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  • LifeofTheMind

    Hope the prognosis is good. In the service we had several names for the medical staff, starting with vampires and moving through pill pushers to pecker checkers.

    • Interventor

      Remember, nurses exist to keep doctors from killing their patients.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    my god!, its full of…contrast!! feel better soon Chris! Maybe set the
    blur tool to stun and give those darker layers a good shakin’!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Children learn their lessons SO well.

    • MasterDiver

      Be careful what you say, children will listen…
      (Be sure to match the load to the weapon!)

      Zar Belk!

  • Jim

    Chris, continue to take care of yourself and get better soon

  • JTC

    Short but sweet…that’ll work.

    And the morphing of Zed>Wade continues apace…the hair, the history, the gravelly “…let loose a hail…’twarn’t no hogdon…” drawl…

    Yeah, yeah ladies of the DBD, I know…squee!

    • MAJ Arkay

      Thank you, sir. Nice Squee you got there.

  • Pamela

    Was Wade shooting Black powder?

    Good to see the girls have been paying attention.

    • Merle

      Well, he did say he was a black powder man some time ago.

  • Too Tall

    35 grains of black powder for a cap and percussion revolver.

    Hodgdon 777 FFFG sulfur free powder. Mari and Kiko probably know whether to back the load down to 20 or 25 grains for their grandfather’s pistola. When they are a little older, they will probably achieve sub-MOA groups as well.

    Useful, practical, valuable skills you won’t find in a public school Standards of Learning anywhere in this great nation of ours.

    Oh, the importance of a father to the education of his daughters!

    • John D. Egbert

      IIRC the .45 Colt cartridge, as originally issued, was a 250 grain (by weight) soft lead bullet on top of 40 grains (by volume) of black powder, which produced 900 fps from a 7.5-inch barreled Model 1873. This load was rather quickly reduced to 30 grains of powder so the cavalry boys could handle it more easily.

      Even at the reduced load it was the most powerful handgun of its time — and still a more-than-adequate man stopper today; one resides in my bedside table. There’s just something about the four-click sound of that hammer being cocked – especially in a dead quiet house at zero dark early . . .

  • Too Tall

    I’m guessing that Mari and Kiko already know that DOPE has nothing to do with recreational pharmaceuticals. It means Data on Personal Equipment. As soon as Sam and Zed take them to the range, they will start logging their own.

    Physics, chemistry, and geometry can be fun when properly taught.

    • JackDeth72

      Not surprising, Too Tall:

      Saw a weekend dad and his kids at the NRA Waples Mills Rd. Headquarters and Indoor Gun Range years ago.

      Little boy was banging away as a boys do with a .22 bolt action rifle…. Shots all over the target.

      Little girl sat behind a bench and sandbag. Took her time and fired about a shot a minute for seven magazine fed rounds.

      All seven were in a dime sized circle inside the target’s “10 Ring”!

      • Henry

        Our town has what I believe to be the only remaining high-power rifle club in a public high school in America. They shoot F-class and practice on our 600y range. All the coaches will tell you that the girls β€” as a collective group β€” start off being better shots than the boys, because they listen and they don’t assume they know it all when they start. A great group of young adults, every year.

  • JackDeth72

    There is much to be said for loading, weighing and cleaning up your own rounds.

    Why am I flashing onto images of an older Mari in Combat Cammies behind a spotting scope and calmly filling out data and drawings on a Range Card?

    Just saying.

  • Does a man’s heart good to see others teaching their offspring.

  • Now if only Zed’s scar could stay on the same side of his face…

    You sure that’s not FX makeup and he keeps switching it so the surveillance crews think their optics flipped?

    • Unca Walt

      First thing I saw.

      This group of nit-pickers (one of whom I register my own self) was sure to comment onnit. And sho’ nuff beat me to it. πŸ™‚

  • Doc Savage

    Ah yes……takes me back to the days of teaching my baby girl to shoot her very first rifle… old Savage Stevens, single shot lever action .22, Model 89.
    Getting a bit dusty in here.

  • Browncoat

    “Good job, Mari. Now reload another five.”
    “Aw Dad… 9mm is boring!”

  • Bill G

    …and no Hoppe’s No. 9 bore cleaner. Teach the children well.

    • John D. Egbert

      Ah-h-h, but there’s something about the smell of Hoppe’s in the morning . . .

      • Brasspounder

        …Or Ballistol. Straight up for smokeless cleaning, 1:9 Ballistol/water for Holy Black. Some claim it smells of dirty gym socks, I think it has more of a black licorice bouquet.

        • Pamela

          I like ALG Go Juice Lubricant and Very Thin Grease to go with the Ballistol. I flashed on Tim the Toolman upping everything for MORE POWER.

      • JackDeth72

        What?….. No “Crud Buster” Spray?!

        • Too Tall

          I’m partial to Remington Brite Bore and Remington Action Cleaner myself. However, I do like Hoppe’s BoreSnakes. The important thing is to finish with a high quality gun oil. Oh, and don’t get WD-40 anywhere near your weapons. It contains lanolin and chloride salts. Useful for making artificial lures attractive to fish. For preventing corrosion, not so much.

          • John D. Egbert

            Also, WD-40 will remove bluing, although not as quickly as Naval Jelly . . .

  • Halley

    Has Sam taught the girls any Japanese, nihongo ka?

  • MAJ Arkay

    Daddies teaching their little girls. Sigh — happy memories. Daddy was as patient as they come, whether teaching me to drive the JD 710, then the JD 1420 (I loved driving that one), or shooting.

    I learned purely by chance one day that Daddy had been a sniper in the Philippines in 1944-1945, during some of the worst fighting. He never spoke a word about it. But he did pass along how to shoot with patience and dead-on accuracy.

    Whenever I use one of his guns, gives me a warm feeling, like he’s still looking over my shoulder and quietly giving instructions.

  • Pamela

    Went shooting today for the first time in months. The sights need to be sandbagged and adjusted. They’re shooting left of center. aarrgh

  • Ryk

    Aero-Kroil cleans them all.

    • Kroil is tha shizz. But use it in the garage; man, that stuff stinks!!

  • Dienekes

    Hot soapy water, dagnab it!

    • JTC

      A good hot soaping and a lube job? We still talking about the gun that’s for killing, or the one that’s for fun? πŸ™‚

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