Day By Day


  • Hell yes.

  • Merle

    How about an old-fashoned necktie party???

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Windsor knot?

  • Pete231

    Lovin’ that Punisher shirt. All he needs to complete the look would be a “Birdie on the Ball” tattoo and a 1911 Colt underslung on the left side…….

  • nonncom

    That back shot is magnificent…ZZ Topp “She’s Got Legs” is playing in my head…..

    • Tom Stockton

      Jan’s got legs… and pretty well everything else, too! (As does most of the lovely young ladies in the DBD strips! Yum!)

  • eon

    And this is why the ruling class hate him so much.

    Along with the fact that they consider him a “class traitor” for daring to tell them that their Brave New World is not “sustainable”.

    That word being one of their favorites, which as usual they really don’t understand the actual meaning of.

    clear ether


  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Wishful thinking here:
    “To all citizens of the United States of America; I am issuing a blanket open season no limit hunting license for the following persons:
    Hillary Clinton
    William Jefferson Clinton
    James Comey
    ………….(etc, more names, fill in the blank)
    Anyone found with the bodies of any of these persons will not be charged with murder or any other crimes.
    Signed, on this day
    Donald J Trump
    President of the United States of America.”

  • Too Tall

    The President should replace the presidential limo with an F-350 pickup truck with the Punisher front license plate. Or maybe just upgrade to the VAG.

  • Jak

    “Member what happen to Tommy. I’m sure they got their eye on Chris

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      If Chris lived in the UK, there would be cause for concern. But Chris is a US citizen, not a UK serf, and therefore has a few more protections of his rights.

  • JTC

    A twist on the Golden Rule (better stated as the Ethic of Reciprocity) comes to mind…

    “As others would do unto you, do unto them.”

    The punishment is really just an offshoot of doing what is right and necessary to save ourselves and the Republic…nothing wrong with enjoying a little schadenfreude along the way though.

    • TomZ

      You didn’t complete it.
      ” … but do it first.”

    • Merle

      As others would do unto you, do unto them.

      Just do it first – called a “pre-emptive strike” in my world….

  • JTC

    Happy Father’s Day to all y’all Deplorable Dads out there…there is nothing that compares to fatherhood in terms of purpose and fulfillment; that is what all of this is really all about, even for those whose paternal instincts are fulfilled vicariously.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Thank you.
      And Happy Father’s Day to you.
      And all other lucky DBD fathers out there,
      where’ere thou may be.

  • JTC

    Sorry so late putting in my .02 today…I was blinded by the light of the moon. 🙂

  • GWB

    No, one man will not be our messiah. What we need is the entire country (or a significant percentage thereof) to punish them.

    Name the real problem: aristocracy. Though some is a technocracy, it’s still a class issue – something we’re not supposed to have here. Some are just better than others in the eyes of a sizable chunk of our country.
    They’re not importing cheap labor (though that is an advantageous side-effect for them), though. They’re importing peasants.


    GWB, Peasants, yes. Or, in a less PC term, slaves for the plantation. Slavery has not been abolished in this country, just the individual ownership of slaves. The State maintains a slave class by convincing the weak minded that they cannot survive without government support.

  • WayneM

    Happy Father’s Day to those of you who are lucky enough to be fathers!

  • cfm56dash7

    Might be worthwhile reading a frank limning of the ‘Castle’ doctrine. There’s a wonderful review and analysis of the Punisher at, but here’s a sample.

    “Yes, the gun-wielding vigilante who kills instead of arrests his criminal adversaries is, in fact, the good guy here. He’s a better guy even than the title character himself. Why? Because he’s doing what’s necessary within the world he resides.”

    • Oo. Rah!

  • Delilah T

    As much as I appreciate the Punisher t-shirt on DTrump, we should realize that he is smart enough to send them trotting down their path to their own destruction.

    And lest anyone forget, it is Fathers Day, so Happy Fathers Day to all Pops, Dads, Daddies, Papas, and my grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and so on back into history.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Delilah T,
      Political aikido.

  • Scott

    Why do I need a level as opposed to just sending $ as if this were a sub? I read daily. I pay annually. Makes sense to me.