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  • Too Tall

    Some men clank when they walk.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    That’s the kind of ribbing one can safely get away with, when you’re truly in love with the other person, and you’ve been with each other for decades.

  • WayneM

    I’ve no doubt Zed is telling the truth. His method of pay likely didn’t involve money.

  • Fronk!

    While it’s great to maintain a sense of humor no matter what, I’m afraid this is cold comfort. We’re in big trouble folks!
    When they came for the Jews, nobody cared…
    When they came for the Christians, nobody cared…
    When they came for me, nobody was left to care!

  • Pete231

    Bill “Mr. Knish” Clinton wishes he had Capt. Tammi Jo Schults’ big brass ones. The best thing is he’s still married to the ‘beast and has to picture that in his mind each and every day. One wonders what his monthly eye-bleach invoice amounts to. No matter what he does to blot out those images, they’ll still linger in the deep dark recesses of his cabeza………

    • Jay B.

      Shrill: “Honey, does this sheer pantsuit make my cankles look fat?”

      • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

        If there is something called “thankles” that exist, I’m betting sHrillary has them! Bet if she rolled up a pant leg it would look like one of them victorian elephant leg cane/umbrella holders.

    • Ozymandius

      If Slick Willie can lay down next to that, he’ll lay down next to anything with a pulse.

      • eon

        They’re deal has always been, she gets the power, he gets the hotties.

        To understand Bill Clinton, you should watch the 1949 Robert Rosson version of All The King’s Men, starring Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark.

        To understand Hillary, watch the 1962 John Frankenheimer version of The Manchurian candidate with Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Iselin.

        Bill Clinton has largely based his life on Huey “The Kingfish” Long, the real-life model for Stark.

        Hillary is essentially the only real-life Mrs. Iselin to show up so far. Fortunately. I think Slapsie Maxie Waters is a Mrs. Iselin wannabee, but she’s too dumb to realize she’s too dumb to pull it off.

        Kamala Harris is smarter. Just barely. But probably not smart enough to understand that getting between the real thing and The Preciousss is liable to get a visit from a programmed “son”.

        clear ether


        • eon

          “They’re”= Their.

          More coffee, eon.

        • Olddog

          Not Maxine. Watch Kampala Harris.

          • Olddog

            That’s Kamala. Damn autocorrect.

        • Pamela

          Maxie would get further if she would just shut her mouth. Fortunately she prattles on.

      • FCin NH

        I think they only stay married in order to avoid having to testify against each other. The marriage is pro forma and has been for a long, long while. What an example for Chelsea.

        • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

          I still say Chelsea bears a striking resemblance to some pics of Web Hubbell.

        • JTC

          Dang girl.

          But yeah, if I had to choose between that beast or The Beast in garters? Even with a pulse (presumably), the latter loses.

          And hey it does say it’s approved by P.E.T.E.R (People for Ethtcal Treatment of Ruminids) and of course Slick is all about the peter; it’s his only principle.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Ask a stupid question ………

    lucky they love each other…

  • JTC

    OT (again), but proof that justice can be tragic and poetic at the same time…

    So, a kid from Parkland school who was participating in the big anti-gun school walkout on 4/20 was hit and killed by a car.

    No, not that Parkland school, the one in El Paso.

    See what these fucking idiots have wrought? They are directly responsible for this tragedy and it must be stopped.

    If just one kid can be saved by banning these bought and paid prepackaged child-labor actions it is worth giving up your Constitutional (1A) rights, right?

    Irony is a blind and cruel bitch ain’t she?

    • Henry

      But that’s OK, the liberal replies, because care weren’t *designed* to kill people.

      They bristle when I point out to them that cars kill over twice as many people *by accident* as guns kill *by accident plus on purpose.*

      Because, as we all know, dead isn’t really dead if the other guy didn’t MEAN it.

      • JTC

        Yes, the old gun/car analogy is an integral part of the irony here wherein the latter croaked the kid while he protested against the former…but they ain’t grokked it yet and they prob’ly won’t now.

      • Galadrion

        Don’t forget that internal combustion engines also spew more (and more toxic) gasses into the air each year than burning tobacco. And then there are the toxic liquids used in those vehicles which must be dealt with – used motor oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid…

        So how ’bout before we make any concessions on firearms or tobacco, we insist that the lefturds give up their poison-spewing, death-dealing machines of ego and privilege? It can be done – I’ve been car-free for seventeen years now.

        • JTC

          That’s okay Galadrion, I’ll keep my wheels.

          Because a vehicle is tool,
          just like a gun,
          for getting things done,
          and having some fun.

        • JTC

          I was going to stop right there, short and kind of semi-sweet, right? And I tried Chris…but that ain’t me, so…

          Careful not to buy into their IC engine fueled (heh) eco bullshit also G; they hate them and they are actively working on taking those from you too. No, the analogy with guns is to make a point about their cluelessness, but I want both…but just like with everything else, lefty elites want total control over you and me and for us to have nothing…even your suicide cigs or my Big Gulp.

          They want me to be unarmed against their oppression, they want me stationary to keep better control of me…and they much prefer if I would live totally in a pre-industrial fashion and live off leafs and berries until the siren calls me in for consumption. Of course their guards own will be armed because they are VIP’s and need to be protected, and their cars will be driven because they are VIP’s and got places to go.

          No the point here is not to demonize one tool/toy over another but to illustrate the utter stupidity and evil of their plan to disarm me by sending thousands of kids into the street with a sign and a permission slip for skipping school. And in this case karma smacked them -and the kid- for it.

          Wouldn’t surprise me if a few extra yoot involved shootings couldn’t be traced to this truancy also…of course you know you would never hear about that from the PR arm of said lefty elite cabal. But it wouldn’t be the guns’ fault, it would be the fault of said sweet yoots and said lefty elites willingness to sacrifice them on their alter of control and self-worship…

    • TomZ

      I read where he was not participating in that walk out. He was heading off campus.

  • Their relationship is secure.

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