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  • kadaka

    Los espressos rubios.

    Remember that his name is really “Mark Blonde” and so many things become clearer.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Know the Miami scuttle-butt and even more is clear.

  • Too Tall

    Poor Sam. Two hours of of a carefully engineered lesson, undone by the pithy wisdom of Jo and Zed.

    Decades from now, gathered around the Thanksgiving table (after the annual frozen turkey launch), Kiki and Mari will still be laughing about Blue Balls.

  • Fronk!

    Just love the dialogue in panel 5! Nailed it!!

  • gerry

    If frozen they (as in testicles – assuming girlie boys have them) should have rung. I’m thinking ding-dong

  • kadaka

    “I can be a man.”

    So Jo is a Transformer.

    • Henry

      At first read, I thought it was one of the kids in the backseat saying that. Horrors!

    • RapidRobert

      Well, THAT puts a whole new level on being “cold cocked.”

  • Checkers

    To my dismay,, Chick-Fil-A no longer carries gravy. Did away with it just this past month it seems. That was my go to breakfast at least once a week.

  • Stephanie Osborn

    Hey now, dude. I’m blonde and have multiple degrees AND worked for a couple decades in the space program. It’s not the hair, it’s what’s UNDER it. 😉

    • Wood

      Your degrees must have been in STEM and not SCAM.

      • Stephanie Osborn

        They were, indeed. Astronomy, physics, chemistry, & mathematics, with graduate and undergraduate subspecialties in geology as well.

        A few years back, it suddenly hit me that I had followed the lead of my fictional childhood hero — Mr. Spock.

        Oh well. It is what it is.

    • Punta Gorda

      Noble sentiment. But I have a 43 year old teenage daughter that fully reinforces the Blonde stereotype.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Yep. Children will be children, and “blue balls” will be a thing with them for several months, gradually fading. So don’t stress about it, Sam. That’s part of what children do, they seek a reaction. The more you react, the longer this thing will last. So just sigh, roll your eyes, and move on. And in a short time, so will the children.
    (But the inner child in me can’t help but giggle over “blue balls” too)

  • Pamela

    “Take two pounds of Arbuckle’s Best, put in enough water to wet it down, boil it for two hours, then throw in a horse shoe. If the horse shoe sinks, she ain’t ready.”
    Should have given the girls this instead.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    To try and shorten panels 4, 5, and 6;
    The red MAGA hat is the outer sign or label of your inner thoughts.
    If you think different from “them”, “they” will attack you any way “they” can, physically and verbally.

  • JTC

    Blonde espressos…

    Oh boy. Glad my little 5-ft-nothing blonde Georgia girl done gone to bed.

    She might be turning 65 a month in June but she could teach Jo about blue balls…either by squeezn’ and freezin’ ’em or the old fashioned way of making you want it while she flaunts it, and then waking away leaving you hangin’…

    Ask me how I know.

  • Perhaps the lesson wasn’t complete, but the seed of thought has been planted in the girls heads. It will grow to a realization. In time.

  • WayneM

    But… I thought there was no difference between the Man and the Wyman?

  • Ozymandius

    Don’t have to be a man to be “The Man”

  • Pamela

    Jo can be a man. With or without … Tattoos … that shift and move…tell a story.

  • pyrodice

    Dunno, they did a pretty fair job of resisting the man to get that spiffy car, as I recall…

  • Halley

    I wonder – would it be possible to take one of those insane pussyhats and print the “Make America Great Again” text on it? The few remaining braincells in the SJWs would literally implode in cognitive confusion…

    • NotYetInACamp


      Hat monogram companies might do that. I used to know a guy who had one of those companies in Miami. Computer controlled sewing. The same every time. They might just be able to sew that. Somebody could. You may hear many loud pops if you wear it in the right (wrong) neighborhood.

  • Delilah T.

    Nice job, CM.

    The “confusion” is not real confusion. It is intentional.

    Denial of reality is a mental disorder and those screamin’, shoutin’ throngs of angry slime molds are in complete denial. (No offense meant to any slime molds.)

    • Halley

      Yes, very intentional. By guilt-inducing people to “believe” utter on-its-face nonsense, astoundingly contradictory and even self-contradictory blather (shades of DoubleThink) a complete shut-down of the rational mind is achieved in the Left’s victims, which is essential for the day they take over and need to eliminate any remaining opposition..

  • gafling

    The only issue I have with Sam’s comments is that the kids probably don’t have any context to associate the slang with. “resist”, “the man”, all need a point of reference for 10 year olds. For some young’ns, it is like hearing a foreign language. They hear the words and can repeat them if needed, but the real meaning is lost.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The kids likely do have relevant context. they are home schooled.
      Properly home schooled kids learn much more than brainwashed government school kids. The kids are often properly taught to follow their passions and learn to expert levels on the areas that they are interested in. many colleges and US Military service academies thank those parents, and mothers especially most often, for the absolutely wonderful students they helped along the path that the professors were able to enjoy helping them along by teaching when they arrived in their classes.

  • CaptDMO

    Why did they attack over a hat?
    Because they had an audience ?
    Because there was no matching leather MC vest?
    Because there was no risk of a concealed firearm….with THAT “outfit”.

    • JTC

      Because as the old redneck* saying goes…

      They “can’t stand prosperity”.

      Because that hat represents a world of promise and hope…not the bogus, socialist, utopian bullshit disingenuously offered by leftists, but genuine proof that the world is getting better, life is getting easier, free people are prosperous, less fearful, and, to use a biblical phrase, knowledge is increasing.

      They can’t have that if they are to rule by theft and fear and division.

      *That saying came to me from one of the most classically ignorant but philosophically brilliant men of my acquaintance ever, when I was an early twenties sugar mill worker making good money, with a beautiful young wife and two beautiful healthy daughters, a new car and money to spend…yet I found myself too often laying out of work and goofing off, endangering it all. After one such episode that nearly cost me an excellent promotion, “Bulldog” Stevens eyed me narrowly and intoned that wisdom “cain’t stand prosperity”, that was dead on the money, changed my behavior, and has stuck with me for all these years…it is as perceptive and profound now as it ever was.

      We need a sayer of sooth like old Bulldog now I think…or is it too late?

      • Swansonic

        It’s never too late. We need to teach the next generation to listen to older wiser folk, not be spazz’d out into crying for a safe space….

      • NotYetInACamp

        Yup. They can’t stand prosperity.
        they would have to be responsible for themselves.
        That would contradict their embracing of their victim-hood and intersectionalities and they have any responsibility for whi they are, what they do, and what they will be in the entire society.
        Teaching irresponsibility creates drags on the social structure and it creates people who cannot benefit the society. It creates the people that ensure the evils that they decry come into existence when they do not receive their demands. They will not be able to cope with the hard times (Venezuela, Depression, Zimbabwe, Wiemar-Republic, Argentina, Chile, hyperinflation, war, etc) that occurs when the brainwashed masses get the lack of prosperity they fought to create. They won’t be able to take eating fido, fluffy, the goldfish, the pigeons, the grass, etc. when the designed in crash occurs. the elite will have their system set up to explot all the new poor and legally (new laws they wrote) ensure that the few get plenty of what they need. All this while the workers of the world unite in poverty, and the benefits of production are sent overseas, or elsewhere. Often a catalyst is used. In Europe the effort relies on first flooding areas with the Eastern Europeans, then the massive birth bloom of Islam sent to conquer in a hijrah.
        In the USA we have seen the intentional demographic change begun with the bill misogynist Senator Ted Kennedy ramrodded for others through the Senate, then the various amnesties and other laws meant to bring in people from areas that planned actions disrupted their societies. The Economic Hit Man is just one part of the obvious plan.
        In today’s world you may not have been given the chance to screw up at all. Our nation has been intentionally changed. TSHTF is slowly embracing our nation and the world. We may survive it. People just thinking and acting like you are part of the solution.
        I have friends who say they only care about our country. The idea is America First. then we can be the ones to once again shine the Light of Liberty on the world, as the Statue was intended to represent. The base statement was a later public relations effort that stopped us helping many others receive the gift they had to take themselves of Liberty. No one can give anyone Liberty. It is a gift from God that people have to actively embrace and fight for.

    • Stephanie Osborn

      ,,,they thought…

  • CF

    Hay! I reassemble that remark!


  • John Block

    I see Sam was packing a Sig 365? (Just a guess)

  • kadaka

    Then will come Christmas as the girls decorate the tree.

    “Why all the blue balls?”

  • kadaka

    Video Of Philly Islamic Center Children Singing They Will ‘Chop Off Their Heads’ For Allah Sparks Investigation

    The Muslim American Society pledged Friday to investigate a videoed incident of children at its Philadelphia Islamic center singing about conquering Jerusalem and beheading people.

    The children sang about subjecting their enemies to “eternal torture,” beheading people, and retaking the Al Aqsa Mosque and achieving martyrdom as members of Allah’s army.

    They just didn’t know the meaning of those words, just like with Ilhan Omar. An innocent misunderstanding, just like always.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Everything they did, and that was sung about is Sharia compliant.

    • Stephanie Osborn

      Hold the phone. How does Al Aqsa need “retaking”? The Temple Mount is thoroughly under Muslim control.

  • John M.

    Biscuits ‘n Gravy from Chik-Fil-A? On a Sunday? Sounds more like Bojangles to me, but then, I’m living in North Carolina…

    • JTC

      Nothing from Chik Fil A on Sunday, they are closed.

      Bad for profit maybe, but good for morals.

      If you’re gonna have principles, gotta stick to them.

      And maybe that is good for profit too, in the long run.

      • John M.

        That was partially my point…

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