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  • JTC

    Damn. That was good.

    All the more because it’s true.

    • JTC

      Let me help finish that up Sam…

      “No small step for any man…”

      “…but one giant leap for Magakind.”

  • DogByte6RER

    How appropriate. Skye … biting the Apple.

    Watch your step … there’s a snake nearby.

    • interventor

      In Texas, it’d be eaten by a feral hog, or become a hatband.

      • Pamela

        What no boots?

        • DogByte6RER

          From panel two … I’m surmising that Skye is as nekkid as Eve, in The Garden.

          Or perhaps I am just projecting …

          • Punta Gorda

            Don’t get it stuck in a door as you project…

        • interventor

          In the South we’ve rattlers the size of pythons. In Texas, they tend to be skinny.

    • GWB

      I’ve noticed apples in a few strips lately. Wasn’t a shipment from Isley, was it?

  • Bren

    Listening to the speech now. And still getting crap from knuckleheads who insist there’s no evidence.

    • Halley

      I fear the knuckleheads are at the point in their Journey Into Darkness where, presented with multiple mountain ranges of Conclusive Evidence, they will either say “No evidence!” or “So what? we were forced to cheat so shut up and Hail Empress Kamala!” Those Democrats able to accept the result of a fair election defected to MAGA in the last weeks of the campaign. Those still on the Dark Side, I fear, have no options left but violence. And it seems PDT is prepared for that.

      • JTC

        “…it seems PDT is prepared for that (violence visited upon us)…

        Me too. Don’t want it, but if it is dropped in my lap I will respond in kind but more so…much more so.

    • Robert McCloskey

      Can you post a link to it for we technically challenged…

  • Mike-SMO


    I am reminded of some comments by a neurosurgeon. Getting the tumor is easy, The trick is keeping the patient intact. Ego is only the first step.

    I hate the waiting, but some things can’t be rushed.

    • gafling

      A similar anecdote: At a kids soccer game two dads were standing next to each other. One dad is a surgeon, the other a motorcycle mechanic.

      Mechanic: So how come you make so much more money than I do? We both do similar things … open up the patient, fix or replace what is wrong, and close the patient back up.

      Doctor: True, true … but can you do your job with the patient running?

      • Punta Gorda

        Pretty sure the smart ass surgeon has his patients restrained or sedated and not actually running.

        • GWB

          They’re certainly not shut down for the procedure.

          • JTC

            Nor is the bike hooked up to a half-million $ worth of fluid circulating and various other systems sustaining equipment or it just might be possible for a good mechanic to work on a running one.

            Always said (usually in an economic context disputing docs are the ultimate earners) that a surgeon is just a highly skilled mechanic, big bucks per hr. but still limited by the hrs. he can put in, as opposed to say a highly skilled commission salesman whose income is compounded and theoretically unlimited.

            Not a fan of the pompous ones; my 8-home cul de sac counts five physicians of various specialties ensconced in their McMansions, and I’d rather have Butch down at the Harley shop open me up than any of them.

        • Punta Gorda

          As opposed to trotting down the road while getting a procedure done?

        • John M.

          They’re not “revved up,” but they’re still idling…

      • Henry

        One of my fave jokes is similar — involves a proctologist tired of malpractice premiums who decides to chuck it all and retrain as an auto mechanic. Final exam is to disassemble and reassemble an auto engine. When scores are posted, the doctor has ruined the class curve by earning a 200%. The instructor explains he gave the doctor massive extra credit for performing the entire exercise through the tailpipe.

  • LowKey

    Anyone with links to the speech unedited OT blocked? Seems the self appointed guardians of “truth” don’t want it heard.

    • Bren

      Mark Dice has it on his youtube channel. That’s where I watched it.

  • Steveb919

    I saw the speech today and it was about 47 minutes long I think. President Trump is really fired up about the voter fraud. To bad us Florida voters can’t vote more than once like the northern liberals do. The cry of the democrats have a saying “Vote early and vote often”. Make sure your dead relatives get to vote also. Just because they are dead doesn’t mean they shouldn’t vote.

    • Steveb919

      Change “have a saying” to “is”.

  • Halley

    Regardless of what happens between now and Jan. 20, am wondering if 2021 won’t be the year a substantial third party is finally formed, quickly takes root, and dominates. The fecklessness and back-stabbing now inherent in GOP DNA is no longer tolerable, and the many Democrats at Trump rallies testify to the horror normal people now feel when seeing the evil DNC/MSM in action. A MAGA party would be large, exponentially strong, and the future…

    Things that can’t go on, don’t. And the Uniparty can’t go on.

    • eon

      That depends. If nothing else, the last half of the 20th Century and the first fifth of the 21st have taught us that even in a nuclear-armed world, when it comes to “domestic politics” the old military yardstick of “having enough bayonets” is still valid.

      Ask the people of Red China, especially about Tiananmen Square and now Hong Kong. And the people of Venezuela.

      When a ruling elite’ senses that their power is threatened, they tend to resort to very old-fashioned methods to remind everybody who’s boss.

      If you liked The One’s administration, you’ll love this one. The same gang in charge, but now with an idiot puppet figurehead.

      I think watching the Star Trek; TOS episode “Patterns of Force” might be a good refresher. We are looking at a Gill Effect “residency” in the making.

      With an entire gang of Melakons.

      clear ether


      • Kafiroon

        Well That was entertaining! I vaguely recognized the name Gill.
        SO… Not googled it up. Nice British lady explaining how to enhance ‘your’ cleavage for Cosplay. Couldn’t quite figure how that was going to work for the Groper and heels up would need a load more enhancement and pail over her head. Bags rip.
        Then I found the nazis. So yes, they will have many Karens to the nazi extreme.

    • PaulS

      GOP = GOOP (Grand Old Outdated Party)
      Time for MAGAKAG,
      Make America Great And Keeping America Great!

      PhuqYeah! 🙂

    • JTC

      Dude at Gab has a piece today promulgating the American Populist Movement…his thoughts have some merit, especially as it has the teachings of Jesus as its guide.

      Worth a read.

    • Halley

      Thanks, Chris. I needed that today.

  • Kafiroon

    That was ‘Very Interesting’ and quite informative.
    Thank You for the link.
    Sent it off to a number of others. I may lose some”friends”.
    Heh. If they have not disappeared before now…

    • WayneM

      Even tho I’m Canadian, I’ve managed to chase away a number of “friends” who can’t conceive of Trump being anything more than Orange Hitler. I don’t try to disassociate; in fact I remind people of shared values but it doesn’t seem to help. Yet… no one has any love for Bidenbot.

      • Halley

        I started losing “friends” during the Gore vs Bush attempted election steal. I found that stating facts while keeping cool as a cucumber was far beyond what they could ever tolerate. Sad, but I don’t lose sleep over them.

        • formwiz

          It has ever been thus.

          Smile and watch them go insane.

  • Pamela

    I say round up the Usual Suspects in every State and polygraph the lot of them.
    Only the testing needs to be done by persons trained to ferret out clandestine services members that might be compromised by others with ill intent, or those for fun and profit. See how fast people run for cover or legal eagle up.

    • JTC

      Not a fan of anybody “breaking it down” for me; I will filter and absorb DT’s words and intent myself.

      But. He is dead-on that Trump has well-laid and solidly based plans and provisions…just a matter of whether the “others” inside and outside his administration and government as a whole can and will implement it.

  • formwiz

    Actually, I don’t think anywhere hear half is all that cool.

    65% would like to see recounts. 75% of Rs and a sixth of Ds (more, I’ll bet) say it’s fraud.

  • Михаил

    “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh “Each step you take reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today. Now, I challenge you to take another.” ~ Dan Poynter


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