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  • WayneM

    Poor Javier… forced to have fun at the private pool of your billionaire grandfather…

  • Stephen J

    What a real bummer.

  • kadaka

    Who all needs to evacuate Virginia before July 1 when SHTF?

    • eon

      Out in CA, nice little liberals who suddenly decided they need a gun were outraged when they found out how many hoops they had to jump through to buy one.

      They’ve literally been yelling and screaming at stocking dealers and gun range employees because of CA’s mandatory waiting period, one-gun-a-month law, and background check just for buying a box of ammunition.

      The old “it’s easier to buy a gun than get an abortion” meme (which isn’t true and never has been) is hitting them right in the faces.

      And the dealers are now telling them, “You voted for the politicians who passed these laws. It’s not us doing it- it’s those politicians”.

      I’m now wondering how many of those nice little liberals will actually have enough consciousness to rethink their priorities- and their politics.

      More likely they’ll get on their “I am innately better than you” high horses and demand special privileges.

      After all, they’re entitled- aren’t they?

      clear ether


      • Old Codger

        It’s been my observation that progs yell the loudest when hoisted upon their own petard.

        • Henry

          I’m enjoying seeing them go full petard.

        • WayneM

          One of Shakespeare’s best phrases used well and adapted to the modern context. Well done, gents.

      • kadaka

        When TV crime shows are how people learn about guns, yeah that’s a problem. “He has a registered AR15.” They’re showing 2 30rd mags taped together, sounded like automatic, with an adjustable stock and a obviously shorter than 16″ barrel. How was that ever legal in LA?

      • Doggo

        They’re convinced that the gun store owners don’t follow the laws anyway (after all, the libs don’t) so they think they’re being discriminated against.

  • MasterDiver

    Here in South Carolina things have been peaceful. Neighbors looking out for each other, My State Guard unit is assembling emergency supply kits for the elderly and house-bound. Got some heavy weather coming for Easter Sunday, so we’ll see if we have to go out on flood watch. Happy Easter/Good Passover to all!

    Zar Belk!

  • DogByte6RER

    Re: VA Governor Northam (KKK), it is my understanding that he has had no problems whatsoever in procuring facial coverings for himself.

    His closet is well stocked with lots of white ones with only two holes cut out for the eyes …

    • eon

      Thank you! Bookmarked.



    • JTC

      Probably for the best if most of those leftienewbiegunnies don’t obtain a firearm.

      And one wonders at the efficacy of the NICS in weeding out (as it were) the pot smokers there, and especially any follow up charges for lying about it?

      As for young Javie, his translucence would indicate Mom’s admonition is just a tad late.

      • John

        But he’s still within earshot, which is all that counts.
        Parents can be such a wet blanket.
        OTOH Javier needs to socialize as much as possible. Brilliant as he is he still needs to be anchored in the Human Condition. True, within it there may lie evil, but beyond it there lies madness.

        • JTC

          More important to Mom in this instance, is that if he’s anchored in his meatspace human condition as opposed to his virtual one, he can snatch a baby out of a pool and nurse a skinned knee…

          Plenty of brainwork ahead of you kid, but for now get out there and run and play with your kin…the opportunity is gone in the blink of an eye and you will sorely regret it if you don’t.

  • That’s right mom, ruin the kids fun.

  • Mikey72

    Old Codger and Henry for the win.

  • Pamela

    Javier needs to use his God Given Talents and figure out a way to keep cockroach milk, bug butter, lab grown meat and vaccines that sterilize or kill away from People.

  • Too Tall

    Pretty sure that when Javier meets the twins, the Y-chromosone he received from Damon will be in complete working order.

    Yes, Javier will be tongue-tied, awkward and shy. But, fascination and enchantment overcome all.


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