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  • B Woodman

    “Skye? C’mon girl, GIT!”
    Just what Skye needs. A man of strength, with simple commands, expecting instant obedience.
    Of course there’s more to it than that. There needs to be integrity, which builds trust, which then builds obedience.
    But it all starts with a man, knowing his own mind, what he can and cannot do, experience of what needs to be done in any given situation.

    Oh, and Chris, love the mustache. I Have one, but I can’t grow one like that.

  • WayneM

    Ah, Skye… you gonna “let” Tucker order you around?

    • Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder

      Yes, she is going to let Tucker order her around.
      All the rules of Feminism apply to Other People,
      not to her. All the rules of everything, in fact.

  • B Woodman

    And I too miss John Bolton. Best ambassador to the UN that the US has had in the past 20 years. Plain spoken, always put the US’s (and the Constitution) best interests ahead of everything else. Too bad O’Bola came along.

    • JTC

      Make a helluva veep…but for who?

      • Ming the Merciless

        Lots of things wrong with Trump…but he has a mouth…and some backbone, unlike guys like Fred Thompson…who was everything right…but what’s the point if your’re not fighting…One good point for Trump is he went right out and said that the twin towers collapsed because the eco-nazis and the lawyers’ lobby forced the removal of the asbestos lining of the steel frame…I played with asbestos all my youth and it is as harmless as beach sand…fact, you’ll get silicosis cancer from excess dust inhalation before you get asbestosis…workers filled their lungs with asbestos, refusing to wear breathing apparatuses.

        • JTC

          Early 70’s, my first real job at U.S. Sugar, we milled and distilled cane into sugar for 6 months of the year, the other 6 months we’d tear the place apart and rebuild for next season. Giant 36″ dia. steam lines throughout the place were insulated with blocks of asbestos; we’d have wars hurling chunks of it at each other, and one crew went around sawing blocks to re-insulate new lines and mudding them in place with asbestos paste. During that time there was a cloud of the stuff in the air, everybody breathed it.

          I’m sure that wasn’t necessarily a good thing, and 24 I was on to my real job in pawn/gun/gold biz, but at 60 I’ve never had any issues related to the asbestos and as far as I know there’s no chronic issues with other guys who spent 40 years there repeating the cycle. Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but like most of the eco-Nazi issues, it likely mostly a non-issue. First I’ve heard that removal of the stuff from the towers were related to their collapse, but if Trump said it I’d believe; likely nobody knows more about big buildings than he. He’s a goof, but he tells da troof.

          • John Egbert

            The way I heard it, the ban came down when the towers were a-building — at the 72nd and 74th levels. That;s where they stopped installing the asbestos shielding. The planes were flown into the 76th level. With full shielding, those towers were designed to stand for four hours, minimum, in that kind of fire. One wonders how many innocent people have been senselessly killed by eco-Nazis over the years.

          • B Woodman

            Reply to John Egbert (no reply button on his post):
            “One wonders how many innocent people have been senselessly killed by eco-Nazis over the years.”

            Not sure. Ask Rachael Carson, since her eco-propaganda “Silent Spring” caused DDT to stop being made and used to kill mosquitoes that caused malaria and countless deaths in Africa.

    • Nah, that just leaves him free to become SecState. It’s a good thing.

      • JTC

        Like Palin, Bolton would be more effective in the trenches than at the pulpit. In many ways they’re alike; someone called Palin “Reagan in a skirt”; she ain’t, but in many ways Bolton is “Palin in a shirt”. Both of ’em would be powerful influences in the right place; I hope they realize that and answer the call because based on what I see of the R potus field, we need all the help we can get.

  • Foolio

    One thing I don’t get about the Double Down is that Skye is going to be the waitress. Yeah, she’s the one with waitressing experience, but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of a men’s club if the staff member the patrons interact with the most is an outspoken feminist? I think that Skye should switch jobs with Jan – Skye has more experience babysitting than she does waitressing, and Jan will actually be pleasant to the guests.

    • Bill G

      I’d imagine that Skye is fully aware of that being nice to customers results in bigger tips than being her natural shrew self.

      • Foolio

        Ah, but that would require Skye to be capable of not acting impulsively, and she’s shown time and again that she can’t do that. Even when – especially when – her impulses would get her in trouble! Expecting her not to mouth off is like expecting a lioness not to kill a gazelle.

  • Bill M

    Skye, make me a sammich.

  • Bill G

    Too bad about Bolton not running.
    Just his announcing would set the left on fire, and little snowflakes all across the country would have to run for their safe places to stare at pictures of bunny rabbits and kitties.

    • B Woodman

      Just by being a working white male (triple threat!), John Bolton is committing such a series of microaggressions that no Libtard special snowflake can stand to be in the same state.

  • Davec

    There is considerable irony in the fact that John Bolton was at the Yale Law School at the same time as the Clintons. How is it that only one of the three came away with a respect for the Constitution and the Law? Actually, batting .333 is pretty respectable in baseball, but it kind of sucks in law schools.

    • B Woodman

      Not sure about then, but today, law schools don’t teach Constitution law, they teach case law. SO, the question is, not, why don’t lawyers respect the Constitution, but instead ask, h

    • B Woodman

      Not sure about then, but today, law schools don’t teach Constitution law, they teach case law. SO, the question is, not, why don’t lawyers respect the Constitution, but instead ask, how did we get so lucky to have the few that DO know and respect the Constitution?

      • Foolio

        The Big O was actually a Constitutional law professor in the 90s. You can’t make this stuff up!

  • RayNAiken

    I like John Bolton but the best ever was Jean Kirkpatrick.
    She silenced most of the countries that were criticizing the USA.
    After listening to them for a little it came her time to speak at the UN.
    She let them know that she was going to cut the American dollars they were getting because they hated the USA so much.
    She as much told them depend on the USSR for financial aid and protection.
    It got real quiet after that.

  • 'TreHammer

    Tucker and Skye…hmmm, this will be interesting…

  • Pamela

    John Bolton not only is really nice to gaze upon but has the mind to back up any topic of conversation.

    I hope Tucker is carrying a 12 pack in his wallet if it come to that…

    • A pocket-wallet can’t handle a 12-pack. But, I do catch your drift, Pam.

    • JTC

      Old dudes with fuzzy gray ‘staches are nice to gaze upon? Awesome! Not outa the game yet baby! As to magnum, does .22 WMRF count? 🙁

      • Pamela

        Nice size to fit a woman’s hand…

        • JTC

          Hand?!?! Hell, I’ve GOT a hand!

  • Pam,

    Got it. But, although his billfold can’t handle it, I bet hers can, if you catch my drift …

    • Pamela

      *smiles* I wonder if he’s packing a magnum..

      • I know I would …

      • I’d be packing a few blue bullets, too. Because senior citizen. 🙂

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