” wandered into someone’s dream.

    Don’cha hate when that happens? Arm-pit hair gets all messed up.

    Do I smell waffles, black-strap and cinnamon? Great perfume!….. And bacon! Where’s the damn floor?

  • Halley

    What many still don’t grasp, is that for a Democrat presidential candidate, having a brain that doesn’t function is not looked upon as a negative – for them, it’s what’s needed to further degrade the office and continue the purposeful decline of their loathed USA.

    • Pamela

      Either Joe has been implanted with a Mind Control chip by a fourth rate lowest bid manufacturer, or a this is remake of Plan Nine from Outer Space.

    • markm

      Biden has had brain surgery, twice, so that organ must be present somewhere, used or not. However, I suspect the lead surgeon both times was a proctologist.

  • eon

    Slo Joe would be the ideal President from the Democrats’ standpoint. He would sit in the Oval Office, babbling about the alternate universe inside his shorts, and sign everything a Democrat-controlled Congress sent him.

    Like abolishing the Second Amendment, abolishing any power source but Holy Wind and Holy Sun, banning any transportation but electric-powered trains, making Veganism mandatory, and decreeing an automatic death penalty for anyone who objects to any of the above.

    As can be seen from the history of Imperial China, self-anointed Mandarins need an Emperor who is in their corner but not very smart. One that’s too smart might start actually looking at the account books, and Emperors like that often had to be poisoned, so they could be replaced by ones who knew who actually wore the pants around the Imperial Palace.

    clear ether


    • Halley

      What literally terrifies them more than anything in the multiverse is an honest, free, brave thinker. But then again, no honest, free, brave thinker would ever go Democrat, so they’re safe on that account.

      • JTC

        Not many of those HFBT types are accepted into party-on politics. And those that do are demonized, blocked, obstructed, and hated by all parties including their own due to the threat they present to the party as usual.

        And eon’s still don’t understand that their electric trains won’t run without Holy Coal, Holy Nuke, and Dead Dinosaurs…and aren’t those Dino’s a protected species of the Green Eel genus?

        • JTC

          “…eon’s Democrats…”

          • Halley

            Ha… almost got an alternative to HBTQ there. Let’s make it Honest Brave Thinking Free HBTF : )

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      The governors scenes from Blazing Saddles comes to mind. (thx Mr Brooks)

  • WayneM

    In 2016, Trump was the lesser of two evils and I found it remarkable that in a nation of more than 300 million souls, the best two candidates were both awful; one relatively and the other completely. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised when Trump actually started delivering on his promises and I applaud his successes.

    As I watch the parade of clowns running to be the next Dem candidate, it’s hard to imagine it as being anything more than the screening process to ensure they pick the worst of the worst again.

    Seriously… who looks at Biden and says “Yup, Biden will be good for America!”

    Actually, look at anyone in the running with that filter and that deletes most of them except, perhaps, Tulsi…

    • John

      And Tulsi is marked for elimination for her anti-war for war’s sake stance by the Moneyed Elites.
      And then there is Andrew Yang, who had his mike cut off because he actually had something rational to say, which in turn made him the target of the DNC.

    • markm

      It’s not the best candidates that win Presidential nominations, but the ones who _want_ the job but best conceal their insanity or deep stupidity. Trump clearly isn’t stupid.

      OTOH, the director of the FBI declared that Hillary did not understand the regulations for handling classified materials – something that the Army regularly teaches to 19 year-old recruits with an IQ around 90, before it can begin teaching them their jobs.

      But remember, no matter how stupid Hillary is, she can also be insane!

      • Doggo

        It’s even worse than that. As the head of the State Department, Hillary was the Original Classification Authority for that information. She was responsible for making the decision whether compromise of that info would cause damage, grave damage or exceptionally grave damage to the USA.

    • Henry

      What a glorious find! Next time my Greenie acquaintances hammer me for my choices, I’m going to use it to boomerang the guilt.

  • Henry

    “Other than chronologically” is no bar. Just look at AOC, Williamson, Beto…

  • kadaka

    Those of us reading webcomics long enough have seen artists filling background wall space with whimsical pictures of winged flying waffles. I’ve seen at least one pic of a flock of them. They’re from a harmless old pun, “Luftwaffle”, note the added letter “l”.

    So now you know why, as will be whispered of in the deepest pits of 4chan and reddit where the dankest memes are exchanged as treasured gifts, where eavesdropping SJWs will hear and eagerly start gabbing of in private Antifa chat rooms, “waffle” will be recognized a white supremacist dog whistle.

    Please, if you are able, take the time now and go visit your local Waffle House, which Wikipedia sez are primarily located in the South with the company known for supporting conservative Republicans, while you still have plausible deniability of its deeply racist underpinnings.

    • interventor

      The flying waffles may have been inspired by the flying toasters Microsoft used as a screen saver.

      • kadaka

        The flying toasters were from the After Dark animated screensavers package by Berkeley Systems.

        “I Smell Luftwaffles!” is a meme I found with Sergeant Schulz, so the pun has existed otherwise. Could have originally been shared on IRC, iirc.

  • James F Gemind

    With Gropey Joe, that could be the kind of vagoo he likes.

  • Too Tall

    The Dementia is strong with this one.


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