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  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Good one, CM. I’m ROFLOL!!
    Somehow, I don’t think the “birds and bees” talk means the same now as it did when I was growing up.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Sounds like that’s a Thor thubject.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      My error. Redraft:
      Thounds like that’s a Thor thubject.

  • JTC

    Today’s homeschooling lesson:


    And nature.

    And humor.

    And paralyzing snark.

    Great school.

  • kadaka

    Thankfully there’s never been a Harry Potter-verse book or movie exploring the joys of using polyjuice to do it as a trans-whatever, far as I know. But I know it’s coming, or they’ll have something else to flip at will, to teach acceptance of the same person being either. Gender-fluid all over the place.

    Dang it’s cold, need more old-fashioned global warming.

    • TomZ.

      You mean like Hermine becoming Harry?

    • Punta Gorda

      You forget rule 34.

    • John M.

      In “Deathly Hallows Part 1” About eight people use Poly-juice to turn into temporary Harrys, including Hermione IIRC…

      …and you’re right about the cold, for the first time in the last eight or nine eclipses, the sky her is clear, but it’s too darned cold to stay out and watch it, much less photographing it!

      • GWB

        Yeah, it got bitter cold last night (not outrageously low temp, but the wind was biting), and I only half-assed the tripod, so even that pic has multiple images on it.

        It was still a pretty nice eclipse, though.

        (BTW, Chris, wanna try your hand at a pic of a werewolf with a bare behind? Need to work “blood” in there somewhere. You know, for a ‘super blood wolf moon’.)

      • John

        My Russian language teacher pointed out that a Moscovite’s idea of a fine winter’s day was a clear sky, calm air, and only -40 degrees.

  • What REALLY upsets me is that we might train our children to respond as such. I’ll not use the foul words that come to mind in the “This is who and what I am, you don’t like it ESAD” vein.

    • JTC

      Think of it differently blake; in the context being taught here at the DBD Schoolhouse. Using their absurd terms with them mockingly it is hilarious to see the response because to them any outrageous response perfectly acceptable; they are too wrapped up in their inclusiveness to realize they are being punked.

      More seriously going forward it could be employed as SA and SD…situational awareness and self defense. Finding yourself in a place or with people who could hurt you because you are not them (peace and universal love my ass) calls for blending in and going along until you can remove yourself from danger…defending yourself by leaving to avoid having to do it by shooting.

      Best to avoid such situations at all, but always have a plan to deal with unexpected threat. And then you can ponder the sickness and decay of culture from a safe distance. Fighting back against this shit cannot be done on the street, it is systemic and scripted as are the other perversions of leftism, their masters are our enemy and focus.

      • Lyle

        Come out of Babylon, you mean. Yes; let us not partake in the insanity of the world, but…. Wait a second.– That’s a Bible verse;

        Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. — Ephesians 5:11 (some translations say “reprove them” and that works too)

    • John

      Actually we’re already doing it ourselves and have been for some time.
      This was the complaint of the pollsters who found they could not make accurate polls because their respondents’ only means of making their point to butt out of their business was to give out disinformation.

  • Calvin

    Hermoine became a cat and was rockin it.

  • interventor

    Its more in the military mind that, if you can convince them with logic, then, bedazzle and baffle them with BS.

  • Pamela

    Girls…you forgot what color of nail polish to wear…
    *rolls eyes* And where to conceal carry 😉

  • I self-identify as Ralph the Wonder Llama and DEMAND delusionals complement my shiny hooves. then I ask them how much drugs they’re on.

    • WayneM

      Nice shiny hooves, Ralph!! If you’re ever wondering just how warped society has become, put “llamas with hats” into your favourite search engine… and then note that “comedy” was ten years ago and things haven’t got better…

    • JSStryker

      I self identify as an SR-71 Blackbird…that’s right I’m transonic! 😀

      • Christopher Cole

        JSStryker, the SR-71 was NOT transonic – it was supersonic (Mach 3). Transonic is defined as 0.9 to 1.1 Mach. I self-identify as the Air Force Chief of Staff so my word is law.

        • kadaka

          Things that were learned from reading X-Men comics, like facts about the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

          • JTC

            Or DBD comics.

      • Henry

        I self-identify as a minority female small business owner, but I stil haven’t seen any of those government checks.

        • JJ cooper

          To get results, may I suggest you change your name? Henrietta should do.

  • markm

    John M.: Skies as clear as tonight are very rare in Michigan. I stepped out the door several times to get a look as the eclipse progressed, but no way would I stay out for long.

  • Bill G

    Alas, it does not matter what your actual identity is once your known to be conservative. That cancels out any and all ‘intersectional’ privilege.

  • Tagg

    With the feds on eventually paid layoff does today being a paid holiday confuse them very much?

    • John

      They often find themselves commuting back to DC.

  • Delilah T.

    It was so nasty out last night that I only opened the storm door and peeked outside. Did not set one toe out there.

    I self-identify as a female space alien with a vocabulary that will burn the skin off your face. 🙂

    • Pamela

      There’s a very small percentage who would understand that vocabulary.

  • Two thumbs up

  • GWB

    You know, it used to be a joke when a guy said “I’m really a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.” Now…….

    • PaulS

      When my wife and I were just a couple, 20 years ago, we were working for a progressive company that recognized certain couples as being worthy of conferring benefits, but not others. We joked about being homosexual transsexuals to take advantage, A JOKE! Right! 20 years ago….
      Seriously, I figured it was so far ridiculous at the time it just might work and require no action on our parts. 😉

    • John

      …we have Caitlyn Jenner.

  • Grunt GI

    I was absolutely fascinated to watch this play out. My wife and I usually go to the March every year with the teens from our Parish and we firmly prevent them from engaging with the loony fringe of counter-protesters, especially in this age of cell phone videos. It’s just not worth it.

    This was a progressive psyop from the git-go. These so called “activists” had their narrative ready and were just looking for a large group of white boys to attack, and with MAGA hats, even better. The press and Twitter troll mob dutifully mobilized and by noon Saturday the virtual lynch mob was ready: the media, Hollywood, and outrage industrial-complex were on the march. Even some of our own friends got a rope to hang these boys.

    THEN…GLORIOUSLY, THE counter-attack began, and just like the Battle of Bulge, their offensive ran out of steam as more video emerged showing the truth. IT WAS AWESOME to behold. Now the victory is complete because I can’t find anymore discussion of it on my Twitter feed, and I follow lots of pseudo-lefties, just to gather intel on the enemy. No doubt another manufactured outrage is in the works.

    These idiots don’t realize that they don’t control the narrative anymore and technology cuts both ways. No wonder they want to exterminate conservatives from social media…we fought back and one. I know their narrative was out first, and it will just enforce their belief that all Trump supporters are hateful white people, but we’ll never change their minds.

    The important thing is that ONCE AGAIN, we caught them with FAKE NEWS, and even some of the fence sitters I know were HIGHLY apologetic for not following MY personal rule of not believing ANYTHING the media says about Trump or Trump supporters….at least for 24-36 hours…it takes that long to get out the bullshit detectors…or was that Buzzfeed detectors out. I just don’t believe anything the so called press reports…nothing.

    Anyway, Dailycaller has an outstanding article on how their psyop fell apart.

    • PaulS

      “BS detector”
      “BF detector “
      I like your thinking.

    • JTC

      Grunt, I’m sure ABNBCBS will run full equal time videos and retractions and that the school administrators who spoke of expelling these boys will instead expel their damn stupid poser signaler selves.

      • Grunt GI

        HAHAH, I’m not holding my breath..although, even some of the NeverTrumper cucks seem to realize they were had…a small victory.

        Maybe they will start to realize that the left HATES them as much as they hate Trump supporters

    • Delilah T.

      I looked at that video several times. Drumming is a primitive and thoroughly enjoyable thing to do. I go to drum jams whenever I can, and sometimes I get to do the drumming, too. If you need a way to get frustration out of your day, drumming is one way to do it.
      What I saw in that video is that the school kids were waiting on the steps of the Memorial and the N.A. drummers walked over to THEM, smiling and drumming and the kids started participating by keeping time with the drumming, on foot. Looked like they were having fun to me. One of the N.A. drummers also carried over a donations bag, which supports those groups.
      Anything that happens now is taken out of context, period. I mean ANYTHING. No matter how good it is, someone has to trash it.
      You can have the best intentions and it will still be corrupted by the media, not because anyone did anything wrong, but because the media as a news source is as corrupt and treacherous as quicksand, and as poisonous as a cluster of cobras.
      The only cure for this insanity is to force the liars into the open and prove that they are wrong. Period.

      • JTC

        D, take a look at the quotes from the wise, smiling well-intentioned “N.A.” drummer. So much is scripted, and this was.

        How about those racist thugs that went on for HOURS with their hate-filled shit…if they were White Nationalist thugs instead of the Black Nationalists thugs they were, they would be up on felony charges of hate speech and threats, if they didn’t get beat to death by counter protesters, yet this yuge crowd of young men never did anything but smile and sing.

        But yeah, unfortunately this particular drum-therapist is not just an innocent spiritual being spreading the love by beating his drum.

        • JTC

          WaPo’s sickening presentation of this bitter medicine man…rtwt to see his own lies and agenda, and every institution in those boys’ lives from their school to their diocese to their mayor throw them under the bus and call them the devil…not to mention a worldwide spotlight of lies inciting maniacs to harm them and their families…and they were the ONLY ones in this whole perverted episode who did NOTHING wrong.

          Yet that long leftist narrative article masquerading as news never even mentions the radical racist black wackjobs who instigated the whole thing…and who walking away after spewing their hate unchallenged were heard commenting, “man, that was off the chain!” When in fact the evil scrum belong back in them from whence they claim they came.

          What a virtuous world we are leaving and great examples of truth, justice, and responsibility we are setting for the generations who about to have to deal with it all.

        • Delilah T.

          Yeah, I found similar “outs” about him on another website, which make it clear that he instigated the whole thing for no reason, other than he was there and he could do so.

          That’s a sad comment: someone with a hair up his behind decides to make a nuisance of himself because he thinks he’ll get sympathy for it.

          He’s also claiming to be a veteran from “Vietnam times” (whatever that means – it’s usually ‘Vietnam era’ or ‘period’) and the media are trying to turn him into some sort of dismal hero, even if he was never in-country. This is not going to play well for him. There are those who run background checks – thorough checks – on claims of service from any war period.

          Should be interesting. I think his “hour of glory” may be ending before long.

          • JTC

            Yes ma’am just another dime a dozen attention whore, and the black hate mongers really just the same though more potentially incendiary and dangerous.

            The sick social commentary comes from not just the entire world of leftism seizing on these kids as proof that everything Trump is ignorant and evil and endangering their very lives, but then for their whole support system in their lives instead of coming to their defense or at least waiting until facts are known, to join in satanizing them and sacrificing them on the altar of signaling virtue?

            All these levels of deception and hateful narrative can really make you sick and despondent about where we are and if we can even possibly come back from the abyss.

  • Jim S.

    “Teach your children well…” said Crosby, Stills, and Nash. That is what Sam’s doing. It’s gratifying to see the girls growing up.

    • kadaka

      Zed is doing his part, although I seem recall the one girl complaining that reloading 9mm was boring.

      • cz93x62

        Reloading 9mm IS boring.

        • kadaka

          When you’re just yanking a handle, sure. That’s why you use a Lee Classic Loader to keep it interesting. And hey, on sale.

    • JTC

      Or, you know, just buying fmj nine by the case to stash because cheap. For efficacy of course, proven through millions of applications, but that has also resulted in that pillar of defense and survival being so ubiquitous as to be cheaper to buy and store than to stuff.

      One of the holy trilogy of shtf fodder, the others being 5.56 and .22., which are also plentiful and cheap as well as being tough or impossible to self-load. I throw in 12ga to my mix too, for all the same reasons. A man well-supplied with these four and some suitable launching devices is well prepared, and if has been fortunate and productive enough to surround himself with a good mate and offspring like we have here, he is America’s and the world’s last best hope for survival.

      Nothing against loading of course, I made good money for many years off of purists, afficionadoes of the obscure and sublime, and just zen hobbyists who do it for the therapy.

      But, 9mm? Not when it’s pushing .10 rd. when you catch a deal. Keep the kids’ interest with the fun stuff. Or if they deserve some grunt work, make ’em stuff the mags.

  • interventor

    Truly, we are in the midst of the Crazy Years. The Democrat Ministry of Propaganda treat truth as a subversive activity.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      “The Crazy Years”
      Good RAH reference.

  • T Paul

    This is NOT the last straw. No camel will be sent to an orthopedic veterinary surgeon with herniated discs. But I think we can safely say that it is another brick in the wall.

    • JTC

      Going to have to get me one of them watches.

      And that is from someone who has bought and sold hundreds of expensive timepieces from estates over the years, many into the five digits in price and some even into six. I enjoyed the craftsmanship and history in some of them and wore many Rolexes etc because people love to buy right off the owner’s wrist. But in terms of being impressed by cost they were and are to me now like any piece of inventory, just a number, and like many I rarely wear one anymore. .

      But I’m going to have to get me one of those. They’re backed up on orders, that’s a good thing. If they check out legit I will order and wear one of their products.

    • Delilah T.

      Thanks for the link, Pamela.

  • Bill

    Fantastic!!!! I may have to consider an alternative identity. I had never considered conifer.

    Great stuff.

    The wild part of all the crap those kids took were the 4-5 black dudes that filmed the whole thing and showed that the whole thing was distorted.

  • Pamela

    I set no store in titles or labels,
    my existence in this life is not
    measured by the name I call myself.

    Should this life cease tomorrow,
    I choose to be chronicled
    among the heritage of human

    There are many who will not be chronicled kindly in history.

    • JTC

      In a search of that quote, this came up:

      Apr 17 2017 at 1:52 pm

      I set no store in titles or labels,
      my existence in this life is not
      measured by the name I call myself.

      I will not lay claim to associations,
      old blood lines or political beliefs,
      in order to give my words credence.

      Should this life cease tomorrow,
      I choose to be chronicled
      among the heritage of human.

      People forget where they came from. The snowflakes, madmen and the elites turn a blind eye, close their ears and minds to the pain, suffering and devastation running rampant in the world. Then have meltdowns about the newest transgression du jour with the latest label of hate. Howling “Burn the Witch” with every breath. They are indiscriminate.
      Please God, do not let them breed. Allow their lines and the damage they’ve caused to fall into history. Let them be listed as an aberration in the Chronicle.”

      All true then as now. Still don’t know the original source, hope not MLK, I really hate hypocrisy.

      • Pamela

        Hey JTC ~ I forgot I had posted that piece. My Cancer Doc said memory loss comes with the treatment and in time it will improve.

        • kadaka

          I thought memory loss was hereditary, you get it from your kids. Lord knows how many things I did that my parents forgot about.

        • JTC

          Not to make light, prayers and best wishes for continued recovery P, but if that’s what causes it I better get some tests…reading through those comments I saw some completely unfamiliar ones by some cat named JTC, what a coincidence. 😉

          • JTC

            Still don’t see the original source…help?

          • kadaka

            JTC, I searched for the first line and Google kept wanting me to know how to do labels in Excel.

            With quotes added, Google only finds 3 DBD references, and another from a possibly-forgotten page that has the three stanzas, note the single letter at the end that got clipped. Looks like an original work. And maybe Pamela will tell us about her photo there.


          • kadaka

            JTC, pt 2, actually it looks best from the main menu, javascript on, select Poet rougestrega, poem is Heritage, it comes up properly formatted in a popup window.


          • JTC

            “Looks like an original work”…

            That was my inference; both the verse and illustration fit that.

            No confirmation from the author as yet though?

      • Pamela

        That’s the pen name I wrote under and the art is custom.

        • kadaka

          A custom worth upholding. 😉

        • JTC

          Yes, “chocolate cherries” does bear your signature. 🙂

          Lovely work. Not liking the past tense “wrote” though.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have been having fun with and making fun of this demand for alternate identity for decades. I often had good laughs with people who identified in a way other than they would seem to have come from the factory with. You have to laugh. Some people laugh with you, and others are not worth the time.

    Somewhere I have an identity stating:

    Andromeda Galaxy

    Indeterminate Alien Life Form – Male

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