Day By Day


  • Bill M

    The fix is in.

    • TheOldMan

      I’d like to “fix” them all.

  • Pamela

    Paging Louis and Schmidt.

  • TheOldMan

    Picked up another Naomi pack, trying to push the red pixels over.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Now they do not even hide it.
    Meeting at an airport for a personal conversation.

    Their arrogance and possibly frantic desperation grows. Did Bill Slick Willy hand Lynch a message detailing the blackmail on the lead investigators on his wife’s case. So someone familiar with the Clinton’s said was one of their standard MO’s.

    What does it mean that they do not even hide it. Yet they had the federal officers participate in the possible felony and order no photos or recordings.
    Yet another slam dunk case that the person in the white house can cover.

    The choice is clear.

  • Kafiroon

    For a large number of years now I wonder that we are giving the mostly Federal Bungling Idiots to much credit for good. We hear way to many cases of their wrong doing and incompetence.
    We shall see as push turns to shove who they follow. Constitution or tyrant.

  • Spin Drift

    At some point the facade has to crumble, but will the sheeple finally see their form?

    IS this the moment when Trumpers are born?

    • The facade has crumbled already, but no one in authority is willing to do anything about it. The sheeple can only take up arms against the establishment, leaving chaos or injustice as the sheeple’s two choices. Enter Trump, offering to do it right. Probably the last hope of a peaceful resolution.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Is any hope other than beans, bullets and Band-Aids? Going to the Range on Monday, reading the Declaration aloud that night, and praying for a multi-car fatal traffic accident at a campaign function…..

  • They actually do think we are that stupid.

  • Pete231

    The Donald should jump on this with both feet and expose them for the twats they all are. I feel there’s something big in the wind. The Swill and Billary act has a final curtain coming down any day now. Keep the faith while running those bore patches down your barrels….

  • Brian H

    All she needs is more O-ridings with 130% Dem. votes. Vetted by a low-bidder Spanish outfit.

  • Bill G

    Slick delayed his departure to go have a chat with her, just strolling over to her plane.
    Does anyone think it wasn’t to remind her of the handles they have on her?

  • Browncoat

    If Trump DOESN’T jump on this, you’ll know which side he’s truly on…

  • Uffdaphil

    “So Hill and I were talkin’, Loretta and we thought Ambassador Lynch sounded like a well deserved capstone to a stellar career. Good eatin’ in France. Waddya think?”

  • Pamela

    While the nation is dealing with this Cluster with a F, this is what just got approved by the idgets in Sacra-Sin-to:

    Proposition 62

    Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Initiative Statute. Prohibits possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, and requires their disposal by sale to dealer, destruction, or removal from state. Requires most individuals to pass background check and obtain Department of Justice authorization to purchase ammunition. Requires most ammunition sales be made through licensed ammunition vendors and reported to Department of Justice. Requires lost or stolen firearms and ammunition be reported to law enforcement. Prohibits persons convicted of stealing a firearm from possessing firearms. Establishes new procedures for enforcing laws prohibiting firearm possession by felons and violent criminals. Requires Department of Justice to provide information about prohibited persons to federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Increased state costs in the tens of millions of dollars annually related to regulating ammunition sales, likely offset by various regulatory fees authorized by the measure. Increase in court and law enforcement costs, not likely to exceed the tens of millions of dollars annually, related to removing firearms from prohibited persons as part of court sentencing proceedings. These costs could be offset to some extent by fees authorized by the measure. Potential increase in state and local correctional costs, not likely to exceed the low millions of dollars annually, related to new and increased penalties. (15-0098.)

    • JTC

      We rag on Cali unmerciful, and from what we hear of what goes on there, it’s no wonder. But the truth is that what they have there is a micronation rich in resources, industry, brainpower…and an astounding number of real Americans that are as fed up with state gov and we all are with fed.

      Thinking of it, they are mostly flyover folks overwhelmed and controlled by coastal elites…sound familiar?

      Can you say CALEXIT? I knew you could.

      • Pamela

        My family, depending on the which side of the tree they hail from, has been here since the 1800’s 1700’s and the Ice Age. We came here to get away from the crap. And the CRAP followed to spread their inherent disease.

        Time to clean house.

    • B Woodman

      Time for the True Citizens (nee serfs) to show their true mettle with a quiet, yet blatant WWNC, We Will Not Comply. Same as has (not) happened in CT, NY, and CO.

      “We know there’s millions of weapons and magazines in the state, but there’s only been a few dozen show up for registration and disposal. Where are the rest?”

  • Daniel Allen Butler

    Definitely disappointed, Chris, that this was the best you could do on 1 July 2016….

    • R Daneel

      Come and complain about the free ice cream much?

  • B Woodman

    “Hi. You three on the plane? We have a new guest we’d like you to meet. Madame Guillotine, meet Madame Lynch, Mr Clinton, and one other. Madame Guillotine will see to your every need, chop-chop.”

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