Day By Day


  • Vince

    Now THAT gets a motor running!

  • Grunt GI

    Oh, yea. There is definitely going to be some piston action going on in that garage.

    Oh, and thanks for the much improved dialogue box coloring. Will make things much easier to read for those of us with bifocals.

    • Jack

      Well, I now find the dialog box coloring a bit much – distracting and unbalancing the whole cartoon color scheme – as I found the previous one a bit too light for practical purpose. I guess the perfect solution would be the in-between color intensity. Try it out Chris !

      • PaulS

        There’s always one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • noncom

      Ok, all right….this is good….

  • Pamela

    *Chuckling* Oh does that brings back memories.
    Careful with the fenders. They can be a bit tricky at times.

    • Vince

      Say it isn’t so… You got messed up on a fender?

    • JTC

      One or three too many glasses of wine and…

      She went on a fender bender. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Grunt GI

        Badumbum. FTW. I know. You’re here all week. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • MasterDiver

        Rest in peace,
        Dear Uncle Bender.
        He rode to Glory
        On a Fender

        Zar Belk!

      • Pamela

        I was installing an engine compartment wiring harness and …
        No alcohol was involved ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Driftwood

          Awwww so much for your erotica writing.

        • NotYetInACamp

          One friend of mine sent me some photos she had taken in several poses on the hood of a new convertible Bentley. Nice shots. The owner said that she was very skilled and that there were no marks at all on the Bentley afterward. She was also wearing heels. She makes a great model and appearance in general. Replacing wiring harnesses was not in her area aof operation. Too bad.

    • Merle

      I was much more concerned about hood ornaments…. ๐Ÿ™

  • Petro

    Bare backside spanking?

    • noncom

      I think a “visit to the hood” just took on a whole new meaning….

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    Dunno, I think somebody is getting a spankin’

  • JTC

    Might actually be a punishment.

    I’m all for some hot makeup sex, but if TX has been anything like the record heat in FL the last few weeks (routinely triple digits), getting laid on the car hood would melt the skin right off Sam’s gorgeous back and ass.

    How pissed are you Zed?

    • JTC

      Or, if Bob is right the car will burn the boobs while Zed burns up that ass!

    • Maj Arkay

      Nope. Temps have been in the 80s.

  • Donk

    The punishment fits the crime!

  • formwiz

    Good Catholic doctrine.

    You wrong somebody, you make good the damage.

    The big loser (no surprise) is Skye.

    • Pamela

      Repent and Atone for transgressions.

  • Banging away on her ‘Cuda?

    • Swansonic


      Shouldn’t there be theme music playing? She bang? Love is a contact sport? Bang on that drum all day?

      • Peet

        Shouldnโ€™t there be theme music playing?

        “Night In My Veins” by the Pretenders (see the lyrics)

    • JTC

      Cue Sisters Wilson: “Bare a Cuda” of course.

      Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen, more of the soundtrack of my transformative youth year in ’78. Couple libtards like the rest, but damn could they rock…best live concert ever for me, Hollywood Sportatorium Nov. ’78.

  • Spin Drift

    Mr. Bultitude for the score.


  • Delilah T.

    Oh, Sam! Ya shoulda known better than to play a minxy trick on Zed.

    Can we occasionally have a bit of Wade in here? I know he’s a ghost, but….

  • John Trauger

    This is where Zed tells Sam about Skye. He is stupid if he doesn’t. Sam on the hood is a great place to start making comparisons between the two women’s bodies.

    This is where I’m happy this is fiction because shit got real and I would not want to be living this situation.

    There’s a decent chance that Skye walked in pregnant and hoping to pin fatherhood on Zed. That’s the least messed-up scenario I can think of.

    One hopes no fluids of Zed’s got on or in Skye. That’s where the nastiness starts.

    The more messed-up option is Skye could be attempting to get pregnant. Under the right (wrong) conditions it doesn’t take much.

    The most messed up case is Skye cries rape or threatens to and Zed’s fluids end up in a rape kit.

    If there’s any chance of the last two, they’ll have to keep Skye around for 4-5 weeks to be sure and search her belongings carefully before kicking her out, hopefully for the last time.

    • GWB

      I think you think more happened than we have evidence of.

      • Old Codger

        +1 to that, GWB. All we saw was Zed playing with (what he thought were) Sam’s titties. I been known to do that a time or two.

        As regards the Cuda bang coming up. I suspect Sam just might be walking a tad “funny” when she heads back into the house.

        • PaulS

          Hopefully there is some appropriate Cudalube on hand, or should that be “in hand”? Hmm.

          • DonS

            Self-lubricating, when the engine is running…

      • George K

        On the day of the deed – the middle frame pretty clearly shows half her exposed butt as pants seem to have been opened. Also – he made a real showing of discussing how dinner was ready. I’m betting there was blind reading exercises or taste testing on parts below the balloons. I doubt would be that messed up by just popping a blouse open.

    • MasterDiver

      If Skye is going to try to pin an existing pregnancy on Zed, she’s gonna be up against modern science and genetic testing. There is NO way to fake a chromosome analysis, and then she is doubly (triply?) in Dutch. If she’s trying to make him the baby daddy, she better have incredibly good timing, and a VERY cooperative Zed (not bloody likely) to pull it off. Cry Rape? Cry to whom? They are a LONG way from town, and the local Law is a personal friend of Zed, and knows Skye for her lack of character. I doubt Skye could make a charge stick, especially if the “No one ever got raped in an upper bunk” rule is applied. At best she would be regarded as a willing participant, at worst, Sam would employ “Shoot, Shovel, Silence”, reluctantly, but in the name of defending her home and family.

      Zar Belk!
      Tell all, Sam, take your lumps, and thank Ghod you have the love of such a Good Man!

  • Merle

    Mayb he wants to check the carpet & be sure of identity??? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cliff H

      That would be my guess.

      • pdwalker

        that would definitely be my guess. No mistakes this time.

    • JTC

      What, you can’t dye carpet like you can drapes?

      No, I’m convinced a good hot spanking is coming, followed by whatever else may come. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Pamela

        You can, it’s just not recommended

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Zed, while you’re making (up) time with Sam, would be a good time to clear up any accidents with Skye…….one popped top. Make sure that minx doesn’t have anything to hold over you in the future.

    • Precisely. Tell Sam what almost happened because he knew no better.

      • doc

        I would suggest that he not take the tact of saying “know, yours are firmer than your sister’s” … even though that is a compliment.
        Women, go figure.

        • JTC

          “Take the tack”. Sailing into the wind which he kind of is.

          Using some tact might come in handy here too though.

          Sorry, former cat sailer. Nautical terms are a thing for me.

  • JackDeth72


    “I’ll be in my bunk.”

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    I think now would be a GREAT time to drive HOME what not asking/telling Zed that Skye was coming to “visit” almost led to. Makes Sam realize how big a faux pas she committed, and disarms any blackmail potential. Just something an Ol’ cowboy, and a trained S.F. tacticanโ€‹ might think of…..

    • Good thought.

    • NotYetInACamp

      This gives a path to avoiding the possible huge loss to both of them. So far it seems that no damage that cannot be repaired has been done. And that is the right context to talk / communicate.

    • GWB

      Truth is a light and a disinfectant. Shine it on the subject early.

    • Doggo

      I like your use of scare quotes around the word “visit”. No telling how long or how “pleasant” this visit will be. It’s been 3 days and she’s already turned the place on its head.
      Personally, I hope the visit lasts through June. The Red & Black twins at the watering hole. Wow!

  • armedandsafe

    What kind of a hood ornament did the ‘Cudas have? That could get doubly interesting.

    • Doggo

      Not sure about the stock ornament. Looks like THIS one is going to have a Hot Redhead.

  • Some things just make other things alright, you know?

  • Hardball

    Do ‘cudas have hood ornaments?

    • DonS

      Yeah… a cute little button… ;?)

  • Halley

    Is it true that some women enjoy being spanked…?

  • Johnny Z

    Back door loving is proper punishment

  • Petro

    There’s precious little manipulation on the compound between the loving couples (outside the playful parades of nude pulchritude). Zed will likely tell Sam, she will accept a spanking (and the aftermath), and the incident will drop.

    Zed is an honorable man, Sam is an honorable gal….

    Engineers both, the equation will balance…..

  • Stormhawk

    Someone is going to get a spanking.

  • PaulS

    I can’t help but think there are a lot better uses of that ass, than spanking.

  • Laura

    Wait – wasn’t the ‘cuda the car that got totalled when Sam rolled it to avoid those illegal immigrants?

    • Johnny Z

      Obviously she has been rebuilding it.

    • John

      Afraid not.
      The Charger was totaled.

  • Mag

    I think that was the Charger.

  • Mag

    Sam has her stuff together enough to know that if Zed didn’t know that Skye was there, and looking like Sam’s twin, dim light and whatnot, and grabbed some boobies that he thought were hers…

    Well, if she has a problem with that, then it’s her fault and she needs to realize that Zed didn’t do a durn thing wrong except by accident.

  • Roland Deschain

    Nothing like a little “grease ‘n go”!

    • Pecan Scandi

      Cool, Candy-O!!

    • JTC

      The Cars Candy-O…more of that late 70’s rockin’ soundtrack!

      That must be Wade’s old Vette she’s sprawled on, but that’s Sam alright!

  • LowKey

    I’m going to give Skye a very wary benefit of doubt in that she may very well be legit in turning over a new leaf. After all she did seem to finally see the left for what it really is and it scared the crap out of her enough to send her running home to mommy even though she was still getting her remittance money each month/week from home.
    Scared, she reverted to her childhood coping mechanism of trying to be her stronger sister Sam by imitating her in every way she can manage. Mom helped her a bit, but now she’s gone to sit at the knee of Sam and try to learn what she never did before….how to be responsible and an adult.

    She’s bound to make mistakes and have a hard time breaking old habits and patterns of behavior that have been second nature for her whole adult life, but that won’t mean she isn’t trying to change.

    Now if she tries to crawl into Zed’s bed when her sister’s back is turned I say we burn her at the stake and scatter the ashes.

  • Big Jim

    Skye needs Tucker; he may not need her and her history though.

  • Gus Bailey

    I’m thinking Halley is most prescient, and tomorrow will be NSFW.

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