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  • Peregrine John

    I might need that shirt.

  • Too Tall

    Sam turns “Your Mom wears combat boots” into a complement.

    • Pamela

      Mine finally didn’t fit any more.

  • Too Tall

    If there is any overflow, the town of Manassas (Many Asses) a few miles south of Reston, is big on illegals as well.

    • Henry

      So what’s in Reston these days? Besides AOL…

      • John


  • Too Tall

    Senora Jefa. Sam is La Jefa indeed.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I say, all illegals who were never ruled upon in a federal court as meeting the test discussed intensively in Wong vs USA, US Supreme Court 1898 must be be deported and any children born here must also be deported. Harsh. Maybe bordering on cruel. But start at the law being enforced, then if we want a pathway to citizenship for Tom Perez, maybe still the Democrat National Committee Chair It, then we decide how to proceed and put them at the head of some line, where if current illegals and invaders don’t get preferential treatment, they might get a court hearing that they could return here for within a reasonable time. (Quick temporary parole of such people not actually or former active enemy combatants should be considered.
    AOC advocates human rights, yet she denies them to so many.
    As to invaders AOC, sanctuary cities in military terms are what are called beachheads, or occupied zones. CHAD and other areas qualified for the term enemy occupied territory, roof dancer (A compliment. Likely the best thing you will ever publicly do.) In military term those people are invaders, or people pushed in by invaders to help conquer and area targeted for conquest. It is an ancient and historic battle method.
    Nice shirt.
    I wonder how much “Cat in the Hat’ hats are going for?

    • JTC

      The methods are learned…

      These “unaccompanied minors” ain’t much different than the little pitiful kids the gooks would send to greet a platoon…with a little surprise hidden behind their back.

  • Shonkin

    Etsy sells that shirt.

    • JTC

      Etsy is a platform for sellers, similar to ebay. One or more of their vendors have the shirts listed.

  • Halley

    Such a fall from Rock of the Westies (the last from his golden age)…

  • Eh, Wot?

    Happy Easter to Chris & All ! He is Risen!

    • Roland Deshain

      He is risen, indeed!

  • James/G

    Numbers on The Surge aren’t completed for February or March yet, but they are showing an increase of well over 150% from when *Obama * was in office! Which means they’re about three times as high when President Trump was in Office. And Biden-Harris have yet to call it a crisis.

    Looking at how President Trump was dealing with the southern border, and compared to now…

    Some people need to be shot.

    • JTC

      As I’ve referenced, the surge (bitch AOL says that’s White-speak for insurgency and she’s right!) so far, even with the newer bigger numbers plugged in, is a drop in the bucket to what’s planned. They have weaponized the brown kids to be sent anywhere they choose or anywhere they are ordered, and then drag their family pack in with them, all at our expense now and forever, unless…

      When I said before that the use of these minors is as evil as the gook suicide kids of the VNW, this is what is meant.

      The commies that we are dealing with now are just as or more evil than then, with no compunctions about sacrificing one or a thousand slaves to accomplish the greater good; anybody who has seen the old movies of the construction of the pyramids etc knows some get squashed under the rollers as the giant slabs are moved into place. Greater good. And hey, how you gonna build your palace in the clouds without spilling a little blood? Well worth it.

      Conversely and even more worth it, blood may well be spilled to tear that palace down, or preferably to put a red-tag full-stop order on its construction right fucking now. CRA.

  • My Way Or -->

    Reston, VA? I used to compete there, won a lot of ribbons. Good times. A trophy or two, also. Must be completely spoiled now.

    Greed does strange things to people.

    • Ribbons…

      Bikinis? Pies? Boxing? Rhetoric? 3-gun match? 🙂

      Srsly, inquiring minds, etc.

  • FXDWG69

    You think Reston is bad, look into Loudoun County and their pushing of Critical Race Theory in the public school system and how the teachers are outing parents who don’t care to go along with it.

  • DogByte6RER

    Reston, Virginia … ground zero for an Ebola/Marburg virus mishap a couple decades ago.

    Check out:

  • Pamela

    Too bad someone doesn’t drop them off at every Dem Critter’s house and town on their doorsteps.

    • Halley

      But not as dangerous as the unreal belief that “electing” (yea right) more Republicans in ’22 and ’24 is going to free us from The Coup.

      • NotYetInACamp coder

        We all gotta be startin talkin in dat dere code they be sayin we be talkin in, Right? Mebee changin a few wurds a hear and a dere? Right?

  • Arkay

    Nor mine, not the issue combat boot or the German Falschirmjaeger boots. Sigh, I really liked the German boots.

    • Arkay

      Well, phooey. My comment on combat boots was supposed to be a reply to Pamela’s comment on her old combat boots. Then the system kept telling me to slow down, I was posting too fast, when I hadn’t posted anything yet. Gonna be one of those Fridays, I guess…

      • Pamela

        Well I’m in need of some coffee. I’ll send you a cup.
        My Dad got the boots for me for hunting. Wore them for years until my feet went to a size 10.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Data such as that is always able to be found. Evidence, if accessible, shows so much. Likely much more than enough. We will decide what to do with the evidence as it is accumulated and presented. We are the jury. We decide. It is not instantaneous acts or justice, It surely is not entering the Capitol Building while we wanted the people inside to look at the evidence that had been developed by then. Force is many sided. Force is often asymmetrical. Stand your ground. Project facts and truth now. Certain force takes time.
      An Austin Commissioner candidate took more than her time that she would have been in office to even get the deciduous that recognized her right to obtain and present evidence that could be used in court. She never gained the seat, but any future person could use such evidence in Texas about voter fraud.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    That” lelemoon” website wants way too much personal info to order a T shirt- – – -email, phone number, etc. Lost my business! I’d probably end up on a bunch of SPAM mailing lists!

  • NotYetInACamp

    UN Plans on committee reports want at least 300,000,000 new Americans in the USA by 2050. I did not look it up. I try to wing these things nowadays. The number may be higher. I know the number is higher for Europe. There The EU Commission heas stepped down and then became the EU Migration Commissioner Sutherland and stated his huge goals and worked toward them. Ireland is screwed because he was the youngest Irish Attorney General and went on to his greatness in working at destroying the over 250 ethnic groups that make up European civilization by means of the mass invasions of incompatible cultures. The Vatican gave Sutherland awards. We are in the same situation. Obama and Sharia following President-Actual Jarrett have a command center 2 miles North of the white house that is occupied by the installed Joe Biden,

  • interventor

    The Democrats have evolved from “never let a crisis go to waste” to “create a crisis for their benefit.” With the ferocity of illegals, many to become victims of human trafficking, a question arises — qui bono (who profits)? Which Democrats are profiting from taking a cut from the cartels?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Their goal off socialists entering the USA has been going on much longer. Senators of the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s worked on it. One hating Senator ‘wrote’ the Immigration bill that changed immigration away from Europe back in the 1860’s. He had Senator Ted Kennedy ramrod it through the Senate in 1965. I will say that they are becoming expert in their evil harmful actions, guiless in their deception, and without morals in adopting victory at anyone else’s price.
      Seen that baby tossed into the Rio Grande video? Or the two toddlers dropped over the tall border fence? The Arab Spring took billions of US, European, socialists, NGO, and Soros money to set up, manipulate, and make ripe for any spark to ignite.
      They are intelligent, dangerous, and others lives mean nothing to them. Just look at their constantly changing statements. Pelosi, Schumer and Biden say what, as at least one politician was caught on open mike and camera saying, ;’I have it easy. I just say what they give me.’ Replace them all.

    • Henry

      I am bumfuzzled that their graph of “success” is a giant hockey stick. Are they completely tone-deaf to the optics of that?

  • As to crisis creation, absofrikkinlutely. And that applies to the invasion.

    Orchestrated, weaponized, and monetized, the invaders are not so much victims of trafficking, as the products of it.

    Who profits? More to the point, who loses?

  • emdfl

    I’ve thought for a long time now that when the feds ship a carrier full of a bunch of ILLEGAL ALIENS off to some nice red state/red city, that carrier should be met at the drop off point by another equal capacity carrier and the illegals should be transshipped on the DC. Let the commiecrats and their ilk deal with them.


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