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  • Septic the Sceptic

    The red head has it right. Joy Adamson was killed by lions, but sayibg it was poachers fits the fairy tale narrative better.

  • Iconoclast

    Lotsa folks who live ‘gun free,’ voluntarily or not, die before their time for exactly that dangerous weakness. An Argentinian should be well aware of this simply from the violent turmoil which has roiled her nation for the past several decades and been most deadly for those least able to defend themselves from armed groups.

    • KenH

      She’s too much of a leftard to change; sure, you try and see reality bleeding through occasionally. But you’d have to have a 44 in her face cocked to maybe, MAYBE get her clued in

      • The only way Jan will Get It is if she’s in Buenos Aires when a certain blast wave hits the city….

      • Bill G

        I suspect seeing a threat to her kids would change her mind. Too late, most likely, but a dose of reality facing her children could result in a sea change in her attitudes.

  • JTC

    Lion lady *died* gun-free. As have and as will so many others who fail to learn the lessons of history and nature; can’t live free if you’re gun-free…although I prefer the term gun-less, as in gut-less.

    Four legs or two, predators gonna predate if you can’t stop ’em.

    • capn

      This one hits the bell IMO.

      All large predators who still live in the wild are deadly dangerous and only “the dreamers” forget that basic fact.

      You can raise a wild predator from the bottle and it will still kill if it feels threatened at all. Ignore that basic truth at your own peril.

      “We have created a world safe for fools and now we are overrun with them.” Author unknown to me

      • eon

        Col. Jeff Cooper, 1985. He meant that our civilization is safe enough that behavior that previously would have been a self-imposed death sentence is now not merely survivable, but actually gets applause from people even more foolish than the one acting stupidly.

        He also said, “In Africa, everything bites”.

        That in reference to a tourist in Kenya who wanted his picture taken with a rhino. Seeing one from his rented vehicle, he got out, walked up and tried to lean on it (wife with camera at ready). Rhino shied away. After two more tries, he grabbed the rhino by the horn and tied to pull it the way he wanted it to go.

        He got horned but lived to tell about it.

        Another of Cooper’s observations was that people forget that wild animals are just that. Wild.

        I would add that there are an overabundance of “wild” people in the world as well. Defined as “spend their lives auditioning for a supporting role in a mega-violent movie even when there isn’t one being made”.

        Our civilization is so safe that such people tend to reach maturity, when in an earlier “less enlightened” age, they wouldn’t have survived any longer than the fools.

        Because at some point between puberty and majority, they would probably have pissed somebody off enough to get killed as a result.

        clear ether


        • TJ

          Don’t forget Heinlein’s corollary:

          Man is a wild animal.

          Doc Smith’s implicit corollary:

          You can’t tame man without destroying not only the individual but the species. (Gray Lensman or Second Stage Lensmen, when discussing why the Lyranian matriarchy had halted efforts to breed the aggression out of their males).

          It becomes obvious what the progressives and feminazi’s are trying to do.

          • We could also go with “An armed society is a polite society”.

          • Steve

            cmblake6, that may have been true when Heinlein wrote it, but the denizens of most American inner cities have been demonstrating its falsity for at least the last few decades.

  • Bill M

    Per Who2 Biographies (, Joy Adamson was murdered. Her husband, George, was shot and killed by poachers.

    See also Wikipedia (; an article in the Guardian (; and (

    I think you might have to copy/paste the links – I’m not too good at posting links, or you can just Google or Bing it.

  • Bill M

    (Oh good, it put the links in by itself!)

  • Old Codger

    Was looking at one of the scandal sheets waiting to check out at Wally World today (WalMart, you can shop but don’t even THINK of checking out quickly) and supposedly ISIS’ hit list for the U.S. has leaked. Vegas, Hollywierd, DC, LA, Disneyworld, New Orleans. All pretty much “gun free”. I also notice NO Texas cities were mentioned as targets. Wonder why that is?

    “From my cold, dead, GSR begrimed hands!

    • Delilah T.

      What? Not Chicago? Awwwww!

      • Hal

        Because Chicago is burning itself down. Why waste resources?

    • capn

      Did the reaction of the security cop in Dallas the last time they tried there have an influence on their choices … do you think?

      “Two would be terrorists shot dead by security cop at “Draw Mohammed” Contest.” (paraphrased headline from Dallas newspaper)


    • GWB

      (I always use self-checkout at WalMart, if I can.)

      • tomstockton

        Did you note that about a month ago, Walmart said they’d over-expanded in some areas and were planning to close 65 stores? Went on to say that about 13 cashiers would lose their jobs…

        Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk!

  • B Woodman

    (sigh). . . .Jan, Jan, Jan. . . when will you ever see the light, and learn? And here I thought she was SO close. But apparently not. What will it take, besides a 2×4 upside the head to hit the cranial vacuum release valve?.

    • eon

      Viewing the original Death Wish (1973), or reading the novel it was based on by Brian Garfield might help.

      Trivia note; Prior to DW, Garfield was better known for writing Westerns. He was also 100% anti-2AM. In an article in the anthology “Murder Ink”, he lamented that he got letters from “gun nuts” re the inaccurate portrayal of firearms in his stories. I find this curious, as I never noticed any particular glaring errors of that type in his writings.

      Persecution complex?



    • tomstockton

      Jan: So close, so close and yet so far…

  • Kafiroon

    Using a gun may not save my life or families.
    But, it damn well gives me a chance. And if I see trouble coming that I need it, Heh, Heh, Say Hello to Fast Moving Metal.

  • TJ

    PS to Sam – The Smith M&P Shield in .40 has the same profile as the 9 mm and give you just a little edge over the mouse gun on steroids Nano.

    • PaulS

      Caliber arguments are pretty silly these days, ever heard of five-seven , I know you have. What you hit with will work, from.22LR to 500 S&W, you really want to be on the receiving end? I wouldn’t.

  • Yeah, but that Nano was pure “Product Placement”. Love it.

  • jackdeth72

    Memo to Animal Rights Activists:

    When you photograph, film and live among lions and lionesses….

    Do NOT be surprised or whine when those lions and lionesses go lion and lioness on ya!

    • R Daneel

      Like the guy who thought he would go hang out with grizzly bears. He got eaten.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Jan has seen, and felt the betrayal of her leftist leanings. I get it if it was a kid’s Rebellion against her heavily “Establishment” Dad, Don Portago being obviously well-connected. But DAMMIT, she married Damon, has a kid to protect, when is the common-sense gonna kick in permanently, Chris? Unlike Skye, Jan knows what responsibility looks like!

  • Bill G

    Brain free.

    • JTC

      Brain-less. Born free, yes. But if you want to *live* free (of predators, threats, fear, hunger), trying to live gun-less is the epitome of brain-less.

      Unless you expect others (gov, po-po) to carry your gun for you, in which case brain-less is much too mild of a description.

  • GWB

    It took a bit to get “Beretta Nano”. I was reading it “keeps my Beretta ‘nano free'” at first, and was wondering whether “nano” was a new euphemism for lint or hanging on clothing when you draw…….
    (I worked for a Navy guy for a few years whose callsign was “Nano”, too.)

  • MasterDiver

    Jan needs to realize, especially after last week’s visit by BLM, that she would just be seen as “another cracker bitch” to abused and killed by the very savages (I won’t call them people) she claims to support. Do not venture past where the pavement ends without proper protection, and be prepared to kill, yes, KILL, to defend your family and especially your children.

  • Pamela

    I don’t think Jan will truly understand the need for training and keeping “a little friend” at hand until the the mutant scum are at the door.
    Did that feral hog teach her nothing? Did the BBQ joint scum teach her nothing? Two or Four legged predators require proper handling when necessary.

  • The Pontificator

    A Baretta Nano? Should have chosen a Glock 43.

    • That is why there are so many manufacturers of similar products. Some like this, some prefer that on one or another. I’m a 1911 man, some are Glockophiles, some are Beretta, some are still revolver types. What fits your hand is what you carry.

    • PaulS

      G26 with a G19 barrel would be my suggestion. While I wanted to love the G43, it turned out to be too little too late, but now that they have the lightweight upper worked out maybe they will put it on a double stack frame, compatibility with existing mags.

      On another note:
      Why isn’t there a micro five-seven, seems a natural.

    • JTC

      Please don’t less this devolve into a “your gun/caliber sucks, mine is the shitz)…whoever said it first said it right:

      “The best gun is the one you have when you need it.”

      Over time that has evolved from front-stuffer to “revolving pistole” to today’s hand cannon and mouse guns; they all have/can/will do the job when God forbid it is necessary.

      When I was a kid my brothers or I would ask my Dad, “do you have your pocket knife with you?” To which his answer was to me memorable and instructive…”I’ve got my pants on don’t I?”. And it was true…today I liken that to my little NAA22LR that is ALWAYS in my pocket even when my standard carry is at home, in the car, or whatever. If I run down to the C-store for gas at late dark-thirty in my shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops, and a wannabe thug decides I’m his target, that tiny thing can be out of my pocket and in his ear *real* fast.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Gun Free Zones are murder zones.

    An enforced gun Free Zone is a Constitution Free Zone.

    A Gun Prohibited Zone is a zone devoid of our God Given Rights to protect ourselves and also a zone devoid of the protection we have by using the powers we can used empowered by the codification of those God given rights in the US Constitution.

  • Daniel in Brookline

    “Gun free” — another of those phrases that sounds good at first, but loses a lot when you stop to think about it.

    I mean, who wouldn’t want a free gun??? But we don’t value what we get for free, do we?

    (Oh, sorry, Jan… did you mean something else?)

  • Spin Drift

    Jan, she’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way! Love the painted on sun dress in the last panel, Chris.

    Winter is coming but there might be some hot nights.
    Molon Labe

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