Day By Day


  • RegT

    Oooh. Poor Sky. ‘Toly won’t be there for her to screw with his head, or snipe at Naomi? If so, she should count herself lucky. I don’t think Naomi’s long suit is restraint. I’d dearly love to see her waterboard that little Prozzi twit.

    • RegT

      I meant to ask, Chris: Four months is way too soon (outside of a miracle, that is ;-), but – is there a manger in that barn (as there are in most barns that house livestock)?

    • RooftopVoter

      S’ok, I am sure Wade will be playing with Skye’s head enough for all of us to be thoroughly amused………

  • Bill G

    If any wise men show up for the event, they won’t have ridden camels to it.

    • Rey

      Of course not, its Texas, they would ride four wheelers.

    • Charles

      In the mid 1800s, the US Army did use camels for a while in west Texas.

      • Paladin

        US Cavalry did the camel thing in AZ..also? They were set free after it was deemed a failure. The troopers who had to work with them…loved them so much that the first leave they got…They went, hunted them down and killed every last one. Camels are not pleasant creatures.

  • GWB

    Hey, some really good Jewish kids have been born in a barn.

    Bill G – that won’t happen until they move into a house. (Jan 6 is Three Kings) 🙂 They might get some shepherds ranchhands, though.

  • Wayne

    Old barns have all kinds of opportunities for mischief.

  • B Woodman

    Four more months to go? That will put Naomi’s baby’s birthdate closer to the Christ child’s true birthdate, which is estimated to be in early April (spring).

  • Speaking of Christmas, a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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