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  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Sign me up for the first ship to colonize Mars.

    • Pamela

      You plan on growing potatoes…

      • Punta Gorda

        Hey, a sack of potatoes is a game changer.

        I survived 4 weeks of no power after Hurricane Ivan using 15 lbs of potatoes.

        • Blasternaz

          And how much vodka did that make? (sarc)

      • Punta Gorda

        Hey, a sack of potatoes is a game changer.

        I survived 4 weeks of no power after Hurricane Ivan using 15 lbs of potatoes… and a chainsaw.

        • Punta Gorda

          The chainsaw was to cut my way to the truck to retrieve my tobacco.

    • Ozymandius

      I think we should send Antifa to Mars. I think we should send ALL of them there.

      • JSStryker

        Send hem too Mars and about halfway there there ship has an “unfortunate accident”!

        • Wood

          Nah, send em to Mercury.

          • Pamela

            They are a bit pasty faced from hiding in their folks basements

        • Brent Dotson

          No need to waste effort on an accident. we’d be sending them someplace where they would have to WORK to survive. Two weeks and they would be eating each other (and not in the good way 🙂 )

      • CuriousB

        Naw, just send them to Venezuela.

        • John

          The stupid ones will stay to die and the intelligent ones will learn the real meaning of what they believe.

        • Merle

          that would be cheaper! 🙂

      • Ill-Educated Deplorable

        Mercury would be better.

    • DogByte6RER

      With an average temperature of -81 F, an atmosphere 100 times thinner than Earth’s, air pressure that is 0.6 % of Earth’s, 37.5% of Earth’s gravity, and high levels of radiation due to a limited planetary magnetic field, living the good life on Mars is next to impossible, unless done in encapsulated/hermetically sealed base stations.

      Even still, life in such land based stations would be claustrophobic and difficult, sort of like living in a SuperMax prison, but with more privileges.

      You should offer your reserved seats to Obama, AOC, Kamala Harris, and/or any of the Antifa/BLM Morlocks cannibalizing our cities …

      • ottersmith

        What a great link! Thank you. I “knew” many of those things, but had never thought to string together the consequences.

      • John

        I keep telling people the only way to terraform Mars is to put it all under a greenhouse with the glass held up by an artificial atmosphere.
        The only hope of open air terraforming any planet in the Solar System is to bioremediate Venus, and even that will take centuries.
        Oddly enough the man who is so hellbent on going to Mars has already gone a long way to making life on Earth much easier, safer, and sustainable. Elon Musk’s Boring Company points the way. Between that, practical nuclear power, and an advanced video display technology (to simulate the outdoors) we can put the entire population sanely underground.
        Granted, the romance won’t be there, but “Back to the Pleistocene” would be a natural, rather than a forced, outcome with the human population safely tucked away to watch the show from afar (or not if that’s what floats your boat).

      • interventor

        Most likely, underground cities will be the answer. Too much valuable metals and such in the asteroid belt we will require in the future.

  • Lon Mead

    “Let’s go back to the future”

    Javier is trying to talk Jan and/or Damon into buying him a DeLorean, isn’t he.

  • Punta Gorda

    Nah… seen my arse to Mars. Obviously I can’t manage the edit function to save my arse.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Money, knowledge, learning, imagination, and power used to control and bully people, and to destroy.

    Money, knowledge, learning, imagination and power used to increase and build the abilities, choices, wealth, and abilities of humanity.


    • Bill G

      Choose … wisely.

      • John

        Alas, wisdom is not natural.
        It must be sought out, subdued, analyzed, and adopted with great skepticism.
        This is a lifelong endeavor requiring the hardest work there is…

  • Bill G

    Destruction or creation? We didn’t need to go this far to compare the two sides; all that was needed was comparison photos of the Mall in D.C. after each side held a rally. But the media is in the tank for those who deem themselves progressive. And they refuse to show what it would mean to go back to a democrat future.

  • MasterDiver

    The Universe or Nothing…Which will it be?
    ~Oswald Cabal (H.G.Wells, Things to Come)


  • WayneM

    I wonder how much evil Soros seeded & fostered in his long career? I would love to send him screaming into the void knowing all of his work was uprooted & destroyed.

    • Pamela

      May his many victims, both living and dead, visit him in the flesh, and in his dreams.

  • DogByte6RER

    Marx’s, Lenin’s, Mao’s, Pol Pot’s, AOC’s, Obama’s and Soros’ shared vision of a worldwide communal social utopia is as obtainable as this flux capacitor …

    It only exists in theory.

  • Abe-De

    Soros was and is an opportunistic Fascist. He got his start-up funding by selling out Jews hiding from the Gestapo/SS and got a percentage of the booty siezed in the death squad raids. Not a commie, just death-squad scum.

  • JTC

    “Back to the future…”

    I’m down with that…let’s pick a time shall we? The American Tevolution? The Industrial Revolution? 1945? 1969? 1980? 2016?

    How about January 2020…record low unemployment, record high stock market, Yuge successes in trade, defense, immigration, and even race relations in spite of the obstructive and destructive efforts of the radical left.

    Communism is old but not dead, and even that is just one tool among many to destroy American Culture while those like Elon strive to continue that exceptionalism to attain the next Golden Age to add to that prior list.

    But the truth is that this is -or was if they succeed in derailing it- the next Golden age right now…the year that is now so derided as the suckiest one ever would have been among the most Golden, culminating in acknowledgement of those successes with another four years to further them.

    Chaos for Profit is the truth of it, theft, destruction, and imperialism is the only way they know how, and they still don’t grok that killing the magic goose will ultimately kill their profit too…they are evil, but history attests that they are not the brightest.

    Follow the money; always follow the money.” is the immutable rule. Do we attain it the American Way with our eyes on the stars, or just give it all up and dream of a time machine?

    The choice, I hope, is still ours. But it might get messy.

    • My Way Or --->

      Well, we are in a recession now, partly because it’s a normal thing and was forecast back i 2018 by financial analysts, and partly because the actual cause of it is not the coronavirus. That’s just a sidereal element.

      No, the cause, if you must know, is that infamous butthead who flaunts her overpriced ice cream and will die with a gavel in her hands. She’ll take that wooden mallet to her grave… unless somehow, it gets broken.

      As long as that is how things are, the chaos factor will kick in faster and faster, but like every, this one has an ending.

      • JTC

        The economy is in fact growing again, in spite of the waves of weaponization of an otherwise routine disease and the concomitant rise of the mercenary dark forces, both absolutely choreographed by someone or something somewhere to attain exactly the Chaos for Profit that Soros lusts for…but I don’t think he is at the godhead of it.

        We are seeing signs of what is and will likely see many more in an all out attack leading up to November; they know that is their do or die and I don’t think anything including a genocidal internal war is off the table. Prayers that it is them and their plan of destruction that die.

        Back to my point though, that we were in the middle of an unprecedented expansion that would transcend economists and their lessons of history…we learn from that but America makes new rules as efforts like that of Elon Musk are made possible by that strength…and leading to a space breakthrough that would make America’s other and render those naysaying economists moot and mute.

        That is the fear of the communist/leftist/worldist cabal.

        • My Way Or --->

          No argument from me. However, I’ve read projections from several financial analysts and they say essentially the same thing: the recession will not get worse, but will last until about 2024, no matter who is in office, and will start to ease up by early to midway through 2024, then we will finally return to “normal” (whatever that is) before mid-2025. How we return to “normal” will likely depend on who is in office,
          So don’t give up, stock your pantry with long-term foods, and be as independent of “the store” as possible. If you’ll need new jeans/clothes/whatever, get them now.
          And above all, do not give up.

  • Brett

    To JTC: very well stated.

  • Let’s do this!

  • Steveb919

    As I have said many times kill all the rabble rousers and let GOD sort them out.

  • ExNuke

    That’s why they should be called “Regressives” and their fearful users should be referred to as “Repressives”.


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