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  • Kafiroon

    The more times change, the more they stay the same

    • Kafiroon

      So I am enjoying reading ‘from The Beginning’ around 2000 -2001, and Chris’s Art has changed, some people have changed, but as today’s missive, the rest is Still the same

      • JTC

        I actually liked those smirky stick figures…but when it comes to the T&A you can’t beat Chris’s current Varga-esque art. 😉

  • That you, Paul?

    “The time is now!”


  • formwiz

    The next step is the hard part.

    • Paladin

      You got that right!

  • Why do that fella doing the bitchin’ look a lot like W? Scary…

  • RHT447

    We were made of sterner stuff then. The shot heard ’round the world. Lexington
    and Concord, April 19th,

    • John M.

      Hmmm… I bought one of the “TOO LATE” Flags advertised here, and I’ve been thinking about when to actually fly it. Maybe Tomorrow (Monday) would be a good day?

      • John M.

        Uh – “TIME’S UP” not TOO LATE…

  • NotYetInACamp

    So ar the current available information on the Baine’s Bar gentleman’s request on the identity of Ashley Babbit’s shooter. The DOJ refuses to identify so far. A FOIA request has been filed. A tentative identification has been made in this post with no confirmation from authorities. The videographer who took the video of her shooter and her shooting has been arrested recently.

    • James Gemind

      I thank you, as do the Patrons of BAEN’S Bar, which is looking into doing some Renovations.

      Say Chris, you may want to offer some decoration advice, and campaign for a proper Barbecue area, with appropriate Turkey Launch Facilities.

    • Wasn’t it David Bailey?

      • James Gemind

        The redpilled site sort of retracted that, and it may have been a white guy named Byrd. Amazing how three hours after Daunte Wright, who was stopped and being arrested for felony warrant(Illegal possession of a firearm)got shot, we had the entire life history of Officer Potter, but 14 weeks later, and no one who killed an unarmed woman, who was trying to make her grievance known to her elected officials…

    • Roland Deshain

      I remember reading an article right after the protest naming the shooter. I do not remember his name but he is black and he is a member of blm.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have felt like that guy when trying to communicate with so many people in my life.
    Sometimes I think I must look like what the people in the movie Idiocracy must be seeing. Thank goodness I see my cognition slowly returning to the mean. It happens.
    Drink helps. 😀

  • Buck

    Paul Revere had formed the Committee of Correspondence over a year before 1775’s Ride. It kept the Colonials informed and organized. Their contacts with the Minute Men had the Colonials firing on the Red Coats from Concord and Lexington all thc way back to Boston Harbor. It galls me to think that masks, distancing, and electronic evesdropping may have been all it took to deny a re-enactment of that day. On one hand the concrete and razor wire are still in place and then, of course, the last song hasn’t been sung yet, either.

  • Halley

    Time-travelling into the near future:

    July 4, 2021

    In the face of mountains of incontrovertible proof of massive, diabolical election fraud recently made public by Teams Powell & Lindell, the “Biden Administration” unveils its multi-level defense:

    1. The Chinese were behind it, so blame them and it’s not our fault. Shut up or else.

    2. We were compelled by patriotic duty to save the nation by any means necessary, so it wasn’t really a crime to cancel 10 million Trump votes. Shut up or else.

    3. Shut up or else.

    This year’s 4th of July hinges upon whether formerly free men choose to celebrate being under the thumb of tyrants. Or, instead, choose to do something about it like their forefathers.

    • Eh, Wot?

      Spot on!

    • JTC

      4. Fuck you.

      As to the GOPES they are not on the side of the Revolution and Biteme has nothing to do with anything, just an empty shell and diversion.


      • steveb919

        To JTC. What exactly is CRA. I have tried to look it up but got about 250 examples with nothing to do with what I think it might be. I must be the only dummy in the house.

        • JTC

          No, just probably haven’t been exposed to my constant drumbeat…

          The Constiturional Republic of America is the replacement for the A that is no longer C nor an A.

          The Confederated States and Entities made up mostly of red states but also parts of old ones and includes most of the the lower half of the formerly united states plus a good smattering of the northern tier. The linchpins and likely initial members are TX, FL, but there are many more, each with their own leaderships and local agendas.

          Yes, secession. Preferably as a civil separation but that is up to DC.

          If not now, when? Never.
          If not us, who? Nobody.

          TIME’S UP! CRA NOW!

          • JTC

            (no longer C nor an R).

          • steveb919

            Thank You.

    • My Way Or -->

      No, the CIA are trying to blame it on Vlad Putin, who thinks it’s a hoot. He was also pointed at by the CIA for interfering with the 2016 election.

  • Mike-SMO

    Them Lefties argue that since there were no semi-automatics then, the Constitution and Amendments don’t apply. I guess the same with Internet, cell phones, and telephoto. If it is “New”, they can do what they want.


      • Longslide

        Assault weapon. High capacity magazine. “You don’t need 22 balls to kill a deaar”Longslide

    • Paladin

      I believe it was perfectly legal to own and operate a cannon back then. Many on the frontier were said to have them, the “Noble Redman” don’t you know.

      • interventor

        There were private trading forts on the frontier. They owned canons, as did some cities.

        • John M.

          I’m sure they had canons, and probably cannon as well.

  • Contrarian View

    For the best telling of the April 19th story (also the best researched and most factually accurate), read Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer. Of course, in 1775 we had a meaningful advantage – the bad guys were actually foreign invaders and wore bright red uniforms. Also we weren’t under constant electronic and video surveillance. If it ever gets spicy, first take out all the cameras.

    • Paladin

      I recall a Paul Harvey, the rest of the story. Featured the story of a 14 year old girl who also made the ride that night, warning of the British’s arrival. She rode much further than Revere spreading the warning. Being a slight girl on a large powerful horse. At one point, she hid under a bridge as British troops crossed over it. Horses have a tendency to announce themselves when they sense another horse nearby. However, hers kept quite as the British officer rode over the top of them under the bridge. Now there is a “girl power” story.

      • NotYetInACamp

        That girl is more of a person than any of those GOP men(?) in the Senate that Old Joe (S) Biden is walking circles around them. She has more guts than those GOP Senate wussies. Old Joe likely sniffs them as he likes to sniff those not men. That young woman would take care of Joe with a shot to the gonads, gut, or eyes if he went to sniff her. Joe is inappropriate on so many levels. Joe does know how to follow orders and do the bidding of those who control him.
        The GOP following the people is their only hope. Elections have merit and value only if the people are making sure about what is going on.
        What a fine mess we have let these incompetents do to our nation, all around our nation.
        Apply the law. Apply the 14th Amendment. Apply the will of the people.

        And the algorithm says slow down. I had to point out that that algorithm is meaningless as the creative artist has pointed out in the past. Beware AI. Someone wants control over all. All actions can now be viewed in that manner since the NSA decided that it wanted to track and know what everyone is doing all of the time.
        Here Russell Brand and his famous unpardoned guest discuss that and that all conspiracies are now banally out in the open.

  • My Way Or -->

    Has anyone besides me noticed the rapidity with which things happen in the Dimwitted National (whatever they are) group these days?

    On a pell-mell roll to get as much as they can grab, with no thought to the Long Road Consequences, and what that really means….

    So narrowly focused that they’re annoying many of the very people who supported them recently and now don’t like what’s going on…. not at all….

    • NotYetInACamp

      That is how much of the revolution is meant to go. Once an objective is reached, a new one is immediately striven for. And even art or people that were ‘woke’ last week are not so today. An old example is Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. His rejection of trans is to be vilified and all reverence for him cancelled. That’s the way they roll. Marcuse who desecrated the paradise of Malibu with his presence there along with others of that outpost of the Franklin School that was set up there. So many Marxists also behave that way. Saul Alinsky, minor Chicago mobster and writer of Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, followed this. Hillary Rodham wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky and Alinski’s Rules For Radicals that Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer the first revolutionary. Hillary wrote a letter to Saul asking him how the book was coming along and when would it be published. Hillary had visited Saul and discussed the book as it was being written during her stay. Some say that they were main squeezes during that time away from Bill.
      They don;t stop. There is always the next battle that has to be won, and if you don’t agree, then the former ally becomes a bitter enemy to be destroyed as any enemy should be treated by them.

  • warhorse

    lexington and concord.
    the warsaw ghetto uprising
    okalhoma city.

    the ATF likes to celebrate eliot ness’s birthday by doing something.

    I wonder what tomorrow may bring.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Two Hungarian Reserve Armies were ordered to attack the Warsaw Ghetto at the beginning of the uprising by command of the SS General who had ruthlessly put down other uprisings and was in command of putting down Warsaw (6 days expected). The SS General was informed by the Hungarian General in command of the two Reserve Armies that it would not happen. He informed the SS Commander than the Hungarian soldiers would never attack their Polish brothers. Ordered to seal off half of the perimeter of Warsaw, the Hungarian Reserve Armies took their positions and German Armies began the attack on Warsaw to, as Hitler said, leave no stone upon a stone and no one alive, raze Warsaw.
      The Hungarian armies turnes their sealed off area into I95.
      Wounded and refugees came out. Reinforcements came in. Food and supplies entered. Hungarian uniforms were given so wagon drivers could get past German patrols. The Hungarian General asked for all unregistered weapons and ammo they had collected on the battlefield be delivered to the Polish forces. Some Hungarian soldiers volunteered to join the Polish. The Hungarian government negotiated to switch side to assure they could gain international legal protection. The Allies delayed and eventually denied the alliance switch. Uncle Joe Stalin stopped the Soviet Red ARmy 10 kilometers outside of Poland and let the Nazis have their way with Warsaw. If the uprising succeeded before the Soviets arrived, it would be a Polish gove5rnment that would have to be recognized internationally. Uncle Joe Stalin had his hand picked Communist government ready to take over. So Stalin waited. The 6 days extended to more than two months. Confrontations between the Hungarians and German and SS troops escalated. More Hungarians died. Then the Allies recognized Romania splitting from the Axis Powers, and Romania attacked into Hungary. The Hungarian Reserve Armies packed up and headed off to fight the Romanians in defense of Hungary. Many were evacuated from Warsaw. The Germans finally ended armed opposition, then withdrew as the Red Soviet Army moved into Warsaw and installed a Communist puppet regime. Many civilians and wounded lived traveling trough Hungarian lines to disperse in Poland. Some additional fighters died from fighting. International politics won the day. Hungary was again cut off from many native Hungarian areas. The damage from the Treaty that they were forced to sign after WW1 continued. The war continued. Hungarians did not attack the Polish.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I may have mixed the date of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and The WW2 Warsaw Uprising. Two separate events. Oops.

  • interventor

    Or, for the First Amendment, no TV, radio, automated presses, internet, or pencils with erasers.


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